April 10th, 2009 | 213 Entries

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213 Entries for “limit”

  1. oh my limit has exploded on the verge of being a big fat rank man in a bathing costume. i mean the limit of my intake of imagination is pretty got outstanding but now i see why there are so many pricks in the world. LIMITS ARE ENDLESSSSS THEY LIMIT MY WHOLE BRAIN AND MIND AND SOLAAAR SYSTEM YEAAAH SUCK ON THAT YOU RATMAN

    By BABYCAKES on 04.11.2009

  2. There are no limits in my life, except for those I impose upon myself. But those can be the most dangerous ones, or the most useful of all. The trick is in distinguishing between a good limit and one that just, well, limits you.

    By Allison on 04.11.2009

  3. what is a limit besides a false accusation by a lesser specices?

    By rox on 04.11.2009

  4. There is no limit to what one can accomplish once you give yourself permission to not only begin your goal but to finish what you have started.

    By Paulie on 04.11.2009

  5. there’s no limit to how far i can picture myself going. i don’t know. i used to have a plan, but now i don’t. i think i’m finally comfortable with that, too. there’s something to be said about letting the road take you where it will.

    so i guess we’ll see what happens.

    By jess on 04.11.2009

  6. there is a limit to how much of this i can take
    and it’s getting closer
    i need to remember what it’s like to be me
    to have my dreams and plans and live unrestrained by tedium
    to reach out into the world
    and live my life my way

    By Sophie on 04.11.2009

  7. Limits make me think of drinking. Who knows their limits when it comes to alcohol? Honestly? No one really. We all just drink drink drink REEEEY I’M RAT ARSED but it’s not all that fun when you’ve got sick in your hair and you’ve lost one shoe, one earring and a twenty pound note.

    By Sian Green on 04.11.2009

  8. there seems to be no limit to what he will say to me and how he’ll say it. regular rules of human decency don’t apply. He has a title and he thinks it gives him carte blanche to be a complete and utter prick. But, I’ll get my just desserts one of these days… I’ll make an ass out of him and he’ll walk away with his tail between his legs. Whining. I’m kind of a bitch.

    By NancyCz on 04.11.2009

  9. limit is the definition of a block and a stop in my life. there is no limit to how much i can love and care for a person i dont have any limits on the amount of people i want to care for. limits define what i cant and cant do i dont want to have any limits because i want to help and care for so many people.

    By Kristina on 04.11.2009

  10. The only limit in my life is myself, which at most times is an impeding limitation of which limits my innermost dreams and desires. Progress is made with this realization however, so now I see the true limit.

    By Nicholas on 04.11.2009

  11. there is a limit to which anyone can endure the flatulence of dogs. Some may be able to inhale for a much longer time than others but, still, there is a limit. Don’t argue with this; you know it’s true. Some

    By David on 04.11.2009

  12. There was no way around it. His body was slowing down, the numerous wounds letting his life blood pour onto the pale sands beneath his feet. He would not walk away from this battle, but at least he would take as many of the evil bastards with him as he could. “I love you,” he whispered as he hefted his sword and charged to meet the coming onslaught.

    By Christen Dodson on 04.11.2009

  13. You never know how far you can go until you get pushed, whether by yourself or others. Whether by life or death… you sit there and think you know who you are and what you would and would not do in a situation. But let me tell you something, you don’t you just don’t.

    By Ricardo Ferreira on 04.11.2009