September 19th, 2018 | 46 Entries

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46 Entries for “logical”

  1. It wasn’t logical, what I was doing. Missing a date, switching decisions seconds after I’ve made them, taking a nap right before class. It didn’t make any sense. Yet, maybe it was what I needed, if only to force myself to pick up my pieces, and turn everything logical again.

    By ethel on 09.20.2018

  2. Sometimes I hope it that it is a word that I have already written about and if it is not then a logical sense comes to me,but I cannot keep to the bell, sir.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.20.2018

  3. Logically seen, he should’ve been dead. And that’s exactly where the problem was. He wasn’t. And why exactly was that so? That was the question, he’d have to find the answer for. Only that he had no idea, how he was going to manage that.

    By irene on 09.20.2018

  4. She lived like Spock – a life of logic
    Devoid of the ability to understand or diagnose emotion
    How does it feel?
    Or so she assumed…

    By chantemcb on 09.20.2018

  5. it wasnt logical, i mean to tell her yes. I wanted to give her the jacket but i couldnt. i should have said no. its too late i cant let her down. ITS MY JACKET. is it logical to tell her the truth? to not give her the jacket?

    By Courtney on 09.20.2018

  6. “You’d sacrifice me for your stupid job?” shrieked William, his face going bright red, redder than anything I’d ever seen in my life.

    His girlfriend, Melissa, nodded as if she had simply predicted the weather. “Of course,” she replied. “My job provides income, and healthcare, and retirement. You provide me empty pizza boxes and snoring at night. I’d absolutely pick my job over you – it’s only logical.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.20.2018

  7. He was a very smart young boy. Rich family, private tutor but he was notorious for making illogical decisions. He had fallen in with a gang of pick pockets and was running about the streets binging wallets and prat digging.

    By Killian Connolly on 09.20.2018

  8. And so now, gaining back my sanity, I did the most logical thing I could. I began to rebuild. I began to find what are my interests.

    I need to be obsessed with growth and development.

    I need to make myself valuable.

    I need to bring out my voice to this world.

    I’ve consumed enough time in recovering from my anxiety and depression. I hope to get back up. I believe there’s a world and a bunch of people out there whom I can convince of my value and usefulness.

    By Pen Jie Ming on 09.20.2018

  9. He said “The Logical explanation for all this is that people don’t get there school done while listening to music” I said “What? but I listen to music during school all the time”. He replied “I’m sorry it’s not good for schools.”
    Logical is #True

    By There is no cure for stupid on 09.20.2018

  10. it was logical for the boy to make cookies first and then wash dishes. The reason it was logical is because after he is done with the cookies he can wash the pan or the supplies he used.

    By keira barron on 09.20.2018

  11. Should logic always dictate your actions? Some would argue yes and some would argue no. I think it comes down to what is most important to you. If you crave the destination then let logic be your guide. If the journey is what matters most then ignore what you should logically do. You can take the freeway and get there, or you can take the scenic route and if you’re lucky maybe you will even get a little lost.

    By Fair Enough on 09.20.2018

  12. I was honestly tired of being the only logical person in this gods forsaken group. Like, we could approach an obvious ambush, our sharpshooter would spot it for us, right? Well, that WOULD be the case if Zena didn’t barge into every room like a maniac! I’ve honestly been considering kicking her off of the team, if I’m being honest. She hasn’t really ever been useful for anything.

    By Sharon on 09.20.2018

  13. logical,
    Being logical means being able to think through a situation with the smartest plan/outcome
    or use less resources.

    By Nate on 09.20.2018

  14. “I think that the balloon got caught in a tree because the giant put it there!” said five year old Timmy.
    “That is so not logical Timmy,” replied his big sister Emily.

    By Emma Reed on 09.20.2018

  15. Logic was my god. Not what others decided related to science or theory, but what made logical sense to me for any and every given situation. Someone very close to me says that I think too much for my own good. Even he doesn’t fully see how deep it goes.

    Life is like living in The Wizard of Oz. There is a tornado, so everyone picks something to grab onto. I grabbed onto Logic, but there are plenty of other options that people grab onto. Then, we all go into this make believe world that is specifically designed for us by whatever safety bar we grabbed onto.

    I recently clicked my ruby slippers together and woke up from my make believe world. Even though I no longer worship logic and now see that it can be my greatest weakness, it is hard to simply turn off the habits I developed throughout my life.

    This real world is uncertain and full of heartache. My normal was to remove uncertainty or vulnerability by thinking through every possible scenario logically. That goal was futile, but it was how I spent every second of every day. Not only is it hard to stop old habits, but I also have to give up my safety bar and live in the chaotic reality of uncertainty.

