April 21st, 2013 | 153 Entries

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153 Entries for “magenta”

  1. Magenta is the best color ever. It represents many things in this world. It helps us find new things. I love colors they make everything happen. They can be combined in anything.

    By Jessica Brown URL on 04.22.2013

  2. a dark color close to pink part of the pink family hard to find black and pink mixed together

    By amina URL on 04.22.2013

  3. Magenta is the best color ever. It represents many things in this world. It helps us find new things. I love colors they make everything happen. They can be combined in anything. Magenta is a new word so I’ll call it Jeberish (a made up language). I would love to live in a world that has magenta all over the place. Magenta can be thought as Magma. To be continued………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

    By Jessica Brown URL on 04.22.2013

  4. pink and black color hard to find nice color dark part of the pink family

    By amina URL on 04.22.2013

  5. differ color creative color favorite color dark color

    By amina URL on 04.22.2013

  6. “He’s turned /magenta,”/ Courfeyrac noted with glee. /”Jolllly,/ no need to be bashful!”

    “I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. No doubt the two of you are suffering from mental fits, due probably to your remarkably poor hygiene.”

    “Don’t try to /physician/ your way out of this,” Feuilly pushed. “Come on, tell us her name.”

    By Julia A. URL on 04.22.2013

  7. pink and black dark awkward hard to find cool awesome playful weird playing girls favorite color color of coral

    By amina URL on 04.22.2013

  8. Magenta is a pretty color. Magenta doesn’t make me think about gentleness. It makes me think about something thick. Kind of weird, but that is what I think. Magenta is something we don’t see a lot, but probably only found in clothing. Magenta is a really pretty color. Magenta is a thick layer of something.

    By Amanda URL on 04.22.2013

  9. pink and black dark awkward hard to find cool awesome playful weird playing girls favorite color color of coral made by people creation can find different colors can be a name of a person creative color

    By amina URL on 04.22.2013

  10. Is a cool fairground in California. It

    By Amanda URL on 04.22.2013

  11. pinkish and purplish

    pretty color





    beautiful colors



    dark color

    light color








    touch screens cases

    By Amanda URL on 04.22.2013

  12. Magenta is a color. It is purple-ish. It’s generally a good color. It’ll serve you well in many situations. I assume it is good for marking stuff. It’s stuff we’re talking about. STUFF. Seriously, what could be as useful as stuff? Best of all, magenta is good for marking it. It’s brightness makes it essential for many things. I wonder myself how its name came to be. That’s a question for another time. Magenta probably has some relation to red, in one way or another. Blue and red make purple. Magenta is close to purple. It’s a little pink-ish too. That’s its second connection to red. Pink is just a REALLY light version of red. Now for personal uses. I don’t know anyone who’s favorite color is magenta, but there are probably people out there of the like. I’ve seen magenta used in things before. This is basically what magenta is. Now we shall speak scientifically. Magenta is part of the color spectrum. Basically, it’s a color, as mentioned in the beginning. The color spectrum is seen in visible light. That’s the kind of light we see. Visible light is part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. What’s the Electromagnetic Spectrum? STOP ASKING SO MANY QUESTIONS. WE’RE TRYING TO KEEP THIS SIMPLE. Moving on. This is magenta’s connection to science. With enough effort, you can usually find the relation between two totally different things, as what I have just done. This is magenta explained. Not a thorough explanation, but rather, a practical explanation. Enjoy! You know, there could have been many more colors we could have talked about. We could have talked about red. Green. Blue. We could have even talked about my favorite color, black. But I had to talk about magenta, mainly because it was the word that popped up at the top of this very screen, on the very computer in which I am typing these very words. I used “very” a lot. Wow. This is supposed to be about magenta, and I eventually got to the subject of typing. This is basically magenta.

    The End

    By Omer on 04.22.2013

  13. The one true meaning of this word for me s Blue’s clues. I’m afraid that the colour only invokes a picture of a dog and endless memories of TV screens and computer games. That show was my favourite as a child. They should have kept Steve.

    By KT URL on 04.22.2013

  14. The magenta color the sky took on just before dawn was something other wordly. Bathing the landscape in soft hues, just ever so lightly tinged by golden. A frame. A memory.

    By Holly URL on 04.22.2013

  15. I thought that a unicorn had thrown up when I walked into her room. Why why why had I agreed to this switch. I know that my other situation had been desperate but was I really that desperate? Wow Kat. You’ve really fucked this one up.

    By Katherine147 URL on 04.22.2013

  16. close to pink but not quite.
    Not part of the rainbow. Something that I’ll probably never wear.
    It can be a beautiful shade, but such a color would never look good on me.
    A name that could sound good for a girl, but I wouldn’t name my baby that.

