August 22nd, 2008 | 239 Entries

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239 Entries for “hidden”

  1. i wanna be hidden. i need someone or something i can hide with. muse says the love for what you hide is growing like the new born.. it’s true. yes. i think it so.

    by barbi on 08.23.2008
  2. She loves me! She loves me not. She loves me! She loves me not. She loves me! She loves me not. She loves me! She loves me not. She loves me! She loves me not. Damn. I just killed a flower, and I still don’t know.

    by Fred Man Jones on 08.23.2008
  3. I had hidden the box beneath my bed. Who knew that he would have found it the night before we were supposed to be married. In it lay all the secrets I had kept from him for years.

    by Yv- on 08.23.2008
  4. hidden in the cupboard i think of monsters of my childhood i don’t remember how they looked back then.

    by Sarah on 08.23.2008
  5. my talents, i fear are sometimes hidden beneath the fears and skepticism that drive me. I try so hard to be positive and yet i so often find that hidden beneath that is this fear that i will never be enough – and then I think I’m special for that -not like everyone else! I think I should write more…

    by sue on 08.23.2008
  6. I keep parts of my life and personality hidden. It is only for me. I don’t think there is any one person who knows everything. That makes me feel safe. But you, I don’t want to hide from. I want you to know it all; take me, love me for it all. I don’t want to keep anything hidden from you.

    by Kate on 08.23.2008
  7. not visibly in my line of sight. where are you you godamn sonovabitch I will kill you. I will poo afterwards the waste of my efforts. I will not wait and let it be, I will find.

    by ghj on 08.23.2008
  8. hidden treasure was discovered by my son who was frantically searching for his laptop

    by abdulbhadravathi on 08.23.2008
  9. i was ahidden person and i may tel you that i am finally out and honest and truthfull about everything but the btruth is i am still hidden a. i am not the most open person and i like to keep alot to myself.. many people feel a little intimidated by this especially in the case of relationships .. bhut perhaps its because who they are and not necessarily kbecause of who i am.. perhaps i will find the person who opens me out one day

    by hanumant on 08.23.2008
  10. What is hidden is not always worth looking for, but there are hidden things worth seeking.

    by Don Marsh on 08.23.2008
  11. hidden is a word in english it means to conceal something though it can mean a meaning which is concealed not just a physical object. often the truth is hidden especially deliberately by perpetrators of bad acts. revealing the truth is the way to heal the world see my book at http://www.thequestfortruth.co.uk, theres a plug strange how one word can lead to my book

    by alex caldon on 08.23.2008
  12. A cupboard, inside the cup under the coffee there was an image of my elder sister. I’m still drinking my coffee quickly until today. Not missing a second to see what’s under.

    by pedro on 08.23.2008
  13. I can’t find the word. It is nowhere to be seen. I looked and I looked all over the page, but it wasn’t to be find. It was like when I was a kid, and we played a game where one person tried to find everyone else. I can’t remember the name of the game, but I suspect that it has something to do with my word . . . which I still can’t find.

    by Jarrad on 08.23.2008
  14. hidden… hidden benefits… secret loves Rhymes with midden! Sorry folks…

    by hacket on 08.23.2008

    by BECKI on 08.23.2008
  16. wow i think bout a forest- ambiguity. STrange, kind of creey at times. Frustration- the act of searching to reveal.
    Mystery- book, clues, codes….

    by julie on 08.23.2008
  17. hide
    and all i do
    is to find
    the reason…

    by human being on 08.23.2008
  18. i think i need to pee. I have had half a bottle of 151, and I think it’s been too much. I haven’t drank since may, and I think i’ve lsot a little tolerance to the boozeahol.

    by tony on 08.23.2008
  19. What is this? I’m so confused.

    by a on 08.23.2008
  20. The dark hidden room revealed a virtual treasure trove of wonders from a by-gone era. The layers of dust bearing testament to the fact that the room had been closed to the world for over 60 years. It felt like taking a guilty step back in time, invading the private sanctity of an unknown, unseen person. Should I actually be in here….

    by DD on 08.23.2008
  21. i’m sure i’ve seen this before, and
    your eye sockets in that roll
    hesitant bulbs and funny iris greens

    i trust you are not lithe or happy
    but you are a soft ditch and i fall in you easily–
    hide me from the road.

    by Katie on 08.23.2008
  22. various things are hidden in the world,when things are hidden it gives a sense of mystery, mystrey is a thing that makes some people scared and some people are thrilled by it, hidden is a word thaty is also associated with fun for example games like hide and seek, that young children play, if something is hidden it means someone dosent want you to find it.

    by Aaron on 08.23.2008
  23. I think about kids hiding in a closet, where things are safer. the world is not a safe place to be and we shield ourselves from everything in the outside. society has fucked us over time and time again so why wouldn’t we stay within our safe place? it’s home base. home base keeps you from getting tagged. is this wrong? didn’t we bring this upon ourselves? and you think you have the right to yell at us for keeping ourselves hidden…

    by spencer on 08.23.2008
  24. I think of things in the back of a junk drawer. Gems like that last two-pack of Tylenol on a bad day, or that tack to put up your youngest’s poster she made in art class.

    by Derrick Paulson on 08.23.2008
  25. I feel by myself
    No one knows how I truely feel
    What I want is hidden
    What I need is hidden
    I have no idea where to find it
    No one else can find it for me either
    One thing I do know is I need him
    I wish he was here
    The meaning of him being gone is certainly hidden
    The way to feel better I can’t find
    The answer is to how I am allowed to feel is missing

    by mel on 08.23.2008
  26. A trapdoor beneath the floor opened it gaping mouth to sallow her whole. Or at least, she really wish it could.