    By okayfine on 09.20.2018

  16. Not the reason behind why I stay in this relationship. Nothing logical about it. He is not the man he projected himself to be. He only does what he wants when he wants. He thinks his shit doesn’t stink. Why I stay is beyond me. No logic here

    By Aubrey Anderson on 09.20.2018

  17. The idea of an argument would be futile if rationalized thought was not involved. Logic is the key to arguments, it is the quintessential being of an argument. Without it, there is only falsehood and no actual sense in this cosmological universe.

    By Alex Cornell URL on 09.20.2018

  18. I never use this word. Why? Hell if I know. Making sense. That’s the phrase I use.
    If it makes sense, then it’s logical. If it doesn’t make sense, then it’s creative. Another word I never use is illogical. It’s illogical to use the word illogical if you never use the word logical. That’s it for this subject.

    By Joanna Bressler on 09.20.2018

  19. Logical. Analyzing. His mind was his weapon as he stood, facing the monster that stood before him.
    “I know what you are.”
    “Who you are.”

    By amberwitch on 09.20.2018

  20. Something poetic hidden behind numbers, equations, proof, theories, postulates. Something pure, something innocent behind lab coats and chemicals. Hidden in the steel jungle. Curiosity, all grown up.

    By amberwitch on 09.20.2018

  21. She was tactical and cold. Every gaze of hers that swept over the room was calculated and deliberate. Even just being in the same room as her, you could tell she was a figure of authority.

    By Maecy on 09.20.2018

  22. he had a logical brain

    By liam URL on 09.20.2018

  23. There you go again; you have just pushed through me and stepped on my idea. What is logical about your opinion that made mine irrelevant?

    I have a proven track record and the strength of numbers: must I bring up again the number of times your ideas have crashed and burned. Pay homage to the power of position. You know people listen to me and that is important here.

    By Meredyth URL on 09.20.2018

  24. I create logical universes and live in an illogical one. You haven’t left yet and I haven’t not come in, but I already miss you, and I wonder if you’ll miss me when I’m not in the house.

    By Ella Emma Em on 09.20.2018

  25. It was well thought through, she had to admit. Not quite her train of thoughts, but he always claimed she showed “female logic”. Well, she would just stay true to herself then. She took the pistol and shot.

    By Silke Seßler on 09.20.2018

  26. My dad always says anything with feeling isnt logical.

    By Paloma Gallego on 09.20.2018

  27. Everyone these days is too logical. Constantly trying to compete with the world while they let the real them die inside. They gain the world but lose their soul. I think that’s what God meant. Stop killing yourself.

    By Crystal Cadence on 09.20.2018

  28. to be honest everyody should be logical. okay like i know yall use emotions a lot because like u have feelings. but like pls think logically but also some emotional appeals. be considerate

    By nelly URL on 09.21.2018

  29. everybody should use logic. it’s common sense.

    By httpvantae URL on 09.21.2018

  30. Never before had I seen anything that seemed as logical, but at the same time made no sense at all.

    By j.vanhoorn@hethooghuis.nl on 09.21.2018

  31. “That’s stupid” Sad mister Steven. “It just doens’t make any sence, It just isn’t logical” He coninued to mister Lens.

    By zegevlier hh on 09.21.2018

  32. This sentence isn’t very logical,
    The Netherlands aren’t very tropical.
    I don’t really like this site,
    But my lines are fire, like dynamite.

    By Daaninaad on 09.21.2018

  33. Never before had I seen anything that seemed as logical, but at the same time made no sense at all. Of course human lives should not be sacrificed, but what other way was there?

    By j.vanhoorn@hethooghuis.nl on 09.21.2018

  34. Floris made a very logical assumption. If the horse was dating with Lars, then Lars was dating with the horse too!
    Floris was intrigued by his amazing amount of brain power, since he never experienced anything resembling being smart before

    By NotMatt on 09.21.2018

  35. Floris made a very logical assumption. If the horse was dating with Lars, then Lars was dating with the horse too!nFloris was intrigued by his amazing amount of brain power, since he never experienced anything resembling being smart before

    By NotMatt on 09.21.2018

  36. who likes logical dicks?

    and that’s logical.

    By yeet on 09.21.2018

    Its not logical to start working from the bottom up
    Its not a logical sentence
    You just got YEET-ed
    Rhyming like you fleeted
    While imma beat it
    You’ll never see it
    or ever be it
    Because i am needed
    therefor you must not feed it

    how do you feel
    Without a meal

    By Brokeboyy on 09.21.2018

  38. Kayla has always prided herself on her being l – so unlike .never letting her emotions overcome her. reason ujsmd,f

    But in this time, december 22,

    But logic does not belong here , in this wxklaxjk



    marichat angst yes

    By huhu on 09.21.2018

  39. Awaiting to use for the first time and wish to experience it
    Have more expectations and hope it will be met

    By Asha on 09.21.2018