    By Meditator URL on 04.22.2013

  17. Oh hot magenta slipping down my spine, giving me a fever and bedding me til late afternoon. Oh magenta you sultry configuration. Give me a second chance at being exploited

    By creepestbloom URL on 04.22.2013

  18. I have no idea what the word magenta so I will use it in this sentence like I just did I but I’m not kidding I’m not shure

    By Alexis on 04.22.2013

  19. Alexis dyed her hair magenta, carpet, apple, Nyanquere’s shirt, jewels, royalty dressed for a fancy dinner

    By Ms. D on 04.22.2013

  20. Alexis dyed her hair magenta, carpet, apple, Nyanquere’s shirt, jewels, royalty dressed for a fancy dinner fgfgdfgsdfgargaeg gab g

    By Ms. D on 04.22.2013

  21. Colorful, exciting, happy, invigorating, sharp, alert. Can create

    By spantaleon URL on 04.22.2013

  22. Magenta is a color…….. It’s a purplish red color

    By Diana on 04.22.2013

  23. Magenta is a color.

    By Gigi on 04.22.2013

  24. If her scarf were less than the deepest magenta, could I say she had the color in her to attract the winds?

    By Bmac on 04.22.2013

  25. her eyes were the most amazing shade of magenta. I didnt know eyes came in that color. Her lips were like rose pedal covered in honey and rubies. she smiled at me and it was as if the world ceased to exist. I knew at that very moment, that she was my one. the one that had been sent to save me. to save me from myself. her eyes sparled and a small giggle escaped her lips. She knew why she was here and she was going to enjoy every minute of it.

    By Tricia on 04.22.2013

  26. She was just standing there. face expressionless. I called out to her but she didn’t so uch as flinch. I walked slowly to her and noticed the magenta hankercheif sitting in her clenched fist.

    By Tricia A. URL on 04.22.2013

  27. What a beautiful color…NOT! Why do prom colors always have to be so bold? What happened to the sweet girl who wore baby pink and flats? Girls are way too provocative.

    By Tammi URL on 04.22.2013

  28. “Do you see that guy over there?” My friend said to me, He has some magenta pants on aren’t they cool?

    By Donovan on 04.22.2013

  29. who in the hell asks poeple to write about magenta?? i don’t even know what magenta looks like. i know women say it’s a colour. but beyond that i am clueless. R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. Colours of the rainbow.. those are the ones i know…..

    By Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu URL on 04.22.2013

  30. ‘For the hundredth time, Wright, the colour of my suit is “magenta”, not “pink”!’

    ‘I’m only calling it as I see it, Edgeworth. And it isn’t like pink isn’t a nice shade, anyway. Real men wear pink, don’t they?’

    ‘Then, by all means, dye your suit pink – and I mean the true pink colour – and wear it next time you go to court. Although I fear without your trademark blue you would be next to impossible to recognise.’

    By andyprue URL on 04.22.2013

  31. Magenta lights flashed before her eyes. She was falling, slowly loosing conciousness. The world around her crackled and fell into darkness. She was glad for the relief. The pain inside of her had been plauging her for months now. She knew when she took a handful of the sleeping pills that this would happen. Relief from the pain. She also knew she might die. It seemed that even death, she had decided, was better than knowing she had killed her own family.

    By ~A~ URL on 04.22.2013

  32. i lost trust in adults when i was two
    years old. we rode to the candy store,
    but it didn’t look like a normal candy
    store. the walls were white and there
    were pictures of children on the walls.
    my mother said they were smiling,
    but to me they looked more like they
    were screaming. a lady called us and
    said we’d meet the candy man now,
    like willy wonka. this chocolate factory
    isn’t as fun as it was in the movie.
    there was no candy in the room or
    candy stains on the candy man’s white
    coat. he took out a small thing and said
    i had to get pinched by the thing before
    i could get my candy. he said it wouldn’t
    hurt; my mother said it would, but only a
    little like a hello from an ant.

    hellos from ants do not feel like that. the
    candy man gave me a lollipop after but
    i could only taste then saltiness from the
    snot in my nose and the tears in my eyes.
    when they say something won’t hurt, or
    only hurt a little, they are always lying
    and i don’t know why god hasn’t yet
    cut off all their tongues like the old
    testament said. i was so, so small.
    i have never forgotten this, and now my
    little girl is turning two and i am about to
    take her to the candy man.

    i wonder what lollipops would taste like
    to her. i wonder if she would take after me
    and cry.

    By h. b. URL on 04.22.2013

  33. “What are you watching?”
    “Blue’s Clues”
    “Again! You watched that for three hours.”
    “Blue’s Clues!”
    “Ok, Ok.”
    “It’s time for mailtime!”
    “Look Look!, And Magenta’s there!”
    “Magenta and Blue… best friends!”

    By vividexpression URL on 04.22.2013