November 7th, 2012 | 279 Entries

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279 Entries for “major”

  1. major league baseball is legit!

    By leot URL on 11.08.2012

  2. Major Payne: Boy. What are you, Deaf ur sumthin’?? ANSWER ME WHEN IM TALKIN TO YA!
    Deaf leutennant: DIR YED DIR!!!

    By S-man URL on 11.08.2012

  3. i am making a movie and usa is in MAJOR infantry loss.

    By Tanner Bowman URL on 11.08.2012

  4. My parents are a major part of my life

    By fox URL on 11.08.2012

  5. i hope that i will be a major success in colledge

    By diamondsss URL on 11.08.2012

  6. major is when you have like a major problem.

    By rainbow URL on 11.08.2012

  7. You and I are two synchronised clocks. Ticking through time together, we weave in and out of one another’s reality. Meeting and spacing apart. Drawing closer and pulling away like the tides. We’re bound by the strings of fate. Of this, I am certain. You are mine.

    By genahtastic URL on 11.08.2012

  8. majors? college? That is something I took a long time to choose. I thought I was going to study art but I ended up studying illustration. I also wanted to study theater or writing, but no I am studying illustration. Maybe once I’m one I’ll find another major or a minor and see what I can do. So many things to study and so little time and money to do it.

    By Isabel Pinaud on 11.08.2012

  9. most thing in this world is about major and minor. Majority rules. To live well one need to stick with the majorities, while to be outstanding one need to be the minor ones within the majorities.

    By ifuknowwhatimean on 11.08.2012

  10. i am a major. i wasited my 18 years to be a major but after that i dint feel any difference . i thought it wpukd be differt but it dont change any thing i majored in statistics

    By srilikhitha on 11.08.2012

  11. something I have no idea about. what every person in college is here for. something so important that it can drive people to do crazy things. still trying to find mine. why do we only get to choose one? I want five. Or one. I dont really care I just need to figure it out. So much pressure on

    By Lizzie on 11.08.2012

  12. I’m really confused as to how a major works. I want to do things with my life, and I don’t see how one piece of paper is going to help me accomplish that. I don’t see the importance of a major necessarily. I see the importance of learning and I want to learn what will help me in life, what I want to learn and enjoy.

    By Molly Coughlin on 11.08.2012

  13. A league in baseball. A big thing. Something major. I like the MLB.

    By Megan on 11.08.2012

  14. A league in baseball. A big thing. Something major. I like the MLB. It is something that needs more attention than other things. That is all I can think of.

    By Megan on 11.08.2012

  15. Sometimes major majors major in Minor things.

    By beckenbocker URL on 11.08.2012

  16. The major soldir fot at vietnom.

    By Marcelo URL on 11.08.2012

  17. My friend fell of his scooter.It then left a major cut

    By LastKinger 21 URL on 11.08.2012

  18. The major mistake of our society is religion because the fear to die is there, but the fear to kill is not. The majority also does not understand this difference, which, sadly enough, is a major disgrace.

    By Ana Maria Pereira Daoud on 11.08.2012

  19. I’ve got some major news today.
    Have you ever seen anything major yet.
    I’ve seen some major stuff happen.

    By Julie URL on 11.08.2012

  20. major john brown called the fire of the cannon in 1952. the major on the other side had been hit and later died of from the cannon shot.

    By Danielle URL on 11.08.2012

  21. There is a lady at my church and she tells everybody to call her Major because she was one in the Vietnam War.

    By Trouty(: URL on 11.08.2012

  22. You are in major trouble!!!!!

    By emilygra URL on 11.08.2012

  23. One time i watched a Major league baseball game, The diamondbacks won.

    By Makyla URL on 11.08.2012

  24. I am the Major of my infantry. I go face to face with a gun in my face.

    By Sam URL on 11.08.2012

  25. Have you had any major invents happen to you.
    I have had many major invents happen to me.

    By Gavin URL on 11.08.2012

  26. There was a major car accident in Phoenix,AZ yesterday morning.

    By jessicada URL on 11.08.2012

  27. So there’s this girl who goes to my school and she’s a major problem here she thinks that shes the major softball star and volleyball player but really all she is is a bully!!!!!:\

    By Kaitlyn URL on 11.08.2012

  28. there was a major earthquake in chile

    By Benjamin URL on 11.08.2012

  29. a lot of people are a major pain. don’t worry, i am to. kaity, i’m talking to you…..and chloe.

    By Maranda URL on 11.08.2012

  30. Liam gasped as he held up a golden vase. The hot Arabian sun felt crushingly oppressive, but his excitment overcame the uncomfortable heat. Inscripted on the side of the vase, the words, “All praise and glory…! King David…” that was all he could make out. Liam jumped up and shouted with joy! This was a MAJOR find!

    By Emma on 11.08.2012

  31. You’re a major pain
    Said no one
    Of importance
    To my life
    I ignore them
    They can’t see
    The awesomeness
    My super power
    They are blinded
    By irrational projections
    Of their own ignorance

    By recogirl URL on 11.08.2012

  32. I major in Video production but I would rather go for Film studies. I feel like wasting my 3 years time and money in it. But well, I’ve got to move on

    By Valencia on 11.08.2012

  33. There was a huge sudden explosion coming from the building, glass shattered falling like crystals. Ryan launched himself out of the top floor window as he glided down at speed

    By Kellie on 11.08.2012

  34. major part of my day is occupied with your thoughts, i just think with due course of time i might over come with this kind of thoughts. i should spend major part of my day in some activities

    By ragini URL on 11.08.2012

  35. I was in major pain today, I mean it hurt so hard i was fighting the giant ice monster when all of a sudden he grew extra claws and scratched me in the hand!!! I didn’t know what to do but I knew if I didn’t act fast I would be infected. I had to make minced meat of the monster fast so I used my heat powers and melted him down to size. Afterwards I had to find the blue fairy to stop my infection from spreading and fully taken over. I Had to travel through the dark forest of killer fairy bees. I was stung several times and although I am alergic I knew I had to press on. She was at the end waiting for me and as I made it to the end of the forrest I saw her as I sank to the ground and fell unconcious.

    By Philip on 11.08.2012

  36. He was a mighty horse, when he was a colt his mother told him that if he tried hard he could do anything he wanted, and be anything he wanted. When he was a gildling someone came and took him away from his mother, far off to another land. He could tell because trees and buildings, other farms, animals, whole towns rushed by. When the truck finally stopped and the human opened the door to let him out he could see mountains and green hills all around. They put him into the stable and closed the door. It was not untill darkness had fallen that a little human came into the stable and stopped by his door. It was a girl human, she was pretty he thought, with curly hair the shade of his own mane and eyes the color of the sky.
    “shh” she whispered, “Im going to be your owner”
    She smiled at him, he could only feel a calm curiosity at this small human. He slowly came closer, careful and causious, but to curious not to see what this girl wanted. She opened her palm and offered a red apple up towards his mouth.
    “Im going to call you Major” she said softly, “because you are majorly big, and beautiful, and it sounds like an important name”
    She giggled and with a marker wrote his name on a piece of paper and taped it on the stable door.

    By Stephanie on 11.08.2012

  37. I have a major problem. My brother broke out of prison! He’s coming for me, I just know it! But all I can do is wait and see…

    By Zachary Williams on 11.08.2012

  38. the drum major lead the band down the street in a parade.

    By Antonio URL on 11.08.2012

  39. It was amazing. I am a 7 year old girl who made the majors a.k.a baseball. It was so fun.

    By Bryte URL on 11.08.2012

  40. my old friend is a major pain in my behind .

    By Alisia URL on 11.08.2012