March 10th, 2018 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “lighter”

  1. I wanted to smoke one of my cigarettes, but I didn’t have a lighter. I wanted to drink a pint at the bar, but I didn’t have enough cash for a tip. I wanted to get high on the street corner, but the cops were out in full force today. I wanted to substitute the weed with painkillers, but all I had at home was three ibuprofen tablets. I wanted to just cook my brain with television, but I hadn’t had cable in years. So I just stared absent-mindedly at my cellphone instead.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.10.2018

  2. Lighter, and lighter, lighter than air. She rose up into the sky, the ground flattening and vanishing beneath her. Eventually the earth would shrink into a blue dot and by then she knew she would be dead. She wasn’t flying, just rising, inexorably, and she thought, ‘I need to remember how to be heavy’.

    By Penny-Anna on 03.10.2018

  3. It was all lighter.

    It was like a fire surrounding me.

    The cave I was in looked dim until I felt it, the fire.

    The orange glow illuminated my face and I saw the exit. Where had this lighter come from? Why did I feel lighter myself? I didn’t care. I just wanted out.

    So I climbed. I overcame. I won.

    It was heaven.

    By Charmaine URL on 03.10.2018

  4. i am lighter when i spend time with her. i may go to her when i am tired or sad or angry. But i see her and i know immedioatly that she will make me feel better The weight of pain and suffering is lifted off my chest, even if just for a bit, and i love her for it

    By That Scarlet One on 03.10.2018

  5. She looked at the lighter. Flicked it on, and off. This pattern repeated until she reluctantly lit the cigarette she was holding. Breathing in the bitter smoke and taking time off her life, but the thing was she knew, and she didn’t care.

    By Olivia Palmer on 03.10.2018

  6. When I wake up every morning, I prefer a lighter environment.

    By Moon on 03.10.2018

  7. lit up like lightening bug
    happy warm sensations
    a endless electric permutation
    lighter, light me
    forget the last light dream
    an idea ideal
    sometimes the inspiration never hits

    By Matt m. on 03.10.2018

  8. The day is lighter than the night. That means that, during the day, everyone should keep the lights off at their houses to spare energy, because producing energy can be really bad for the nature.

    By Frederico Cnguçu de Paiva Queiroz on 03.11.2018

  9. my grandmother always carries a lighter around she’s a smoker. She has several different types and people always bring her more as souvenier from trips.

    By Maria Elisa Belo Alves on 03.11.2018

  10. a trace in her steps
    seemed much more
    lighter than before

    those rainy days
    that washed away
    the silent gloom
    that led astray
    a beating heart
    of love
    and of life

    By Lynn on 03.11.2018

  11. The caramel melted slowly on her tongue, dripping its sweetness into every corner of her mouth; she swallowed. Burnt sugar. She checked her nails and picked idly at a bit of skin.

    By Riannon on 03.11.2018

  12. The lighter side of life is also the laughter side of life. When I find myself laughing more than crying or pondering. I find that I am in a place of lightness. This place allows energy to flow through me and to me. Energy does not get stuck when I am allowing the lighter side of life to place a role in my everyday part of learning to hold space.

    By GmaCis on 03.11.2018

  13. lighter is what I want to feel, light in weight mind and all daily activities.. I want to play it light allaround.. lighter is what we need , when there is power cut. We

    By Neha Pandey on 03.11.2018

  14. Lighter lighter and lighter he grows, inflating with helium until he can’t hold anymore. And lighter he continues to grow, rising past the notably heavier oxygen below, and common sense below. Rising above judgement, physics, the very enslaving notion of reason itself.

    By JSal on 03.11.2018

  15. My last one sucked.

    By JSal on 03.11.2018

  16. ´´ The minute is heavier than the typewriter. it makes me nervous´´, said Robert.

    ´´ LIghter tones and finish your sentence´´, replied the bell.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 03.12.2018

  17. I felt lighter after I received the phone call. My child was in the hospital and I was abroad. He was running a temperature of 104 degrees the night before. I couldn’t sleep a bit.

    By Nandu on 03.12.2018

  18. I felt lighter after I received the phone call. My child was in the hospital and I was abroad. He was running a temperature of 104 degrees the night before. I couldn’t sleep a bit. I waited for the dawn to make the phone call. I was with my teammates. Another colleague of mine and I shared the room. I didn’t want to disturb her with continuous phone calls to India.

    By Nandu on 03.12.2018

  19. I didn’t have a lighter to light my cigarette. I asked the lady who was sitting next to me with her back facing towards me. She turned around and I was taken aback. Million memories came back pounding my heart. But she didn’t recognize me. She looked startled in response.

    By Nandu on 03.12.2018

  20. It’s the object I always keep in my left pocket! I feel nervous and I touch it. It gives me confidence and eases the wish to smoke the next cigarrete.
    Then my hand leaves the pocket and the restlessness comes back.

    By Cristina on 03.12.2018

  21. He flicked the lighter absentmindedly.
    “Stop, do you want to draw attention to us?”
    “It’s not that loud.”
    “It’s giving off light.”
    “Not that much.”
    She rolled her eyes, “It’s also really annoying so just stop okay?”
    “You could have just said that.”
    They returned to tense silence.

    By Bridget Grace on 03.12.2018

  22. I couldn’t find a lighter at home so I drove through to see my Mum. I probably should have been to see her much earlier than now but I’d been busy. Or at least i’d told my.self i’d been busy. Anyway turns out she’s stopped smoking so she doesn’t have any lighters anymore. Sods law, that.

    By Lily URL on 03.12.2018

  23. the fire was furious, just from that one spark from the lighter. It swept through the bushes, chasing us, licking our heels. We would never make it. That’s when he fell, a burst of flames bursting around him, but he was gone, and there was nothing I could do.

    By Charlotte on 03.12.2018

  24. lighter A was quite a bit lighter
    in temperament
    than lighter B, quite the blighter

    but lighter B’s soul burned brighter
    in resonance
    than lighter A’s piddly inner fire

    By omqwat on 03.12.2018

  25. Lighters have started to feel like a novelty. Hardly anyone smokes anymore and the people that do smoke use electronic cigarettes or “vapes.” I remember there was a time when nobody had cellphones and everybody carried a lighter. Now nobody carries a lighter, but not having a cell phone would be really strange. This shift has made it really hard to appreciate to good music at a concert.

    By Kristian Pierce on 03.12.2018

  26. Lighters remind me of a time when someone got mad at me…. They refilled an oil lighter while in the car and then lite the lighter. For a brief second, his jeans caught on fire. What was I supposed to do, not laugh?

    By okayfine on 03.12.2018

  27. He aimed for lighter but every time she brought eclairs home he became heavier.

    By Krys on 03.12.2018