August 9th, 2012 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “manners”

  1. I hate when people don’t have manners. It does not take too long to say thank you or please to someone after they do something for you. Other manners include saying excuse me when you burp or saying hold on instead of interupting someone else’s conversation

    By becca on 08.09.2012

  2. My little cousins Shylo and Maria have exceptional manners. My auntie Kim may not have a lot but she’s done her best with what she does have, and if nothing else, those girls will grow up knowing their pleases and thank yous and charming the pants off of everyone and anyone they meet. I love them so much and I wish I could see them all more often.

    By Kayla URL on 08.09.2012

  3. Manners? Hah, I haven’t heard or seen anybody use this word in forever. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t exist anymore?

    I laugh at today’s society…I really do.

    By MollyJ URL on 08.09.2012

  4. my mother is the queen of manners. Not really, but in our family she is. “It’s in Gramma’s rule book” is the reason we give for all the manner rules we have. It’s lazy, I know, but it’s also easier than trying to explain social convention to small children. And the kids accept it without question.

    By Jane URL on 08.09.2012

  5. People lack manners now a days. It seems being rude is more common then basic manners. I want my child to have manners when she grows up its what gets you ahead in the world. makes me sick when people are rude and ugly and have nothing to do with all that negaitive energy except put it out into the world.

    By Michelle on 08.09.2012

  6. Good morning. May I help you?
    Who’s this?
    Excuse me? To whom do you wish to speak?
    No, sir. This is not Nancie.
    She there?
    No sir, she is not here. And, for future reference, the proper etiquette used in conducting a telephone conversation is for the callers, that would be you, to identify themselves first and then ask for the party with whom they wish to speak. Do you understand?
    When’s Nancie gonna be there? Can you give me her number?
    No I cannot give you her number but I will take a message for her if you like.
    Yeah, ok. Tell her I called. Later …

    By penny dreadful URL on 08.09.2012

  7. These are people with special skills who understand what men really want. Far be it from me what gender they are. I’ve been trying to figure it out all my life. When they discover what it is, DON’T TELL ME!!!

    By Bonnie on 08.09.2012

  8. I’ve recently been dreaming about … they scare me, these things – I wake up in the middle of the night, heart twisting through a figure eight.

    I roll to my other side and go back to sleep, try not to wake you up.

    By Anna Meursault on 08.09.2012

  9. sit up straight,
    respect authorities,
    no elbows on the table,
    brush your teeth,
    comb your hair,
    speak clearly,
    no interrupting,
    and, of course,

    By Sophie Goodwin on 08.09.2012

  10. The court watched the adventure tear into a roasted leg of lamb with his teeth. They nearly gagged collectively as he ate, his soaking wet fur armor creating a muddy puddle beneath his seat.

    By Isilo Aranel URL on 08.09.2012

  11. clean tidy nice rude neat wonderful etiquette rude spoons forks knives restaurant friendly dinner meals lunch breakfast. knows how to eat properly. something people should have.

    By Magdalena on 08.09.2012

  12. The toddler wondered what manners were. He had heard his parents speak “mind your manners” more than once in his recent recollection of history. These manners sound awfully inconvenient, thought the toddler. So far, all that manners have accomplished is ruining my fun.

    By Mel on 08.09.2012

  13. he doesn’t have any good manners because he grew up in a family that never taught him any. i don’t mind, though, when we go out for fro-yo or even to a fancy restaurant and he doesn’t know exactly what to do, but my mother cannot stand it. she slaved over her hot stove all afternoon and hates the fact that he can’t even say the exact words that she has picked for him to say. i don’t mind. but i am supposed to.

    By EJ URL on 08.09.2012

  14. When meeting a stranger, by father would say
    A firm handshake is the proper way
    My mother preached smiles
    My sister your wiles
    My brother a peacock display

    By gsk URL on 08.09.2012

  15. oh god its terrible being British sometimes but then again is it better another way? I think honesty is a key requirement to a healthy life but can manners take away your honesty? and does it really matter if you scoop your peas?

    By Vicki on 08.09.2012

  16. Manners are something that should be taught to all children from the moment they can comprehend them. There are too many people in this world who do not use manners. I try to make manners a priority during all interactions with other people.

    By sarah on 08.09.2012

  17. If you had your manners I might have been drawn to you. Instead all you do is show me how inappropraite you are. So why then, despite all the reason I possess, I still feel such a strange attraction towards you? I know you’re the fire I’m gonna get burnt by…

    By gosia on 08.09.2012

  18. Some people don’t have them, others are too cautious with them. They annoy some people to the point of vexation, others are completely ambivalent of them. Like it or not, society requests certain behaviours from us, and the commonly held view is we must abide to these prerequisites.

