April 11th, 2009 | 290 Entries

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290 Entries for “shade”

  1. the shades of brown and gold flickered from the trees as they swayed in the wind. Kids wandered by, some picking leaves in admiration, others too caught up in what susie did with bobbie to notice a thing. It was a sign that fall was coming, and the air was filled with scents of nutmeg and pumpkins.

    By sarah seabrook on 04.12.2009

  2. shade


    flickering on the grass as I rest.

    watching children play in the ever changing leaf patterns on the grass

    hearing their laughter as they play hide and seek
    among the windblown grasses.

    By heather on 04.12.2009

  3. we shade our eyes from the light and
    look at each other we can’t forget
    that night that mistake that morning
    we couldn’t believe what we’d done
    we shade
    our eyes from each other we can’t
    look any more we know too much but
    care too little and maybe then
    one day
    we’ll shade the world from ourselves.

    By Mykalanne on 04.12.2009

  4. A tree provides a lot of shade. Living in Texas,

    By Diana Alexander on 04.12.2009

  5. the little girl went and sat underneath the tree. the hot sun was beating down all around her. her hands were covered with dirt. she was finally free from the hot, beating grips of the suns rays.

    By ally on 04.12.2009

  6. I really don’t like the sun. It stirs up some ancient sickness inside of me, forcing my eyes to seek a patch of darker ground. My whole bordy yearns for the shade, for the relief of cold and dark. The sickness is not fooled so easily.

    By lii on 04.12.2009

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    By Racina on 04.12.2009

  8. dark

    By DM on 04.12.2009

  9. there was a shade above my window, i remember it being purple. my ex-boyfriend didn’t like it too much. he decided to break up with me because of this one little decoration. ridiculous, i know. c’est la vie, i suppose. soon i’ll find a man who respects my purple shade.

    By Hannah on 04.12.2009

  10. Shade equals sunshine and I haven’t seen a good sunshine day for months. Bring it on.

    By Gianna on 04.12.2009