March 24th, 2013 | 238 Entries

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238 Entries for “listening”

  1. Her eyes were red, hallow and sunken.
    Her spirit was broken.
    She had been listening to the
    screams of desperation,
    cries of pure frustration,
    moans of agony
    and pleads of futility
    from the people before her.
    Soon it would be her turn.

    By dramarie URL on 03.24.2013

  2. Listen to the sounds of water in winter. Snowflakes hiss like matches as they fall on a frigid spring and on a melty morning Lake Michigan is a bowl of crackling rice krispies.

    By Kirsten Logerquist URL on 03.24.2013

  3. “Listen!”

    “I’m listening.”

    “Just listen!”

    “I’ve been listening the whole time.”

    The poem was clear in my head. “Listen to the exhortation of the dawn.” Sanskrit. Kalidasa. Somewhere, a composer wrote a song to the words.

    “What do you want me to listen to?”

    You stumbled mentally. I could see it. Like a sunrise wavering on a hilly brain, hesitant to cast the crest in sunlight.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.24.2013

  4. what I want to say is planted in my mind and my mouth is empty.
    “I’m thinking.”

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 03.24.2013

  5. My father taught me silence.

    First, it was the silence of adoration, of moments of sitting mute from happiness. Under seven years old. My father used to blow dry my inky hair that I inherited precisely from him as I sat with his legs flanking me. Talking interrupted the black noise of the blow dryer so I used my arms to convey whenever he lowered the hot air too close or when I felt my hair was sufficiently baked.
    He would let me have mouthfuls of his coffee ice cream when my mother was looking away too. It was our secret because my mother was outlandishly convinced that any caffeine would stunt my growth irreparably. She was always heart-wrenching-ly anxious about small things. But the ice cream kept me still and otherwise complacent wherever we went after we left the ice cream parlor. I still grew. Taller than my mother easily.

    Then, there was the strain. After we moved continents, the silences began to fill with adulthood seeping in. The lack of words was more accusatory than peaceful. How dare my parents be parents, I seemed to often think. I found silences less wearying than talking, especially when we uprooted ourselves again from the complex Pacific Northwest that I dearly loved to elsewhere. Gone were the smells of petrichor mixed with lush pine, the patchwork of moody greys in skies, and most of all, everyone who grew with me from my childhood to teenagehood.

    After the next move, my silences became armor. Speaking seemed to feel as if it were an unfairly divided chore between us or surgeon tools slicing knowingly to the where the pain lay. I could find blame in all things, if moved to do so. My father would repeat, “what happened?” to me, while I would respond “I don’t know” or with a stare. The latter pains me even now to recall.

    As years passed, our silences became salves that we can carry cleanly anywhere for each other’s sake. I grew more. Learned more. Wised up. Emerged from my rigid chrysalis happily. We both know how many words silences condense without losing any of them. I lean in to show that I understand. I smile to reply.

    By MONO URL on 03.24.2013

  6. Nobody seems to be hearing me. Ever. I scream and scream, but my words never matter. Why, you ask? Simple. Age. Experience. Moxie. Feminism. Pick your poison, it doesn’t wont matter. All that matters is that no amount of my yelling and flustering and waving of arms will ever amount to anything. Time to get out.

    By Elise P. URL on 03.24.2013

  7. She pivoted violently, pressing her back against the tree and trying to quiet panicking breaths. She grabbed his arm and flashed a look of complete alarm. He nodded. He knew.

    He saw it in her eyes. Her every desire, her every need. He didn’t quite know it word for word, he could only have a gut feeling on how her clockwork functioned. She felt the same.

    By Charles George Kucharzak on 03.24.2013

  8. Listening is more than just not talking. It’s understanding and attempting to connect. it’s reading body language, tone of voice and really putting for the effort to understand someone. i wish people would listen more. Sometimes listening is all it takes for someone to feel cared for. Je t’aime.

    By Kelby on 03.24.2013

  9. The difference between life and death is sometimes just having someone to listen someone who cares enough. Listening says your life is worth my time and worth keeping around. Listen to others, it’s how you show you care. Je t’aime.

    By Kelby on 03.24.2013

  10. Listening to music is extremely relaxing. I heard it releases endorphins into the body. That’s probably why teens are so into it. Personally, it just sounds good. Listening is also a great way to learn things as I myself am a verbal learner.

