December 14th, 2012 | 243 Entries

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243 Entries for “living”

  1. breathing is a necessary act in case you want to live. I have ‘walking pneumonia’. So please, whoever you are, don’t take breathing for granted, and take a deap breath right now :)

    By margot on 12.14.2012

  2. I would not consider working at a job a “living” I found that I am most often living when I am not making money, throwing 18 bull wrenches in the gears of statements. I am working for a living by thrusting and jive.

    By Saddo Mapkey on 12.14.2012

  3. changes today. from one state to the last. again. repeat. said i wouldn’t and doing it again, again. no repeats but lied. gonna try to get out for good. this time it’s over. gonna burrow in for the winter and take the money and run. away. for good. out to where they can’t call me back. beaches and mountains, lobster on a stick. beautiful.

    By Lj on 12.14.2012

  4. I see green valleys inside a worm, like the first view of Shangri-La, framed by ferns. The Universe may be a slimy tube, but it is filled with stars.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 12.14.2012

  5. Its what the world does every second of everyday, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a non- living thing. Then I think, even the word non-living has living in it. Living life king size.

    By Ash on 12.14.2012

  6. she walks away
    tear streaming
    the laugh is gone
    sadness is there today
    life living lost
    cancer is hell
    and the scars run deep

    By Matty M. on 12.14.2012

  7. living is rarely clearly defined. I found life that goes beyond every one of my bad circumstances…Christ is in me and He has become my source for well being and life inspite of what other may or may not think or do for me.

    By Tim on 12.14.2012

  8. Breathing. A living thing gives joy. Comfort. Warmth. Your home needs to have something, that is not you or your family, living in it. And not mould either. You need something to wake you up every morning, by slobbering on your face.

    By Lydia on 12.14.2012

  9. living is something i neither understand nor enjoy.

    By RDB on 12.14.2012

  10. I will be living for 100 years then I will die.

    By danielb on 12.14.2012

  11. i am a living person that doesmt eat food off the floor but cecil M does he goes with the 9 years rule

    By Tim on 12.14.2012

  12. I am living the life right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By hun236 on 12.14.2012

  13. I am living in a Christmas wonderland.

    By jakub URL on 12.14.2012

  14. the living dead is cool so are kittins.

    By coltenr on 12.14.2012

  15. i am living.

    By xavier URL on 12.14.2012

  16. Living with Mam after being an independent, effervescent flapper was surprisingly easy. She had worried that she would chafe at the lack of freedom, but Mam couldn’t care less where Marion went and with whom.
    So she sewed and washed during the day and went out to speakeasys and wateringholes where Alana played at night.

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.14.2012

  17. sounds simple. actually very complicated. you need to eat, breath, drink water, sleep. However, without money these can become surprising challenges. Not eating the right food can lead to the end of living. not having proper shelter. Not having the right shelter and food and clothing can lead to discrimination and depression. I don’t know if that’s true but it sure feels like it.

    By muave on 12.14.2012

  18. a cough silently rang throughout my house
    i looked around
    there was no one there
    i hear things sometimes
    maybe it’s because i’m lonely
    or perhaps i’m losing my mind
    i’ve been living along for a while
    biding various amounts of time
    waiting for something new
    someone not unlike you.

    By Matty M. on 12.14.2012

  19. To every one else, I’m a living human being. What they don’t know is that I’m dying on the inside. I smile and laugh at him, and act like I’m fine. But truthfully all I can think about is you, you consume my mind. I’m not living without you, I’m dying.

    By untamedimagination on 12.14.2012

  20. we are all living today. we are all here. we are living, but are we alive? Who knows? What is being alive? is it simply waking up in the morning? Or is it jumping out of an airplane with a parachute? Is living finding someone you love? Or is it simply breathing? What is living, what is being alive?

    By cArol on 12.14.2012

  21. I was living in Texas at the time. Dallas. It wasn’t a big city back then, no siree. Back then it was

    By anthony URL on 12.14.2012

  22. No boundaries. Horizons. No society. Culture. No control. Surprise. Embracing the lives of others around you– and thriving on the connections you and they make. This is also the principle of art.

    By Liam Johnson on 12.14.2012

  23. It’s more than just existing, as people say. But I don’t believe that it’s just an adrenaline rush that makes you ‘alive’ it’s merely being happy, or content, at the least.

    By Asma on 12.14.2012

  24. i’m living with my aunt

    By alanc on 12.14.2012

  25. living. possibly we’re non-existent. maybe we live in the future. somewhat of a timey wimey crappy circular definitely mostly non-linear flow of events that may have already taken place, and we’re just shadows of the living. could we possibly be so though? shadows of the living. for once i’m literally living in the shadow of somebody. myself.
    i’m living myself, alive, right now.

    By audrey on 12.14.2012

  26. just keep on living he said but she had breathed her last breath and faded away in his arms. she died there and then and his heart faded from that moment on. All he ever wanted was her and once he had here she left him for heaven. all he wants now if for her to be happy and in a good place.

    By L. Terry on 12.14.2012

  27. i was living in california then i move to arizona
    i was living in san fransico then i moved to pheonix

    By Sam on 12.14.2012

  28. living, this almost reminds me of my own name– Olivia. Similar. but living is what we do every single day, every second, every breath we take we are living. but are we really experiencing these moments, or are they just passing us by. we must be consumed by every moment and actually be completely a part of each moment. this is success

    By OliviaH on 12.14.2012

  29. She was living on the edge, Skydiving all the time! she has guts every one would say.

    By taylark on 12.14.2012

  30. the was living in his car
    i like your living room it is very christmas festive

    By kyle on 12.14.2012

  31. the tree is living in the woods

    By sterlingm on 12.14.2012

  32. Sometimes people don’t like living because they don’t think there parents love them or anything but they should be happy that they are living.

    By siena on 12.14.2012

  33. When your not dead and your breathing then your a living thing. Like plants animals and humans are living creatures.

    By desiree on 12.14.2012

  34. Just because you’re alive, certainly doesn’t mean you’re living. Go outside. Feel the air whip against your face in the cold and the sun warm your body in the heat. Never spend a day entirely inside. Skydive. Eat. Swim. Love. Live.

    By Sabena on 12.14.2012

  35. I was living in my old house with all my stuff last year.

    By andrewk on 12.14.2012

  36. I haven’t been doing much living lately, not really. Just going from one hospital bed to another, stay alive is more like it. I’m not sure what choice I have in the matter, but I don’t like it not one little bit.

    By Sheila Good URL on 12.14.2012

  37. It is hard, and people end it because they can’t handle it. But is is also a test, a test where you don’t pass by living long but how you lived it. Every life is precious.

    By Ben on 12.14.2012

  38. I sucked in my first ever breath of air. I was alive. Alive is beautiful. Alive is all around us. But I wasn’t like the other ones. I wasn’t human. Nor was I an animal or a plant. I was life itself. But I was living now.

    By Nancy on 12.14.2012

  39. I sucked in my first ever breath of air. I was alive. Alive is beautiful. Alive is all around us. But I wasn’t like the other ones. I wasn’t human. Nor was I an animal or a plant. I was life itself.
    But I was living now.

    By Nancy on 12.14.2012

  40. I like living. Most of the time anyway. I guess everyone has to like it, in a way. It’s all they’ve ever known. Nothing before. Nothing after. Sometimes… I feel a little less like living. Those days are hard for me. I feel sometimes like no one else is going through these same feelings too, even though they likely are.

    By Cypiea on 12.14.2012