February 2nd, 2017 | 102 Entries

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102 Entries for “longing”

  1. The longing in his eyes was as intense as it was sad. He knew that when the morning came she would be gone and it would be as if their night together had never happened. For all intents and purposes she was already gone and he knew that.

    “I swear I would love you for the rest of my life,” he whispered.

    By Lee on 02.02.2017

  2. I didn’t know exactly how many days she had stayed in that house. Whether or not she was longing for pieces of her past – her husband, her father, her friends and family, her elderly cat – I couldn’t tell. All I could discern was her gray silhouette floating like smoke behind the pink curtains that hid her bedroom from the outside world. The stained glass windows, with painted roses, had no eyes, so they couldn’t exchange sad, empathetic glances with me.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.02.2017

  3. I have a longing, deep inside my mind.
    I long for something I shouldn’t;
    I want to know what it would be like.
    Would it be dark and lonely?
    Or bright and inviting?
    Do angels exists,
    or would it be a few too many pills,
    and that’s it?
    I know you shouldn’t wish for it,
    but no one told my heart,
    I think I’ve fallen in love
    with the uncertainty…

    By Lexy on 02.02.2017

  4. Always in search for something and for once in my life I have realized everything i have ever needed I have within myself. I am so powerful, I can make or break myself and it’s so simple. Just long to love yourself and all will fall into place. I love you.

    By emine sharma on 02.02.2017

  5. she was longing for him to return, aching for his embrace. she waited at the train-stop, eager to see him again. As he stepped out the train, she ran towards him, hugging him as she cried.

    By AsianArnold on 02.02.2017

  6. Oh, I’ve longed. for big warm hands loud mouth invisible small mute over that guffaw like trumpet

    By Zoe URL on 02.02.2017

  7. I want to know what I need to love. I wish you would just tell me. But you don’t. I can’t hear a goddamn thing, sometimes I swear I’m deaf, or blind. I long for you, my longing. I long for you, my love.

    By Dylan on 02.02.2017

  8. Penetrated by insidious itch
    Scratching cannot subdue
    afflicting ache of emotional grief, debilitating
    no painkiller can vanquish
    Soul aflame, longing’s inferno
    Unable to suppress the burn
    Life threatened by love’s sickness
    Perilously, for you I yearn

    By poetwarrior on 02.02.2017

  9. Oy. Longing. What about shortening? Hey hey!

    My longing is cumbersome. It would be better to be middling or averaging. I just want to enjoy writing. I guess I have to learn how to want writing differently. Motivation.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 02.03.2017

  10. LONGING WASN’T AN OPTION, YOU GREW IT. YOU ARE OLD AND NOW ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS EXISCT. She was so original and fancy, you are old and wored out. Your wife is waiting for you, you bastard.

    By Ivana on 02.03.2017

  11. Es dauert. Alles dauert immer so lange. Das ist jedenfalls mein Gefühl. Aber die Zeit, die in mir vergeht und die Zeit, die außen vergeht, ist nicht dieselbe. Ich sitze. Ich tippe. Es kommt mir vor, als würde ich ewig lange tippen und nur ganz wenig schreiben. Obwohl ich ewig lange tippe. Wenn ich dann nach oben scrolle, erschrecke ich mich – wo kommt nur der ganze Text her?

    By Lisa URL on 02.03.2017

  12. She felt it, between her ribs, as a dull ache. She turned her head away, but she could still hear the cooing and the laughter from the gathered guests. She started to pick up plates, as an excuse to get away into the kitchen where she could collect her thoughts. She exhaled. Hands on the edge of the sink. Head down.

    By Bridget Grace on 02.03.2017

  13. Every day, I sit at my window and look at the world outside. I long to be there, instead of in here. There’s so much out there, just waiting for me to discover it.

    By Brooke on 02.03.2017

  14. Longing is people wanting something that the don’t necessarily need. Because people are the most materialistic beings of this world, they “long” for money and things that they really don’t need. Some people, however, long for people if they love them.

    By Amy on 02.03.2017

  15. Longing. When I think of longing, I think of waiting for time to pass and waiting and waiting for something to come as if it is taking an eternity to come. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of longing is love.

    By Limei Vera on 02.03.2017

  16. A dry ache in my bones a thousand winters ago. Thick and decadent like spilled blood and white fog.

    By Vivian on 02.03.2017

  17. Sometimes, I sit here, waiting for tomorrow. I long to see how my life will turn out in the future and wish to become as successful as i can be. However, before I could think about my future, I’m stuck in the present longing to do many things and and trying to stay in the present.

    By AndyHou on 02.03.2017

  18. “This is a sucky word”
    My English teacher, 2016.

    I decided to analyze why longing is so sucky. Perhaps words that end in -ing are sucky. Perhaps two syllable are sucky. Perhaps the having two gs and two ns in a word is sucky. My conclusion is that this will take further analysis.