    By clovis on 03.24.2013

  11. If you could hear
    the thoughts running
    rushing racing
    through my mind
    you wouldn’t be so happy

    If you listened to me
    the first time
    that I spoke
    screamed swore
    that I would make the move
    you wouldn’t be so
    sad right now
    (would you?)

    By Joy on 03.24.2013

  12. Listening has always been very important to me. When someone talks to me, I listen. When I talk to someone, I want them to really listen to me. Without listening, we’d only hear nonsense.

    By Daisy Alvarez on 03.24.2013

  13. I wish that you would stop crying, so that you could listen instead. With all that sorrow pouring out of your mouth it is too difficult to hear the birds sing. That waterfall of tears and its roaring covers up the babble of the peaceful creek. It is no wonder the thundercloud above your head obscures the sunshine from your glistening eyes.

    By KT on 03.24.2013

  14. Listening to the waves ebb, flow and crash! Oh my love, you don’t know what you do to me. I’m mesmerized.

    By campyy on 03.24.2013

  15. Listening.

    One simple word that we need but we forget to do.

    When a couple argues nowadays it’s like war all over. The guns and bullets are the words that hurt or the silence that they give the other. After some time the other falls and its over before they can regret.

    They forget to listen to the heart of their partner.

    Then, they regret losing the other….

    But it’s too late to fix things again.

    By Heather on 03.24.2013

  16. Who would you listen? The head or the heart?
    I guess I’m only listening to the head.
    Actually, that’s why I’m not able to write another sentence.

    By Camille M URL on 03.24.2013

  17. are you listening? do you hear? or do you hear and not really listen. there are so many things that i say, that i want you to KNOW, but do you actually take them in? because… it seems like u hear me speaking, but you dont REALLY hear my VOICE. you dont understand or even try to grasp what i speak about. what i tell you. faakin bullshit. dont tell me you are listening when you cannot even answer the questions i ask and do not remember the statements i say. FUCK YOURSELF.

    By Amanda on 03.24.2013

  18. It is an art. Not all can listen. All they do is hear.Good listeners are often successful. Because they can hear universe.

    By varada on 03.24.2013

  19. I keep listening to this voice inside my head
    It takes away any of my perfect words
    And leaves me with a doubt I cannot conquer
    I have no words, am left fathomless
    Where do I go from here
    My fingers are stuck, locked, failing at creating poignant thoughts
    Nothing happens
    Nothing here

    By Tarryn on 03.24.2013

  20. When I get really stressed out I fill up the bath tub, get in, and sink down below the water and I listen. I listen to my heart beat thump thump thump thump. I listen to the reminder that I am alive, that I am breathing, and that I am fighting. When I listen, I prove to myself that I am here for a reason and I am not going anywhere. Thump thump. Thump thump.

    By Caitlin on 03.24.2013

  21. Listening is something that some people find hard to do. When I was growing up, my mother used to say to me a lot that there was a big difference between hearing and listening, and I always thought she was completely mental and honestly a bit annoying. Now, however, i can see how right she was. You can talk and talk and argue and discuss until you’re “blue in the face”, but if the other person is just hearing you instead of listening, then you will find yourself having wasted your time. In order to fully comprehend another person’s point of view, we need to ensure that we truly are listening as opposed to just hearing. Take a moment to think about what that person has just said to you. Pick at it and look at it from different angles. Test it to see what it feels like coming from yourself before you answer. Consider. Listen.

    By Mari on 03.24.2013

  22. a question
    in a faded memory
    drifting to vaguaries
    all those years
    i wasn’t listening
    as the words spun around my dizzy head
    i found an answer in love
    but lust has become

    By Matty M. on 03.25.2013

  23. Listening to music is the best anti depressant out there, it makes your mind go crazy with emotions, leaving you feeling like you can conquer the world.

    By Kimberly Shearer on 03.25.2013

  24. The halls were abandoned, my mind established it the ezzel for the thoughts ready to explode. I splashed and tarnished the pure halls, placing individuals as receivers and dealers. The halls listened to my desires and painted a life fittingly. A perfect modern art exhibit, but still abandoned.

    By Derek Dahlk on 03.25.2013

  25. The birds were chirping outside my window. I knew it must be warm, otherwise they wouldn’t sound so happy. Birds don’t merrily chirp when it’s miserable outside. I imagined the sun must be shining, the sky a clear blue, and the grass a perfect shade of green. I imagined all of this as I lay in my bedroom listing to the birds outside. My body is broken, pain ravages me and I cannot move. Breathing hurts and there is a pain in my chest that leaves me feeling terrified. I lay in my bed, unsure if I will continue on for another day, listing to the birds chirp away. What is wrong with me does not affect them, or anyone else, in the least. No one knows how much pain I’m in, no one else knows how desperate I’ve become. I put on a brave face, I smile, laugh and play along. But on the inside, I’ve stopped listening.

