February 2nd, 2017 | 102 Entries

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102 Entries for “longing”

  1. I long for McDonald’s new vending machine. With over 600 flavors of soda, juices, and a variety of beverages, the functionality of this futuristic drink-dispensing contraption can’t be beat! I’m Lovin’ It!

    By McDonald'sVendingMachine on 02.03.2017

  2. I’ve had a longing, to amalgamate
    my interests
    one large, conicded gate
    my heavenly fate
    to live
    one day
    and appreciate every ounce
    of passion poured into my morning’s cup of coffee
    right now, I’m bitter sweet,
    more sweet, toffee.

    ebullient, lifestyle,
    working hard, towards that wild,
    caught salmon,
    fresh off the docks, in no time.
    what’s the meaning of tick tock?

    By Milad URL on 02.03.2017

  3. Long to long for longness. longing long long ling lang. I’m chinese… Yeah like those ching chong chang pikachu looking ass.

    By Dr. Shit Fun Chew on 02.03.2017

  4. It’s the feeling that keeps me going. Both sweet and painful at the same time. The things we are denied in life are often the things we most wish for.

    By RobDuganJr URL on 02.03.2017

  5. It hit me sometimes, a sudden longing to be with old friends and family, or a sudden longing to be somewhere else. It came out of nowhere as I navigated the foreign streets to the local shops. Occasionally I felt like an alien or even if I were invisible to people passing me by, a stranger from another land which often slowed my step. I longed for many things: to see people or to be here or over there, but I think it made those things, when I finally got to see them or do them again, all the greater.

    By Steve O URL on 02.03.2017

  6. I have a deep and intense longing for something that always seems to be just out of reach. A place, a feeling, a yearning for something beyond what I can comprehend. I feel lonely, and I long to be connected once again.

    By Rosemary on 02.03.2017

  7. Longing is a desire that is stretched between the distance from the person feeling it and the destination of the object of said desire.

    By Smith on 02.03.2017

  8. Longing. An emotion Harry felt all the time. Something that ached in his heart and gnawed at his mind constantly. Longing for a family, longing for friends, for love, for freedom, for peace. He longed and he fell into that pit of desire he had watched others fall into before him. It was a pitiful longing, a longing that would disappear once the sun came up.

    By Angela on 02.03.2017

  9. I can feel my longing for you burning in my eyes
    I can see you turning back, as if you sense my gaze
    You look at me with that same longing although yours is deep and wise
    I understand I’m not right for you and I turn away in a daze.

    By Lee on 02.03.2017

  10. longing means to wish for something and want or dream of it.

    By jaycee on 02.03.2017

  11. Me and my best friend Keira , are longing for our sleepover to hit midnight!

    By Chloe on 02.03.2017

  12. She wants him, she longs for him. Her baby, her son- the world was so cruel to take him, so so cold, where is he now? Buried under the hard ground, with snow on top and flower seeds that won’t bloom ’till summer, how she weeps for her baby boy. She needs to bring him back. She needs to bring him back to her, she sets out under cover of darkness and returns, she bundles his bones up with her scarf and sings a lullaby and prays to the Devil.

    By SentientExistence on 02.03.2017

  13. When you’re dead and you miss your Boo more than anyone else on Earth, yeah, that kinda longing.

    By Ghost on 02.03.2017

  14. With the letter in her hand, she casted her eyes far beyond her bedroom window, longing for a miracle to come to erase all heart-breaking reality that kept her awake for so many nights.

    By Tran Le URL on 02.03.2017

  15. Seriously LONGING for this word to switch to a differnt one. Doesn’t this thing change once a day? maybs not. ANyway. Proud of myself for writing. Don’t matter what it says. Just gotta keep typatity tapping.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 02.04.2017

  16. He woke up to it. He fell asleep to it. That ache, deep within the part of the body so hard to reach it must only be the soul, had become a defining part of him. His longing for her.

    By ellie on 02.04.2017

  17. Longong
    I long for you
    Your touch your smell your hair and you face adn eyes. TYhey wany you look at me and smaile, like I’m the only thing in your world that’s ever really ,mattered. I long for it, only because you are gone, so it is, has been, lost. And I am alone. Longon. Or love. Ah, eys, that’s the word. That’s how I feel. Yhat’s what it is. Love. Love. Love is what i wnat and love is what we had and love if what we’ll never have again, becUSE YOU’RE GONe. I had forgetten, or maybe I just never knew. I love you. Did i ever get the chance to say? I don;t think i Idi. but I do- lov you i mean. So much. YOu’re gone now. I’m coming to find you. I’m coming to get you back. Our love is- was- the only thing keeping me alive. Wiythout it what will I do, where will I go, why cant I just…

    By Maxine Haspel URL on 02.04.2017

  18. I long for this to be over.

    By ma on 02.04.2017

  19. I am longing for something to say. I have always had trouble finding the right word. Much like a parrot who can only use one word at a time, struggling to give it meaning through repetition. I can feel the power and meaning of a word but can’t put it INTO words.

    By Paul on 02.04.2017

  20. I was longing for it my whole life. The chance to get away. Not that I was unhappy, rather the opposite even. But I needed something more. To get out into a world I had been sheltered from. And now it was time.

    By Daisy Leason URL on 02.04.2017

  21. your hands are brittle
    intertwining little wires of light
    trying to reach the darkness.
    but all it will do is destroy you.
    even though you think you’ll never be complete without it.

    By batteryman URL on 02.04.2017

  22. In between the bedsheets, he longed for the real her; not the one displaying apathy to his lovemaking.

    By Sreedeep Chennamangalam on 02.04.2017