April 20th, 2013 | 128 Entries

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128 Entries for “burrow”

  1. bury people is bad but incenerate them is just worse, so how do we do?

    By Glomzy on 04.21.2013

  2. Days like today are the ones that make me want to burrow somewhere and hide. I would prefer the silence and warm hug of the earth to the cold indifference of being ignored in person by someone too involved in constant video games. I loathe his angry shouts when my voice pierces though the iron wall of headphones in a simple spoken sentence.

    My heart feels ravaged by the sharpness of his sounds… his raised voice pounding through the microphone to the other game players as I struggle to hear the voice of my sister on the other end of the phone… the constant jarring from a TV show offering a little lighthearted escape… the useless attempt to listen to music in hopes of lifting my heart as he curses at the other players.

    My home was once saturated in love, companionship, and laughter–a beautiful, enriched oxygen that filled me with happiness. It’s all gone. Now the house echoes in an empty silence too oppressive to bear.

    It is any wonder I long for a cozy burrow laden with happy, beating hearts curled up in protective embraces and piled high in warm furry contentment?

    By JDwrites on 04.21.2013

  3. omg how do i get past this word?
    i thought it was a random one each time
    evidently not
    i have nothing to say about the word “burrow”

    By a on 04.21.2013

  4. A burrow is something a rabbit lives in. I confused myself between the words burrow and bury when I first saw the word written on my screen. What is this, anyway?

    By Varad on 04.21.2013

  5. I liked it here in my dark, moist cave. The roots straggling down, reaching for something to keep them steady. I liked to tug on them sometimes, thinking it might tickle the plants. The smell down here is so musty, so… I don’t know how to explain it, but I rather like it. Even though the dirt down here does make me sneeze sometimes.

    By Gyarados on 04.21.2013

  6. If I could just burrow into you, but not in a creepy way like a giant parasite burrows into its host.

    But in a subtle way, like ghost on ghost.

    By Golden Frames on 04.21.2013

  7. delilah, she–

    –cut samson’s hair,
    surrendered his strength and his eyes,
    watched him bleed and burn,
    was crushed under a different stone,
    her hair stained,
    and his gone.

    –cut samson’s hair,
    kept a lock for herself,
    didn’t stay for the silver,
    fled the city before he could wake,
    lived a thousand miles away under a
    different name,
    was buried with a single long braid
    clutched tight to her chest
    for reasons no one knew.

    –cut samson’s hair,
    or at least thought about it,
    put down the scissors,
    slept beside him until morning,
    made a curtain of his mane
    to hide her eyes from the blinding sun,
    smiled gently as she dreamed
    of the pelts he would make
    of their enemies.

    By isa on 04.21.2013

  8. To dig yourself deep underneath something. perhaps to find something. usually to hide. deeper and deeper

    By Johanna on 04.21.2013