    By Erin Merritt on 03.25.2013

  26. she sat, listening to the sound of her thoughts. Then, she felt suddenly compelled to speak out loud. She didn’t, but it took all of her willpower not to. She needed to hear it–hear her own voice, and compare the voice she heard in her head, just to know that they’re the same, or she is two different people, since they always said different things.

    By Marie on 03.25.2013

  27. listening is breathing. it is relaxing just knowing about something entirely different than yourself something taking you far far away to where the birds are blue and the moon is black. the cats may not be there, no need to worry.

    By ellie on 03.25.2013

  28. listen. listen. listen. listen. what do you hear? the trees? the spring? the snow?
    closed boxes and closed hearts.
    the world is close and cold and wise.
    but you my friend are the only red around.

    By Ellie on 03.25.2013

  29. thudthump




    . . . . . -wheezepant hiccup

    coughcrackle hum~
    thudthump thudthump thudthumpnestlethudthumpgrindthudthump

    ‘wanna get up?’

    By berenique on 03.25.2013

  30. listen to me. listen to me when I am screaming at your face. listening to me when shouting at you. listen to my inner voice, the sound of my soul. are you listening to me? listen to me when I say I hate you. listen to me when I kiss you listen to me
    I love you.

    By Lulu on 03.25.2013

  31. She wasn’t listening. She was so full of hatred, she was indignified, so incensed over her own injustice, that she just didn’t want to. She couldn’t. Except now, she was trapped – cornered.

    By Ashley URL on 03.25.2013

  32. Listening to good music good for the soul, it give you something to hold on to when you are lost or in need of a clear perspective on life.

    By victor URL on 03.25.2013

  33. this is the river delta now; can’t you hear
    conversations withering into thin dead air through the telephone, the ringing in my ears
    filling the void where your voice once lay

    and I say to you:
    “Are you okay?”

    You’re not listening.

    I didn’t mean to drift apart: can’t you hear
    How many I call your name down the corridor, how many times you do not respond
    I am drowning in our sparsity

    and I say to you:
    “Are we okay?”

    You’re not listening.

    I want you to love me like you love them: can’t you hear
    the laughter you shared with everyone else, the times you shut me out and left me
    walking three paces behind

    and I say to you:
    “I’m not okay.”

    You’re not listening.

    By Perri on 03.25.2013

  34. Listening to your parents??
    Listening in school
    Listening to people’s problems – helping
    Paying attention
    Listen and silent have the same letters
    Listening to music to make you feel better
    Listening to the rain as it hits the window

    By Vickie on 03.25.2013

  35. To Bjork. All my life, I thought of her as a hysterical author, someone who thinks she is special. But at some point I lost that little part of me that was specialized in stereotypes and judgement. More open now. Life is to be opened up.

    By Jan2510 on 03.25.2013

  36. listening is considered to be a very important basic skill of learning any language. our brain functionalities decide what kind of reaction to mete upon hearing different ,kinds of things. it is also taken to be a

    By soumita basu on 03.25.2013

  37. I could listen to you forever.
    I could, I could, I would.
    You’re the soundtrack of my heart and my mind and my soul.
    My love.

    By Lena Sæthre on 03.25.2013

  38. I’m good at listening. Many people come to me looking for sage advice or answers to their problems. And I know the reason. It’s because I haven’t really lived.
    The situations they come to me with are ones which I haven’t experienced myself, hence, I’m an impartial view on the matter, give them an outsiders view of the problem and tell them how crazy they’re being over uncut grass.

    By Eadaoin Griffin on 03.25.2013

  39. He wasn’t really listening to what she was telling him. He was in shock. The words coming from her mouth couldn’t be real. “Hey? Are you even hearing me?” she asked him with her most annoyed voice.

    By Lisa on 03.25.2013

  40. Listening to the song in my head, the beat driving me forward and making me smile all the more when I finally locate it on the internet, YouTube or Pandora or Spotify or what have you, and the aural manifestation makes me smile even bigger, and suddenly thinking everything will be ok. Such is the power of music.

    By Ara on 03.25.2013