    By Cal James on 08.09.2012

  19. arrogance is a curse .. manners talk about who u are.. they are the eyes of the soul… and one can read others like a book through them….

    By Sara on 08.09.2012

  20. Something everyone should have, but only few people seem to use. somthing I was thought as a child. A small but important act to never be forgotten

    By Ana-Alicia Estrada URL on 08.09.2012

  21. Manners. I used to love reading about them in books – it made me feel like a princess. Made me feel like I was learning something that would lead me towards happily ever after. It’s interesting how society uses manners with their friends and not their families. I wonder why?

    By Megan Dixon on 08.09.2012

  22. I wish that other people in the world had more manners. It seems that no parents teach there kids manners these days. I hate how often kids bump in to me in the hallway and never apologize, like I’m supposed to just sit there and take it.

    By Kaitlyn on 08.09.2012

  23. i remember the look i would get or pinch with moms long thick nails if my manners were less then perfect! god help a child who has no fear.

    By Luchador Lavender URL on 08.09.2012

  24. maners is a dying dynamic in the american culture. As we grow up, we learn to obey our elders and conduct ourselves with appropriate manners. this does

    By michael Ramos on 08.09.2012

  25. I just wrote about this! But okay, as i was saying manners is dying in American culture. Kids have no respect for our elders, and show no urge of complaince with authority.

    By michael Ramos on 08.09.2012

  26. manners, étiquette, what not to say and when not to say it. is manners going as far as kerbing what you should think? do i have any manners and will they be important in the future?

    By ann on 08.09.2012

  27. That little girl has no manners.I tried and tried to teach her, but she wouldn’t listen. She broke my vase and she put honey on my glass table. She is visiting my house. Why doesn’t she have good manners?

    By maythewriter URL on 08.09.2012

  28. “Where are your manners!” I said.
    He gave me a furious look. “What do you mean where are my manners? I should be the one telling you that. You can’t just come barging in here!”

    By Creativity is my middle name! URL on 08.09.2012

  29. I have plenty of them.. I think more people should go by this… the world would be a much easier place to live in if everyone said please and thank you, and respected each other without abandon. its a cruel world, and only the mean or scheming (it seems) make it out alive. manners are rare today… sad and i dont like to think about it today.

    By Stephanie S. on 08.09.2012

  30. No.

    By Jason URL on 08.09.2012

  31. My neighbor has the worst manners on this planet. He is pure thrash and I wish he would get evicted.

    By leelee on 08.09.2012

  32. He had horrible manners. There was no desire to please others in his actions and he did not fear offending the people around him. Somehow, that seemed like the most real thing she had ever witnessed. The most polite thing anyone could have done for her sake. He was not pretending.

    By Kathleen on 08.09.2012

  33. Mom always said to mind my manners, but being polite won’t get me you. You – with the moon shaped scars and the purple bruises – you’re dangerous, invigorating, and by the end of tonight, mine

    By stephaniewrites URL on 08.09.2012

  34. You have to be nice and clean and orderly. It’s what manners are. They are something that our parents teach us from a young age. Some people don’t hold onto them, some do. Eh. I try. XD Oh well, right? It shouldn’t matter. People are people! :D YEAH!!

    By Addy Diaz URL on 08.09.2012

  35. Manners are made up rules bye adults to children. If a person gets affended because you don’t have them, there not worth it. those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. _DR SUESS

    By Christa Brown URL on 08.09.2012

  36. It’s not like most of the world has manners. It’s actually quite easy to learn, yet it seems to me that manners and simple chivalry are slowly seeping away from the planet. Although this is a bother to others, it seriously pisses me off some times. For example, I hate whenever I open the door for someone and they don’t say ”Thank you”. blah.

    By Leo Angulo URL on 08.09.2012

  37. You think of all the things you’ve learned over the past (how many decades, now?) and it comes to you without another thought. Manners. We all have them. We all deign to use them at SOME point. But what’s really the point? We haven’t really made enough of an impact in our own lives to really care about what OTHER people think, too. Do we? Hm. Just think about it.

    By Ryan R on 08.09.2012

  38. She picked up the spoon with her left hand. I could tell she was nervous. Was she supposed to use the right hand? She put the spoon down again, looking intently at her cutlery.

    By aria autumn URL on 08.09.2012

  39. i’m sometimes not very polite as far as the typical definition of manners would be. i like to burp. i think it’s hilarious. and an occasional fart — as long as it doesn’t stink — makes me laugh so hard, i could pee my pants. i don’t use good table etiquette, and i know i’m not perfect. wanna know something though? manners are probably the most attractive thing a guy could have because it’s something i’m definitely not perfect with.

    By marissa on 08.09.2012

  40. manners are bullshit. just one stupid thing invented by society in order to make a good image in front of those who might help you in the future

    By javier on 08.09.2012