April 21st, 2013 | 153 Entries

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153 Entries for “magenta”

  1. Ooooooo…..
    one of my favorite colors.
    it’s so bright :)
    i love it.
    I miss when my hair had magenta streaks in it.
    one day.
    one day
    i’ll be able to do my hair in crazy colors again.
    stoopid job.
    stoopid people.

    By Alouette on 04.21.2013

  2. I couldn’t remember anything from last night. I looked around me to see if I would find something that will lead me to recall anything at all. Maybe a hint as to why I was in this mysterious household. I spotted a magenta shirt stained with blood thrown carelessly on the floor. The man who introduced me to his friend yesterday had worn it. Shocked, I looked around me for the source of blood. There he was, lying on the sofa, his body completely dull and lifeless. Tears were rolling down my face as flashbacks moved across my mind like a set of pictures running so rapid that it appeared to be a horror film.

    By F on 04.21.2013

  3. A cobalt fire flickered above her ears with a shimmering halo of magenta flame spark.

    By skylarkin on 04.21.2013

  4. the color of her cheeks, the fragmented pigment in her otherwise milky skintone, the vision of life in her face glows today as the wind whips her face and leaves her startled

    By Molly Clarke on 04.21.2013

  5. The sun slid behind the hills, leaving streaks of magenta in the evening sky.
    At the end of this very long day, I was glad I still had my home and family.

    By Wylee on 04.21.2013

  6. it is a color
    a character in a book
    i dont like it
    a tv show

    By will on 04.21.2013

  7. Her cheeks took on the color of magenta. All eyes felt as if they were glued to her gown. She was not use to being the center of attention. The room was dark with only a spot light hovering over her entire body. Her head began to spin. The tingling above her lip was a sure sign she needed to sit down. The world around her was to loud and she needed some order and peace now. What was she to do?

    By Cris URL on 04.21.2013

  8. I look upon the sky and see not one color
    not one hue
    but many
    in the dying light there is the color of flame
    the pale indigo of night
    rich magenta and pale yellow
    all colors of the sunset

    By Nia Ceridwyn URL on 04.21.2013

  9. it looks purple-red pink it’s a girly color and some boys like it. it has the letters m,g,a,e,n, and t

    By crcr URL on 04.21.2013

  10. It’s a rare color to see. You dont’t see it very often/ A very beautiful color to see. It ain’t girly.

    By crcr URL on 04.21.2013

  11. Magenta reminds me of a sunset flashing brilliant colors, burning itself out as it slowly dies beneath the horizon, waiting to be reborn in a phoenix’s ball of passion and color each new day. Magenta is the color of May flowers after April showers. Magenta is purple with spice. Magenta is beautiful. Magenta is one of the colors you’re dying to show a blind person because it’s so indescribable.

    By Katelyn on 04.21.2013

  12. magenta… rain.. rain on a street, cobblestones, Europe.. umbrellas and cafes and ducking into doorways.

    By rose on 04.21.2013

  13. The hues flash before her eyes, dancing down walls like Cirque du Soleil, en colour. Their soft shades flush her cheeks, turning her eyes to violets against the stark white of her skin.

    By Ashley on 04.21.2013

  14. I wondered why it was still raining, after all this time. I looked up to my magenta umbrella and sighed. The weather suit my mood, and somehow it has all day. This new job was putting me down, especially since I had to walk to and from it.

    By Natalie on 04.21.2013

  15. This was my favorite first color. What are the chances of that popping up? Serendiptiy, perhaps? To remind me of a childhood lost to colors others love, rather than the unique niche that is magenta. I loved magenta, I owned magenta. Magenta still resonates. Vibrant. There are many things that could have come up on this screen, and I want to think that ‘magenta’ was a wake-up call. A wake up to the vibrance that I used to possess. A need to get back to my magenta-loving, Grover-seld

    By Ashley on 04.21.2013

  16. Magenta is the color of a crayola crayon along with “brick red” and “forest green”, deeper hues that crack white lines just as much as the others.

    By cadypie on 04.21.2013

  17. Magenta was the dress that magneto’s wie was wearing that day. Then she discovered she was a utant too, since all things magenta wereattracted to her. Well that was nice to write about.

    By jirafa on 04.21.2013

  18. magenta is a color that im not really sure how to describe. its kind of weird i guess, like me. sort of in between. theres nothing else really

    By Solange on 04.21.2013

  19. magenta
    the word looks like a bug, a big, winged, hard, creater
    something that comes out of forieng lands

    By S on 04.21.2013

  20. Purple, violet, lavender. Magenta.
    She picked up the cloth lovingly, almost. Running her fingers along the silk, she felt more at ease and comfortable than she was before.
    It’s the same colour as my eyes, she thought.

    By Celine Wu URL on 04.21.2013

  21. When my oldest boy was a toddler he was showing his grandfather his toy car collection. They were identifying what they were, truck, car etc…and the colour. At one car my father asked my son what colour it was and he said it was magenta.

