December 14th, 2012 | 243 Entries

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243 Entries for “living”

  1. in the living room
    there’s a man who’s made of solid brass
    eyes like a jungle
    fast as a cat, slow as a brain in winter
    why try die now
    decide eventually we all do

    By Samar on 12.14.2012

  2. I was living in Europe, moving around from country to country, doing odd jobs “under the table” to get by. It was a little like being homeless, except I usually found a hostel to stay in. I liked it well enough, at least for a while. But then one day something happened that changed it all.

    By chipschap on 12.14.2012

  3. cold and quiet
    summer sky
    drifting leaves about to change
    the words i cannot
    express the joy
    and how the night fades into day

    you were there
    fashion scarf, uneeded
    living for the day
    we’d be in that field
    holding hands
    wondering where the summer went
    and how the night fades into day

    By Matty M. on 12.14.2012

  4. means breathing fresh air, no problems a consistent moving forward in life. having fun with out a care in the world. getting wasted and laughing with friends. continued success in life

    By thatguy on 12.14.2012

  5. like, good, joy, heart, sons, future, experience, opportunity, world, happyness, travel, fly, go, be, serve, join, friends, love,

    By Mi on 12.14.2012

  6. Wenn ich an das Leben denke, dann frage ich mich, was es genau ist. Bis heute ist nicht ganz klar, wo genau die Grenze oder das Grenzgebiet zwischen belebtem und unbelebtem Leben verläuft. Die Astrobiologen sagen, dass es möglicherweise noch ganz andere Lebensformen gibt. Von Leben spricht man dann, wenn es Fortpflanzung gibt, wenn Wesen sich reproduzieren, nicht genau gleich, aber so ungefähr ähnlich wie sie selbst.

    By Lisa URL on 12.14.2012

  7. What’s your story Mr. Shooter? Your mother abused you? Your father was a drunken beast? Why did you hate living so much? Did you take 27 innocent souls with you because you were afraid to meet your maker alone? Your act is unspeakable, horrific, and it fills me with terror! I want to banish public schools, malls, and all other high traffic public places.You have made me question the character of every stranger I meet. You have carved a wound in the heart of America that will NEVER heal! No more Andy and Barney, no more Mayberry, only the horror of crime in America gone wild.

    By Chezrobin on 12.14.2012

  8. living without fear is like living without life. living is the truest form of fear for the simple fact that we overcome fears to continue life. since there are no other good examples for what i am saying im just going to keep typing until they tell me to stop it. how do you know when to stop typin

    By Kelsey Rountree on 12.14.2012

  9. Living is hard to do when you are put inside a tough position. Do we really live at all? Decisions are easier to make when you control outcomes. The problem is we never really control anything and this is were people make mistakes. People think they have control, but not having control is part of living, probably the most important part of all.

    By Isabel Pinaud on 12.14.2012

  10. A holy life. God is in charge! He is the beginning and the end. Without him, I am nothing. I love the lord. He lives in me.

    By marlene on 12.14.2012

  11. i am living. tomorrow, i hope, i will be living. i’ll wake up at 5am and go to work for seven hours, then come home and do my homework. that is not living, but surviving. i am writing about the wrong word. i’d like to ‘live’ somewhere hot and sunny. what is living if not happiness?

    By Bronte Cowley on 12.14.2012

  12. To think, to breathe, to be. ups. Downs. Joy. Ecstasy. Glee. Sorrow. Despair. Tragedy.

    By SaturnV on 12.14.2012

  13. Fight like hell for the living. They are the only ones who matter. Remember and respect the dead for their lives and contributions, but what we do impacts those around us, not the ones that came before us.

    By John Komarek on 12.14.2012

  14. Living things live and die slowly, at the same time. It’s rather confusing, really, when I ask myself when you draw the line between living and dying. My Aunt Mary refused chemotherapy for another round because she decided she had crossed that line. When I find that line, what will I do?

