November 7th, 2012 | 279 Entries

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279 Entries for “major”

  1. The math teacher is always a major pain in the neck because i am not good at math at all. Im more of a drama and honor choir kid

    By Rosie on 11.08.2012

  2. As the drum major marched down the street , I felt that there was a big moment coming in uS history. Then the gunshot sounded…..

    By Kaelia on 11.08.2012

  3. I have a major test this Monday in social studies.

    By Talia on 11.08.2012

  4. the mayor is major because he is in charge

    By Deven on 11.08.2012

  5. There are so many ways to use this word. you can be a major in the army. Or something else.

    By Eian on 11.08.2012

  6. today was the first major battle against me and my “old” friend…meaning i absolutly hate her!

    By Paige on 11.08.2012

  7. the election was major this year i have to say it was a fair fight.Do u think it was fair i do not.

    By Cody on 11.08.2012

  8. Do you remember the major football game last weekend?

    By Rachel on 11.08.2012

  9. It was something more than just a stupid test. It was the test. The test that placed him into the shinobi world. He would be able to finally prove to the village that he was someone.

    By Jo on 11.08.2012

  10. There was a major baseball and football game on Thursday and Friday.

    By briannas on 11.08.2012

  11. There was a major football game on friday.

    By Krystal on 11.08.2012

  12. The Major in the US Army is the person who trains the recruits.

    By Trace on 11.08.2012

  13. Major love. Is what i have for you. Even though you don’t love me back i can take that. i will wait for you . i don’t care if you changed because i have too and maybe just maybe us changing will bring us closer together, why wont you give us a chance?

    By Lauryn on 11.08.2012

  14. There is a band major in the front of the line.

    By Hunter on 11.08.2012

  15. Its not light, or small. It is something big and you have to deal with it. Its the word major.

    By Anastasia on 11.08.2012

  16. I’m majorly pissed about my major. I was going to change it, but in my household, majority rules. So here I am, stuck with a major problem.

    By Molly Givens on 11.08.2012

  17. Casey pressed a trembling hand against the wound engulfing her friend’s torso. She’d been trained for minor healing, but this, this was a major injury. And the panic was starting to close her throat, making breathing suddenly difficult.

    By Paige Ross on 11.08.2012

  18. “De las aguas mansas líbrame Señor”… Y qué pasa si las aguas mansas corren dentro de mí. ¿Cómo me libro de ellas?

    By Pablo on 11.08.2012

  19. big one. a chord way of playing guitar. cumba ja malor. what about the biggest question of life. what about the sence in life. find out what life is about

    By SuperChrisi on 11.08.2012

  20. It’s a brand of cigarettes, once me and my friend saw a lorry with loads of empty major packets in the front, and she said “he must be a major smoker”, oh how we laughed.

    By Sarah Byrne on 11.08.2012

  21. This was quickly becoming a major occurrence in Mason’s life, he realized with a start. It had all begun with a simple act: patching up a broken rabbit, and now here he was, dangling from the edge of a bridge, wondering if the drop would kill him, struggling to keep his grip…Any looser now, and he’d fall. He chanced a glance below, the blackness of the water churning the contents of his stomach. He hated water.

    By Lyra Grey on 11.08.2012

  22. major is a word that causes stress. it is intimidating. its scary. test, crisis-but can also be fun and a happy thing. major event, party, promotion. major in college, majority. HUGE. something big whether good or bad. something with force and power ot effect you

    By Kieran Meagher URL on 11.08.2012

  23. She had a big problem, her car would not start. She could not be late-not today for she had a major test in less then a hour!

    By diamond2 on 11.08.2012

  24. Major.. I’m not a natural English writer, so for me it symbolises music, and I like to play the C major scale on my violin. Ah… Major scales are the best.

    By Oda on 11.08.2012

  25. major football im

    By vidal on 11.08.2012

  26. Last week their was a major tornado that struck New York.

    By ccv1999 on 11.08.2012

  27. last week there was a major there is also a major this week.

    By xaiverva on 11.08.2012

  28. wen i went to work the major fird me wen i wus late for work

    By yamha on 11.08.2012

  29. What a colloquial word;
    For once I’m stumped.
    For once, nothing jumps to my mind –
    The muse has left, I find,
    Or lies asleep at her aerie post
    If such state
    Can be taken
    By a mnemonic ghost.
    Ye gods, without my muse
    What labor
    To compose a piece inspired
    By major.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 11.08.2012

  30. i was a major super star until i found out that he was a freak then i started to realize that that wasnt it and i just said he was a

    By Bieberlover URL on 11.08.2012

  31. My science teacher is mrs.greggersen and she gives out major hard tests!
    So this 1 was about clouds, I can only remember cumulus!
    So I got a major f on the quiz.
    Then i went in and retook it and i got a major A how easy is that!!!!????

    By molly on 11.08.2012

  32. I didn’t know what major to take, I never know anything these days, I mean, come on. I just used two negatives in one sentence, makes sense, right? Well that’s the story of my life isn’t it? But I guess you wouldn’t know that would you?

    By mee123 on 11.08.2012

  33. Twinkling in the dark, sweet night it beckons to me. Sending chills through my body as the frost picks it’s way through ’til dawn.

    By Louise on 11.08.2012

  34. This was a major problem. A really major one.
    He didn’t know what to do about the girl in front of him, her eyes leaking like a faucet as her body was shaking with sobs.
    Her friend was dead. How the hell was he supposed to fix THAT?
    Not to mention…How was he supposed to fix HER?

    By hipstercat-girl on 11.08.2012

  35. I’ve made major strides over the past half-year or so, and it feels like I’m a new man. People always tell you how this or that is the best thing ever, but you can’t really know until you go through the experience yourself.

    By Sean Duffy on 11.08.2012

  36. Majorly lose yourself in whatever you choose to do with this life. Deciding to pick a path inside of a institution that promises success and direction in a world that scoffs at the same promise. Choose which path wisely. Choose which Major you will go.

    By dusty on 11.08.2012

  37. Major is large. It is big. It is new. A new idea that you had and changes your life. Its a boss. A boss of a city. Its music. Music in high levels.

    By sander on 11.08.2012

  38. Major. Those things that are hard to decide which to choose. So many possibilities each leading to a different future. Which one will I most enjoy? How do I choose? Can I choose more than one? So many questions that make my head want to explode. Multitudes of information surrounding each one. I would like to go to college, but what would I like to major in?

    By Em on 11.08.2012

  39. major? hum, well it can be used in many different ways. I think it can be in an educatinal way but I’m not to bright so I wouldn’t be a ble to tell you how. so I prefer saying something like big or having a great impact in someone’s life. I prefer using it in that way. I could cheat but I’m not going to… I’ll just wait.

    By Armjvdw on 11.08.2012