December 27th, 2010 | 376 Entries

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376 Entries for “lucky”

  1. I see four leaf clovers. And horse shoes all bringing good luck. If you are lucky then you are usually happy since luck almost always brings good things. Lucky can be a sunny day when you need it or $100 dollar bill someone dropped. Sometimes your good luck means someone else has bad luck though.

    By me on 12.28.2010

  2. I always thought that I was lucky. Until I met you. My life just seemed to pale in comparison. You coasted through on one night revision sessions and your well networked connections. It infuriated me. But I couldn’t help but love it. They way you smiled when you realised that you had yet again got away with absolute murder.

    By S.C. Kelly URL on 12.28.2010

  3. ducks float across the river. wading and wondering sticking their heads below the surface to find some semblance of escape. nodding in and out of a world that renders them insignificant, they try to prove their incredible worth. the quack and feathers are irreplaceable and they strive to create a dream world that needs them. they are the lucky ones.

    By gabrielle on 12.28.2010

  4. I am incredibly lucky. My boyfriend loves me, my best friend is always there for me, and my family never wavers in their support for me. I am about to graduate from Sarah Lawrence at the top of my class, and I can’t wait for the rest of my life to begin.

    By bookworm on 12.28.2010

  5. im lucky to have found this site, lucky for having u in my life, then il b tellin u abt the site,…n u can enjoy too!

    By saksham on 12.28.2010

  6. a dog. my relationship with her. money. love. something i don’t have. my life. my sanity. my family.

    By sammsonite URL on 12.28.2010

  7. lucky? no. luck is reasoning something that you cannot explain any other way.

    By Hank Moody URL on 12.28.2010

  8. ive never been lucky, ive only been sad, and being sad has nothing to do with being lucky, quite the opposite really, i mean if anyone were ever to tell me your one lucky son of a gun well id half to ask them, well why am i so fucking sad then, why is my life so sad, how can luck have anything to do with it there hows that feel

    By Jared Dawson on 12.28.2010

  9. me. I am very blessed. Luck makes the biggest difference. We think we can control everything but much is out of our control. Luck is very important but many people attribute all their success to skill and their own efforts. Republicans don’t believe in luck until someone they disagree with succeeds.

    By Pamela URL on 12.28.2010

  10. Everyone should be able to be lucky at some point. I consider myself to be very lucky. Everyone has strife, but luck makes you forget sometimes. :)

    By Kalene on 12.28.2010

  11. I feel so lucky to have you.

    By Carli Rae URL on 12.28.2010

  12. i’m so lucky i found you. i haven’t told you i love you, but i do. i really do. and i feel sorry for the people who will never experience what we have together. you’re literally my other half, if not more. i can’t wait to spend my whole life with you traveling. we have to be the luckiest people on earth. i love you.

    By stellar URL on 12.28.2010

  13. I’ve never been lucky. Never had the a life that was easy or “magical”. no , not me. Luck doesnt exist in my world.

    By Ruby DeFelice on 12.28.2010

  14. i looked in his eyes, and took in the beautiful chocolate coloured iris spekled with gold
    i was so lucky to have him
    he looked back at me
    and smiled too
    i was so lucky to have him.

    By ty on 12.28.2010

  15. In Reno, when you are lucky, it means that you won big at the table. Or maybe a slot machine. Or maybe, if you’re really lucky, you found some attractive person to take home, and maybe if you’re even more lucky, they won’t be around for breakfast in the morning.

    By Max McLaughlin on 12.28.2010

  16. lucky is the opposite of unlucky which involves a man falling down the stairs and being hit by lightning in one day. a lucky man would survive that and live to tell the tale to his great grandchildren.

    By meghan hinson on 12.28.2010