    By Archori on 12.14.2012

  15. Living is a difficult thing to do sometimes. But every once in a while, a great spark of something amazing will make life wonderful and utterly worth every hard part. So smile, because you’re living.

    By Hollywood on 12.14.2012

  16. It’s something that he sometimes forgot. How lucky he was. And the pain struck, or he felt the numbness of deadened nerves and his desire to keep it rushed back to him, knocking the breath from his lungs and leaving him staggering. He wanted to live. Not from fear of death, but from the joy it brought him. He wanted to live.

    By The Lovely Love Lii URL on 12.14.2012

  17. to be breathing

    By GisselleCamillaMarie on 12.14.2012

  18. I didn’t think living would be worth it. Boy was I wrong. There were so many things I had going for me. School, college, my friends, family. I could have had a future. But I made the mistake of giving it up.

    By Ashley on 12.14.2012

  19. I am living with my fiance. It is a wonderful life we have here. I am hoping to get married soon but he won’t help me plan the wedding. I don’t know how I can keep living like this. It is shameful to live with someone and not be married to them. All I’ve ever wanted is to be Mrs. Jones, but I think he is keeping me from that. I don’t think he wants to marry me anymore. He should have never asked. I can’t keep living this way. I can’t live without him.

    By Molly on 12.14.2012

  20. The aspen cries from praire
    Shaking, looming

    The girl sits sad, alone
    Tears fall quick but

    By Ariadne Jenkins on 12.14.2012

  21. Living is not an activity that all humans are able to take part in. Some of us rush into life with open arms and open souls ready to absorb all that we can in the name of living. It is our drug, our reason for being, and we feel the preciousness of this life. And some of us sit quietly on the sidelines, we watch, try to feel from a distance, try to live through a body that is chained into non-existence by our own fear, laziness, apathy. Living is lost on our souls.

    By Laurel on 12.14.2012

  22. Living is a way of flying, it’s a way of being free. You can’t live with out many physical factors, like oxygen, food, water, etc., but you also cant live without love, friendship or people that care about you, because you need to have people to talk to, you can sit inside your mind alone, that isn’t living, that’s a vegetable.

    By Appletiser on 12.14.2012

  23. Does the word change, because this isn’t a way of living, I want to live by trying this again and again, but apparently, I can’t live because this word isn’t changing, which is tragic, it really is.

    By Appletiser on 12.14.2012

  24. home, houses all lined together in a small town by the coast with green grass by the side, grey pavement on a light grey day but the weather is nice, the sun is setting in the horizon and there is a pretty sunset on the horizon then you ponder at the bauty of it and wonder what life is and what you do in this world if it is worth living and why. upon all this you find no conclusion and shurg, decide to continue with the ignorant beauty, void of any meaning, but beautiful nonetheless, that is how you live you life without knowing the answer of your questions but not bothering too much to find them. is that what you want for your life, giong blinding on life, ignoring all the secrets there are to unveil, the meaning of all, just staying with the gist, the surface, and what for? is it really worth living such a light and stoic life? I don’t think so but time goes on and people keep asking you for things and you suddenly find yourself without time for the most important person in the world: you. But are you really the most important one. f not, who is it, is it anybody? Are we all equally important? Do we care? is the rest more important than oneself? Should you focus in helping other and hope that someone returns the favor and in that way our society keeps tied together, trading favors for favors, or can we just skip that and stay on our little corner of our mind, thinking about oneself, being selfish and dying with all the work done lost because you never did anything for anyone, or did you really without meaning too, like aristotle said? Should we bother in doing things for everybody else if we’ll end up doing them without the intention? Or is the societal web worth keeping?

    By miguel on 12.14.2012

  25. Living vs. exsisting

    By Dulcie URL on 12.14.2012

  26. Nothing inside of me–or outside, for that matter– wants to be living right now. She is dead, and it’s my fault. I never could have imagined what this was like. My mind wouldn’t even allow me to picture it. But now, I’m living it. I’m living the nightmare.