    By sandy p on 04.21.2013

  22. childhood favourite colour
    I am wandering in pink memories
    dazed in the wonder of youth
    so hidden and lost
    covered in a fateful facade
    I am left to my thoughts
    concerned of where I go from here

    By Lily on 04.21.2013

  23. was blue’s best friend
    and she had a nose
    that looked like a plum.

    Magenta flowers smell
    absolutely terribad.

    By Kairn on 04.21.2013

  24. Her dress was magenta. Not a harsh, bright magenta like so many of the skin-tight dresses most women were wearing that night, but rather a darker, calmer shade. It flowed just past her knees and made her emerald eyes sparkle as she caught sight of him. He held his breath as she flashed him a shy smile. But then he blinked, and she was gone.

    By Ebony Bird on 04.21.2013

  25. The tulips started coming up magenta without warning. Last year they’d been scarlet. It seemed fitting somehow that now that he was gone, the color was gone, too. Replaced with a stranger.

    By JR on 04.21.2013

  26. The sky filled with a brilliant magenta, tinting the clouds with orange, as the higher reaches played with darkness. Yet another magnificent sunset, appreciated by too few of the people who basked in its glow.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.21.2013

  27. the most weirdest spelling word. i never was able to spell it in school…or life, even. i think of flowers. i always think of flowers. i can’t decide if magenta is more purple or pink or red or just a combination of those. it sometimes reminds me of the tucson sunsets and how it can be light and dark at the same time.

    By marcella ellis on 04.21.2013

  28. this is probably my favoritecolor. Well,not my favoritecolor. but,in the same color family. I’m not really sure why, because a baby who is dyingis magenta.

    By teri on 04.21.2013

  29. There was magenta in the sky that evening. I looked out across the water and I slowed my pace; my gaze was captured, it was locked in the incomprehensible beauty of the skyline. And, for once, I had no worries.

    By Jordan on 04.21.2013

  30. IT is such a strange color, I must say. Well, perhaps it is not the color, but the name. I imagine Magenta as some bar show-girl, with her scantily clad body covered in feathers. She has glitter all over her, all the way under her armpits. Her face glows with so much color I begin to wonder if I had been placed in front of a painting. Magenta is a strange, flaunt-ready, beautiful girl, who knows no bounds.

    By A.C. Rooks on 04.21.2013

  31. Her magenta eyes were going to be the death of me. She knew it as much as everyone else. She could make me do her bidding with just the flick of her wrist. Her blonde hair flowing past her shoulders, her evil smile so snarky and yet so seductive at the same time. I could never say no to her.

    By Gilltyascharged on 04.21.2013

  32. is a colour and is also the name of a charachter in Rocky Horror Picture Show. I know that movie is somewhat erotic but I never really understood it. Not even as an adult did I really comprehend what it was all about. But that’s indicative of quite a bit of my life. There are gaps in my understanding. When everyone else is sitting around laughing about a joke I find that I’ve just missed the point. I’m the only person I know who need subtitles and wickpedia for all my adult interactions. But that’s ok. When I’m on my own, and I do like my own company it’s all ok and none of that matters. Maybe that’s why I prefer being on my own and this realisation should help me have a better acceptance of that fact about myself. Instead of feeling like a freak.

    By sam on 04.21.2013

  33. Magenta is a colour us human beings see, and discover. It’s a shade of both pink and purple. Magenta is my favorite colour to express royalty.

    By Anna on 04.21.2013

  34. The professor brusquely glided down the hallway and whipped around the corner, her magenta cloak whirled behind her in a whispering swirl of folds of silk. Her normally slick hairstyle had curled tendrils escaping from the tight bun at the base of her neck. Tonight was no night for organization, tonight was a night of reckless abandon. [end time] She reached the chrome garage doors and flung them open. She glided to the ebony and metallic silver motorbike and hopped aboard. In one slick motion, she turned the ignition, revved the engine and took off into the black, starlit night.

    By Hope on 04.21.2013

  35. Magenta is a color that forms/ distinguishes the meaning of royalty. Magenta is such a vivid color, mixed with purple and pink both my favorite colours. Magenta is a color not only seen by humans, but bee’s butterflies etc. Magenta is a colour.

    By Anna on 04.21.2013

  36. Magenta is a bright vivid colour. It dignifies royalty, highest representation.
    Magenta is a colour mixed with both pink and purple, too both colours I like.
    Magenta is most definitely seen by humans, animals, butterflies, etc.

    By Unknown on 04.21.2013

  37. Magenta was the name she called herself. Her hair blazed her name like a neon sign in the dead of night. She’d dyed it herself. It was just part of her manifesto.

    By Caysee URL on 04.21.2013

  38. The purple color that seems to slice through the tame pastels and singular shades of everyday life. Magenta, you tease. I can’t really tell if you are supposed to be a color for royalty or princess themed birthday parties.

    By Archori on 04.21.2013

  39. Magenta like the cherry blossoms lining the street. Each day the breeze blows and all the petals go whoosh into the street, riding the gusts of wind and dancing above my head.

    By sara.hops on 04.21.2013

  40. Throw a splash of magenta paint onto your white pants. And teal. And Indian Paint Brush Orange. Get messy. Splash some color; those white pants are boring.

    By ISOreality URL on 04.21.2013