    By basketbala on 02.03.2017

  19. Longing is a word in the English dictionary often used to describe the emotional state that someone is in when they are patiently waiting for something expected. It is more emotional than simply waiting, though. Often used with waiting for peoples.

    By FaZe 420 Xx_GR@NDM@5T3RDR@G0N_xX on 02.03.2017

  20. Longing is a very romantic sort of word; longing for someone to look your way or longing for an item. I think that it’s very similar to wanting in that it is very superficial and one dimensional; it is selfish.

    By Kaleem on 02.03.2017

  21. The longing in my heart – I can’t bear it anymore. This pain within me to be parted from my beloved. “Pooh Bear, no honey for you.”

    By Aye I. Lit on 02.03.2017

  22. A sense of longing is present often for most, whether it’s longing for love, wealth, or goals. It is this longing that drives us forward with our life.

    By Han Ang on 02.03.2017

  23. I’ve been longing for a better life. I’ve been searching for my identity. I try to plan my future out, but life has a different plan. I am longing, all my life I have been longing. Just waiting for a future that will never come.

    By AKI on 02.03.2017

  24. Everyday that we are not together, I get more sad. I feel my soul coiling into itself, deteriorating. The most painful part is that it’s right there but I can’t get to it. I’m trapped, in my own dairy-free prison. Cheese.

    By Avanthi Dev on 02.03.2017

  25. She strolled through the tight alley with headphones in her eye. The right ear had fallen out, but it didn’t matter anyway because she couldnt hear the music over the traffic anyways. Cars passed her. Her backpack wieghed her down. Instead of reclining in a cool leather seat within a car, she was on her heels, walking home. She longed for someone to walk beside her back home.

    By S Comma S on 02.03.2017

  26. I need you in my life so much that I am not really thinking anymore because all my thoughts are on yo. I am waiting for the time when I can go back. Go back to the time when we were together and I was happy and my happiness meant something to you. To were if I wasn’t there anymore you would be waiting for me, and I the same for you. I still continue to wait even though you will never come back.

    By Xhat O' Sheih on 02.03.2017

  27. Longing is such a strange word. I mean it’s root word is the word long, yet what it is used for is often not associated with the aspect of length, but rather the feeling of wanting something.

    By ^-^ on 02.03.2017

  28. longing is what I have always felt. It is a longing for what was that is what defines us. Everyone who says that they don’t care about the past but “live in the present” are morons and liars. Everyone wishes they could go back in time.

    By Saahil Iyer on 02.03.2017

  29. Well, I guess that’s it then. I’m never coming back here again, even if I wanted to. My mind may wander here but my body will just tense and scrunch and twist up as far away as possible.

    By Linus Gretzky on 02.03.2017

  30. My heart is longing for Jesus!! We are all longing for something. Success. Love. Fulfillment. Knowledge. They all point to one place–the deep, place of longing in your heart, can only be filled by the One who made you!! Jesus!!

    By Carmen on 02.03.2017

  31. Oh, how I would love to go to a party, dress up, be amidst people, laughing, talking, feeling a part of a brighter world, just a little bit. I have been isolated too long. It is time. It is a longing.

    By Elementary on 02.03.2017

  32. I long for a more beautiful world. One where I can always feel the fresh raindrops on my skin while the rays touch my body. One without division.

    By stix on 02.03.2017

  33. They were all longing for something that was at this moment floating away from their silver star, getting farther away with every second. Each thought they could hear the minute creak of the cable, the nearly soundless flutter of the great canvas wings, as they stared out the curved glass window at that tiny speck shrinking into a pool of ink, an endless unknown wilderness of sky peppered with tangled roses of airborne machinery amidst the whippled clouds.

    By linet on 02.03.2017

  34. This feeling in my heart, everything, every word, stuck in my soul. I can only unlock my heart and uncover its desires with words, but words fail me, I am speechless- I long for the feeling to be outside my heart and real so I could touch it and not need words to feel it. I long for it. It is a thought, a perfect image of family, and I long for it to be real.

    By Twig URL on 02.03.2017

  35. Like devils, the storm longing to make way as the thunder and lightning roared, and the rain crashed down.

    By Chloe on 02.03.2017

  36. i was longing for that Popsicle. but i didn’t have the money. i asked my mom. she said no. i asked her again. “please?” i begged. still no.

    By Haley on 02.03.2017

  37. a desire for something
    a deep wish for something

    By Excaliber on 02.03.2017

  38. a year desire
    having or showing yearing desire

    By G'Ameka on 02.03.2017

  39. To make something longer
    Begging for something or wanting something that you don’t have or need

    By Mya Buckins URL on 02.03.2017

  40. length
    dragging out

    By xavier URL on 02.03.2017