    By Lil' Miss 24601 on 12.14.2012

  27. its more than just breathing its doing something with your life that you really care about. for me its cupcakes. im living when im making them baking them decorating them. thats living to me something you do that just completes you something that you cant go a day with out something that you wake up for in the morning

    By Shannon on 12.14.2012

  28. living is enjoyable. isn’t it?

    By bst on 12.14.2012

  29. breathing laughing playing breaking crying needing falling drowning sobbing waiting ranting singing calling drying growing fading never ending

    By Melissa on 12.14.2012

  30. (We all seek just one small thing, a wish we mutter to ourselves at night or between coffee cups.) That there could be someone in your life who can know you, guide you, and wrap string around your heart and make you home at the bottom of the sea. Their smile is small but warm, a pinkie promise you kiss in the dark as you find your way back.

    And if anyone ever asks, this someone is a friend. Each of us has any number of friends. And it would seem trite, to call them a word so unceremonious. But this is what matters–redefining the words you speak, making them heavier in your heart, a weight you cup in your hands like a smooth river stone.

    A friend. How wonderful it sounds, at the end of it all.

    By tiffanylu URL on 12.14.2012

  31. is difficult in a foreign country. One has to adjust not only to the weather but also to the customs and traditions of the host country as well. Language can also be difficulty, esp. if the people speak a totally different tongue. In many cases, communication problems exacerbate the situation of the foreigners because they can’t express themselves, for example, to authorities or to their neighbors. Especially in conflict situations they’ll feel inadequate and fearful that their interest is not being properly represented because they cannot articulate their opinion.

    By Jack on 12.14.2012

  32. I am living. I am alive and I do feel. Be considerate of what you say because you have no idea how I feel. I am a person who is very much alive.

    By Matty on 12.14.2012

  33. Living is hard, especially in the world today. It seems there are always people out to get us, who just want to make life hard and miserable. Death, destruction, pain, and sorrow lurk around every corner. So what keeps us going? What makes it all worth while? That is the important question, one people have been trying to answer for years.

    By Kristina on 12.14.2012

  34. Living a full life till I die, #yolo, i hate that phrase, living it up today 21ist birthday day 2 celebration, with my brothers from reese.

    By Saif URL on 12.14.2012

  35. there’s nothing in this world we can do that won’t be forgotten eventually. Yet there are things that, for some reason, will stay with us until the end of our lives, possibly the end of others’ lives too. So what is it that keeps us unrelenting? Love.

    By Philip URL on 12.14.2012

  36. IM living in a cabin. I don’t know where and i don’t know why but i know i am not supposed to be here. My name is susan and I’m alone. I feel as though i shouldn’t be alive or I’m dead or something. But IMs scared. The doors at bolted shut and windows bullet proof but food shows up in the pantry each and every night since i can remember.

    By bob on 12.14.2012

  37. to live, to die. what is the difference? is it worth living? why are we living? in the whole picture, it’s meaningless. existence is meaningless. but living is a fact, a surreal and abstract fact.

    By Marte S on 12.14.2012

  38. I like to live. Living is essential to all who take advantage of this gift. It happens so suddenly and ends without a doubt. For some it is bittersweet, others it might be just bitter. You do decide. I go with the flow, I am changing that now. I want to live for myself. I want to be living for as long as I can.

    By Cassidy Witkowski on 12.14.2012

  39. I am living. I am breathing. I have the same rights to life, just like everyone else. I may not be living my life the way other people are, but I’m still living. I try my hardest, and I don’t give up on things easily. Sometimes I feel as if my life has no meaning and that I don’t deserve to be living. But then I remember that there are important reasons for me to stick around. All the people in my life that I love and care about is probably the most significant reason for me to continue living. So when I think that I’m not good enough or that I don’t deserve to be here, I think of those people. Because I am living, and I am breathing, and I am important…

    By Annick on 12.14.2012

  40. Living is such a task sometimes. The breathing part is mostly easy, i suppose. Sometimes I forget when I’m laughing too hard at something you said.
    The desire to be living is the hard part.

    By caroline on 12.14.2012