March 29th, 2017 | 15 Entries

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15 Entries for “loud”

  1. She hears a ringing in her ears- it’s all too much. Everything else FADES OUT as the buzzing takes over. Fuck, fuck, fuck, she thinks- I’m at work, I can’t handle this; calm down Laura, calm down. The ringing continues. But then- as she’s about to panic-

    By perfectlydiseased URL on 03.29.2017

  2. She was loud. She was proud. She was out and happy and may as well have bled rainbows if someone tried to cut her. She sat at the bar with the large windows so everyone could see her, sipping on a chocolate martini and wearing her newest red leather jacket.

    No, she wasn’t looking for a lover. She just liked showing off. And she didn’t bother anyone while doing it.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.29.2017

  3. Gosh, the trucks really do know how to rumble at 3 in the morning, rumble loud and long and stir the mist in the air so it shakes like jello, you can see it clearly… I find comfort in the sound even when it annoys me profoundly.

    By Zoe URL on 03.30.2017

  4. It echoed through the room with power and vibrancy. The rest of the unit shrank back a little, feeling slightly discomforted by the volume at which she spoke.

    By Kate on 03.30.2017

  5. Everything louder than everything else. You are so loud. Stop louding at me. Live out loud. So loud so loud hard to shroud under all that loud. I said.

    By Paul on 03.30.2017

  6. The noise was deafening. He cocked his head like, “Let’s get out of here.” She nodded, squinting against the ruckus as they ducked through the crowd to the cool air of the summer night outside. It took her a second to get her bearings back, inhaling the open space in relief.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 03.30.2017

  7. Lower your voice he said, I said I already lowered my expectations, isn’t that enough? He smiled as I yelled some more.

    By T.rose URL on 03.30.2017

  8. I met a two year old today. My friend was babysitting her for her friend so she could go to her first day at her new job. She was so loud, but my friend kept shushing her. I felt bad that she was keeping a little kid quiet like that.

    By Andrew on 03.30.2017

  9. my daughters are loud as hell the last days. <i should maybe mention that english isnt my first language. =) but i really love my daughters espacially when they are loud as hell =)

    school is coming ..

    By Robert Danner on 03.30.2017

  10. She is loud . Loud as a lion . lions are loud . Quite isnt loud loud isnt quite

    By grace URL on 03.30.2017

  11. the damn wolves next door howling all the damn time are getting on my last good nerve. I squeeze my pillow around m

    By a false terl on 03.30.2017

  12. As I entered the club the first thought I had was” it loud in here. I could feel the beat of the band on stage. It was amazing. I weaved through the crowd and found my sister with her boyfriend. I personally don’t like him but I don’t always get my way so I learned how to like him. the band was made by a couple teens around my age. though I only recognized the drummer.

    By angel on 03.30.2017

  13. palmed a spitfire above my head
    its the sun
    its getting closer
    because my ambition’s fish reel
    is no where near surreal
    unreal noise,
    goes on when i begin
    to toy
    with the blazing pathway I’m pacing
    money circulates my mind
    knocks on my door
    burns my wallet
    so I’m after it
    I tend to be racing
    down the blazing pathway im pacing

    By Milad URL on 03.30.2017

  14. Moaning loudly and pressing
    Holding a flower
    Lighting a candle
    Sipping tea
    These are a few of my favorite things

    By puddin URL on 03.30.2017

  15. Bang echoed in the sky, off of clouds with silver linings, ringing through the lives of the lost, hopeless many; too few grew up enough to accept the destruction of their homeland; too few expected to rebuild; too few… too few…

    By ml on 03.30.2017