August 15th, 2016 | 82 Entries

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82 Entries for “locked”

  1. I can’t believe what just happened to me. My older brother just locked me in a dark scary room in my house that on one is allowed to go in. I’m going to get in a lot of trouble when my parents find out but how am I going to get out. Suddenly I here a weird sound coming from the darkness…..

    By aimee on 08.16.2016

  2. The ugly, hideous door was glaring at me from the end of the hall way. As I ran up to it I tugged and pulled at the handle. It was lock. And wouldn’t budge. If I couldn’t get in how would I help my parents?…

    By Catherine Bell on 08.16.2016

  3. on day i was locked in the pool and all i was doing was swiming and then i dead.

    By Casey Kinman on 08.16.2016

  4. *better one*

    I sit in the cell, screams being heard all through this place I must call home for 20 years. Locked in a cell with bugs crawling through the walls. Rat holes all through this tiny room. On the walls, there is writing from past prisoners. Tally marks, death notes, some of which were written in blood. I look up to the concrete ceiling and think, “is it really worth it?”

    By Rika van Gerrisheim on 08.16.2016

  5. the door is locked and i can’t i can’t get in but when i kick the door down i remember that the back door is unlocked.

    By Morgan.scriven on 08.16.2016

  6. I’ve been locked away my whole life i want death to come quickly, but it hasn’t come for the past 13 years I’ve never been outside. my whole life has sucked and has never been happy. i hate being locked away…

    By Lilli Edson on 08.16.2016

  7. “The door is locked!” I cried as I desperately tried to open the metal door.

    By Cody McGuigan on 08.16.2016

  8. One day I locked my safe. It was safe from that day on. It as awesome and there was $4 in there. My dog is cool. Because it is very awesome because it is a cool dog.

    By Charlie on 08.16.2016

  9. I pushed at the heavy metal door, trying to open it, but it wouldn’t budge. I gave it a big shove but nothing changed. I looked down and glanced at the black lock dangling on the door and that’s when I realised it was locked.

    By Amy Lewis on 08.16.2016

  10. One day Lucy went into the garden shed but the door locked behind her. she tried to get out but she was stuck. The suddenly the door swung open and she found out it wasn’t locked after all.

    By Ashleigh Moller on 08.16.2016

  11. I was walking home one day and i got home i was locked out so i had to go around the back and try to barge the door down in worked but then my cat thought i was a stranger and scratched my face of and that was the end of my life The End

    By Jacob Green URL on 08.16.2016

  12. locked out again god I hate it when I’m locked out of the shelter now the zombies are gonna get me I’m freaking out please help me I would like to get in now. I start banging on the door no one answers I bang harder and harder then I hear someone I wake up and it was a dream and then I was eaten anyway because I was kidnapped by cannibals.

    By Jontey Shaw on 08.16.2016

  13. i was once locked in my room when i was a little boy. My parents didn’t give me dinner at all and i was starving that night, so i kicked my door down and stole some food from the kitchen.

    By sebastian dally on 08.16.2016

  14. “i have locked the the door” said mat as i cane up to him. quite run he’s coming. who who is coming.

    By Tomas Brown on 08.16.2016

  15. I was trapped inside my room you know this story I’m Cindialla and you know this story my cruel aunt has locked me in my room. my two ugly step sisters are trying on my slipper I’ve found my other slipper through. Thank goodness the mice are here to unlock the door “Wait I have a glass slipper!”

    By Shayla Saunders on 08.16.2016

  16. I was trapped inside my room you know this story I’m Cindialla and you know this story my cruel aunt has locked me in my room. my two ugly step sisters are trying on my slipper I’ve found my other slipper through. Thank goodness the mice are here to unlock the door “Wait I have a glass slipper!” I

    By Shayla Saunders on 08.16.2016

  17. I feel something beside me, it’s a wall but why is it so close? I remember this morning i walked into my wardrobe someone shut the door on me they locked me in. But why would someone do that to me what have i done?

    By Christopher Nicholson on 08.16.2016

  18. I woke up by a bang I saw a shadow watching me sleep. I pushed the shadow away and run into my bath i locked the door and then the lights turned off i tried to secure the door but then the door slowly opened. It was my mum trying to scary me.

    By Olivia Oakley-Smith on 08.16.2016

  19. Oh dear… I really wasn’t ready for this. It could have been anything else. I would have preferred to talk about hell fairies. But yes, for lack of other things to talk about, I am #locked inside this cage. I hope to get out soon. @OzNolem

    By Oz Nolem URL on 08.16.2016

  20. One day a young girl was locked away in a large room all by herself. She had no friends and her family had moved away. She was all alone and hoped one day to be found. Thats when a large dragon named Bronx swooped to her window. She hopped on and rode away on the large fiend. She never felt so alive and happy. She wondered where the ride would bring here and where the adventure would take her.

    By Shaun on 08.16.2016

  21. There was one day that i was locked out of the house. My brother never locks his window, so we clambered in through his bedroom window. My parents were extremely mad, but oh well. It was hot outside. Thinking back, there were a lot of dumb things we did as kids that my parents got extremely mad about.