    by Ali on 08.22.2008
  27. hidden treasures are wonderful, hidden secrets are not. Hidden surprises are good, hidden mistakes are not. Hiddel

    by kd on 08.22.2008

    In your mind are hidden thoughts. The ones you don’t want others to know and the ones that you can’t wait to tell. Deeper, hidden from the surface of your thoughts is the imprinting from related experiences from the past that influence your thinking now (unconscious?). Hidden is the observer, our consciousness. Hidden is the mechanism that gets us to turn and look directly into the eyes of someone looking at us. Is our conscious beyond the network between our senses, memory and logic, does it communicate with other consciousness directly? What about twins who have powers of telepathy? What is the conduit that communicates the exact coordinates of someone looking at us and what is the medium for telepathy? Can we develop this further? What else lays hidden? Is it just brain waves or is this indicative of life beyond the physical realm? When we feel connected to others, is this an embrace between consciousnesses or is there a universal collective conscious? Is this the realm of god?

    If nothing was hidden, would there be no intrigue, no growth, no embarrassment, no judgement, nothing personal, no value in sharing as there was no lack of sharing? If nothing was hidden we would know all things past and present, and be able to project infinite futures for our choices. We would wish to at least hide some of it as we would not be able to think with all the noise. Hidden is then a great gift to enable focus, to escape, to feel bliss, strangely therefore hidden provides some freedom. Found is not always a happy trap. Hidden provides intrigue and is the precursor to discovery. If you could choose to unlock something hidden, any one thing, what would that be?

    Ignorance is bliss and knowledge expects responsibility and action for which without is punishable by conscience and memory. Knowledge enables/empowers; exclusive knowledge can increase perceived value and tempt corruption; a little knowledge is a dangerous thing; directional filtered knowledge is limited and dangerous; common knowledge can be undervalued; too much information overwhelms us, we can lose our way; balanced/ holistic knowledge brings us home, where we belong.

    Hidden and it’s opposite, found, in all it’s ways adds much dimension to our lives for which I could not imagine life existing without these opposites, no wonder life loving children love hide and seek.

    We live in the information age, yet for that which when found leaves something hidden, is blessed as this is discovery, adventure, intrigue. Such it is that in seeing a good magic trick much is received, yet when the full science is revealed, measured and controlled it becomes like an old joke and loses much of it’s energy, it is then time to seek to discover something else hidden. The memory of discovery, though can be relived, relayed and shared to bring back to life that old yarn of a now well cellared blend of hidden and found. Such is the delight of Grandparents, not long for this world, in connecting across space and time, through the generations to relive their childhood through their grandchildren.

    Enriched when one respect lifes fleeting. Born from the hidden, the unknowing into the unknown, and then to know a little while, before going back to the unknown again, fading to forgotten back to hidden.

    As the Desiderata poem says, the universe is gradually unfolding.
    Time slowly unwraps the infinite layers of the hidden gifts of found, and then wraps those founds in clear cellophane into the past, in a steady stream so that there is always one present.

    Hidden a gift just waiting to be found

    by Andrew Booth on 08.22.2008
  29. thoughts and they can get deeply hidden. It is a struggle to get them out at times. The success lies in extracting it to the best of ability.

    by anon on 08.22.2008
  30. this thing is hiiden you cannot see it it is invisible to the human eye. no light falls in it thefore the eyes do not reflect the light on it. you cannot see if the light is not relfected. it starts with an h and ends with an n. i cannot think anything more about the word hidden. it is completly hidden from my brain.

    by Ali on 08.22.2008
  31. Hidden is meaning.
    Within all things underlies a hidden meaning waiting to be discovered if only people would look
    However, we ignorantly ignore the cries of meanings.
    Which transverse betwix all things leaving nothing left hiding
    To be hidden is to be all
    And as such, is no longer to be hiding in hindsight

    Such is the nature of hidden

    by Tyler on 08.22.2008
  32. the hidden is what’s important
    everything else is meaningless
    it’s that which remains unseen that captures the imagination
    beckons one’s sense of wonder
    and brings forth man’s potential

    by Shaun Gavin on 08.22.2008
  33. I can’t find it. Anywhere. They say it’s always in the last place you look, but I need to know where to start before I know where to finish.

    With my luck, it’s probably in my… Damn.

    by Mikey K on 08.22.2008
  34. The world is full of hidden things. Whether it be people watching you or agendas that people may have. The majority of things on the surface have hidden stories behind them. The longer you live you realize it is harder to take things as absolute truth. The best way to realize this is to see how you hide things from people.

    by Michael Brand on 08.22.2008
  35. I am hidden from the world in my comfortable zone, and everyone else is hidden from me. a lot of them are hidden from others, and even some of them are hidden from themselves. such is the story of the human mind. At least here on the internet we can pretend to be a little more free.

    by bridie on 08.22.2008
  36. stealth unseen alone cold dark misunderstood waiting watching

    by cam on 08.22.2008
  37. My fear is hidden. That fear is failure. That is why I approach everything with a ferocious tenacity that makes other think I’m nuts. I’m not dedicate, nor overly caring about my situation. I just wish to keep my fear of failure hidden to all.

    by elflaco on 08.22.2008
  38. hide and go seek. hidden things are treasures. love can sometimes be hidden. i tend to tell people not to hide their true motives, feelings, or whatnot. Though hiding things can sometimes bring out the true people when they search it back. Does that make much sense? I don’t know. But hidden things are secret treasures. ;)

    by Stephanie Joy on 08.22.2008
  39. a secret place; something put away from others; something that you dont want others to see

    by simonne on 08.22.2008