    By Emily on 08.16.2016

  22. One day, when we were kids, we got locked out of the house. My brother never locks his window, so we managed to clamber into the house that way. My parents were extremely mad, but oh well. Thinking back, there were a lot of dumb things we did as kids that my parents got extremely mad about.

    By Emily on 08.16.2016

  23. He got home late that day, and in a terrible mood, only to find his door locked in a way that made it impossible to open. His boss had yelled at him, one of their biggest accounts left them, and now he couldn’t get into his own room because his dumbass housemate had exited through there in a panic after the police arrived due to a threatening squirtgun incident.

    By timn on 08.16.2016

  24. The door wouldn’t open. I tugged at it again, and again, and again. I couldn’t believe the feeling the knob in my hand spoke of, the cool clamly brass refusing to complete a rotation. I braced against the frame, put my head to the door and felt it press against the mahogany. I wanted in. I wanted in and there was nothing I could do to get there.

    By Nicholas McGill URL on 08.16.2016

  25. There was a time and place for everything but this was neither the time nor the place for this. His legs trembled. His heart felt heavy. He needed to run but he could not. He was stuck, his joints jammed up, his breath heavy in his lungs. His mind was blank, too, his thoughts stuck, traffic jam, major pileup on I20, what was he going to do? He was a train wreck for the fifteen seconds he probably had left, and then what?

    By blargnaught on 08.16.2016

  26. I was locked in a room for what seemed like days if not weeks I felt so hungry tired and dirty till suddenly the opened the door bright light came through the door for the first time in weeks. It blinded me. Then there he stood the tall brown heard blue eyed man that i had come accustomed two see ons a week. He had a par of cuffs in his hand then he came forward clamet them around my hands and led me out of the room i have been in for years after my kidnapping.

    By Rebecca on 08.16.2016

  27. the door was locked and i couldn’t figure out why. didn’t i leave it unlocked when i left before? is it possible that he was here? i rack my brain but can’t remember if i ever gave him a key or not. i fumble with mine, trying to get enough of a grip around the brass in order to slide it into the lock and make my way in. my fingers are so sweaty, my heart is pounding. got it.

    By Meg M on 08.16.2016

  28. For the thousandth time, she tried the locked door. “Dammit,” she swore under her breath. She knew her mother kept secrets in this closet, as it was the only door locked in their entire house. It had to hold something good, something meaningful, maybe something about her adoption. She shook the knob again, praying to hear the bolt loosen.

    By christine anderson on 08.16.2016

  29. The prison door was locked. But had a lock ever stopped me. I was used to surpassing them, breaking them or just breaking the bolt instead. This will undergo the same fate.

    By suriti URL on 08.16.2016

  30. I don’t want to be locked in my own head. It’s time to be set free. Jesus Christ has saved me. Now I can breathe. Regards, M

    By Madison Hite on 08.16.2016

  31. Trapped. Jiggling the handle of the door, Tina desperately pushed against it. She should have known that they would lock the door. She refused to cry. If they wanted her to stay with them so badly, she would stay with them… but under her own conditions. No one will stop her from being herself. They may try, but she refused to let them win.

    By liyasha85 on 08.17.2016

  32. a box, a door, a cabinet – physically locked
    heart, feelings, openness – emotionally locked

    the longer it’s been locked, the easier to forget what was inside

    it’s still there
    it’s still beautiful

    By christina on 08.17.2016

  33. Looking to move, but locked down tight
    In this prison called Applicant.
    Locked, here in this town
    Away from home
    Lakes. Tamaracks. Trout steams.
    Not qualified. No experience.
    “You must have experience.”
    Bachelor’s degree becomes scratch paper.
    Over-educated, Over-My-Head.
    Entry-Level-Position? Over-My-Dead-Body.
    Locking down the portafilter
    over the sound of classical piano.

    By Sara URL on 08.17.2016

  34. In my brain
    It feels opaque
    and no awake
    I can’t see out
    and barely in
    all seems to do is spin
    around and around
    fixated on a point
    inflexible with no joints
    I’m locked inside
    I’ve forgotten my pride

    By Julia on 08.17.2016

  35. In a box. I cant open it. I wonder whats inside? What did she have in there! It has to be something she really doesn’t want me to see. Shame.

    By Alexandra on 08.17.2016

  36. I am locked. My mind is locked. Open it up. Open it up with the correct key. Don’t use the wrong keys and frustrate me. The correct key. The correct key please.

    By cgbalu URL on 08.17.2016

  37. A door is locked, a car is locked, a cabinet is locked, a house is locked, a fence is locked, a lock is made of metal extracted from the earth. Locks are hard to pick.

    By Samuel on 08.17.2016

  38. Pleased unlocked the door or I will broke the door. Pleased unlocked your password to my kindled fire.

    By jamesrotties on 08.17.2016

  39. the only thing that can keep you from getting to something. all you need is the key and you’ve overcome it. nothing’s impossible.

    By Sarah McArdle on 08.17.2016

  40. the door was locked, so i unlocked it. the memory was blocked so i unblocked it

    By Sarah McArdle on 08.17.2016