October 28th, 2016 | 45 Entries

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45 Entries for “lift”

  1. “Excuse me,” I heard a small voice squeak from behind me. “Excuse me!”

    When I looked down, I saw a tiny old lady, no taller than four feet, her frizzy white hair starkly contrasting with her brown skin. She was gesturing wildly at a large box at her feet – a new TV? A desktop computer? – and shivering in the rain.

    “Could you lift this into my car for me?” she asked. “My arthritis is acting up something awful.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.28.2016

  2. How can I lift you up? How can I inspire others to do more in the face of adversity? Each day, I am tasked with teaching students, but I hope to do more than that. I hope to be utilize each opportunity that I am given to lift others around me to new achievements, new possibilities, and new opportunities. I want to be the one that inspires others to do more!

    By Michelle Doyle on 10.28.2016

  3. I wanted to go lift my chances to study in order to get
    An A in my science period

    By Imorales6732 on 10.28.2016

  4. I had to lift up all my chances in order to get an
    D- to and A- in my science period.

    By Imorales6732 on 10.28.2016

  5. we went to a carnival
    got on a roller coaster
    as we sat down a got strapped in
    in lifted us up
    and up
    its went really fast
    and before i knew it
    it was over

    By Amber on 10.28.2016

  6. “Let’s order a Lyft and get into the city or something, have fun. Sushi maybe and it’s been ages since we got our nails done.” She looks at me and cocks her head with the same patient enthusiasm on her face that you would see on a Labrador. I snuggle into the sweatpants I’ve been wearing for 2 days and look at her, perplexed. “Why get your nails done when you don’t have anyone who will see them afterwards?” She looks hurt. I sip my coffee and return to Forensic Files. I’m watching the one about a dog who witnessed the murder of her master. It’s a good one.

    By Amanda on 10.28.2016

  7. When I`m at the gym I like to lift weights. One day when I was lifting weights, I injured myself, causing me to run around the room like a little baby… Embarrassing day.

    By homeschooler on 10.28.2016

  8. Lift my eyes up to the hills. Yes. This is what I want. But I wait expectantly and sometimes it seems empty. The hills seem empty. Where is my help? Where is the help that comes from the hills? My eyes are stuck the ground and my head seems heavy, my shoulders slumped in weight. Maybe help is here, near.

    By Lindsie on 10.28.2016

  9. As I lift up the branch off the ground, it weighs roughly a ton. Which in this case, is an exaggeration. To being able to lift something or someone off the ground is to being able to pick something for your own good.

    By Kathryn Loredo on 10.28.2016

  10. Lifting people out of poverty. Need a lift? Can you give me a lift? The process of being raised up- elevated, or removed from a situation or location…

    By Lauren on 10.28.2016

  11. Lifting weights is one of my favorite pass times. One way that I personally motivate my self is by listening to music. Hard music usually. Rap and or Post-Hardcore rock.

    By Nobody on 10.28.2016

  12. Der Lift, im Lift, die Fahrstuhlangst. Eingeschlossen. Lift. Hochfahren. Hochfahren und steckenbleiben. Nicht mehr rauskommen. Den Notfallservice anrufen. Niemanden erreichen. Die sidn in ihrem eigenen Lift steckengeblieben. Die Augenbrauen liften. Und die Wangen. Chirurgie.

    By Lisa URL on 10.28.2016

  13. you lift me up like the rising hot air creates clouds
    you make me into storms that create fertile soil
    you release my tension
    you let me get back to stability again

    By celeste URL on 10.28.2016

  14. All could use a LIFT
    but some much less than others
    that really need it

    When sick earlier
    A Nightmare Before Christmas
    gave my mind a lift

    [I Love that movie! Merry Hallows eve!]

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 10.28.2016

  15. Honey, I’m greedy, lift me. I want all your desire, I want all your interest, I want none of your fur traps & cages. So if you’re drunk tomorrow coming home from the Halloween party, feel free to text me – I won’t say anything.

    By whatever artemesia on 10.28.2016

  16. “I need a lift. Can you get me to Coruscant?”
    “Sure, kid. Hop on the shuttle – I’ll pay.”
    “Thanks. I really appreciate it.”
    Rey sprinted up the ramp and into the ship, off for Coruscant – and, possibly, her family – at last.

    By Shadow Writer on 10.28.2016

  17. The upswing of my spirits, the archetypal swing of my soul skywards as I read this like a Rorschach Blot

    By MorganLovell URL on 10.28.2016

  18. Lifter puller.

    By Boring Story on 10.28.2016

  19. Under my wings, push push
    Over my head, shove, shove
    Out of my heart, pull pull
    Out of this hole, help help

    By smattc URL on 10.28.2016

  20. lift me up
    put me down
    im a cup
    very hot
    please blow

    By Ethan on 10.28.2016

  21. I smiled at him. He grinned back leaning in a bit before lifting me up and dipping me down. “I thought you couldn’t dance?” I asked. He smirked lightly in response, “I never said I can’t, just that I don’t.”

    By lakshmi on 10.29.2016

  22. Twist my wrist to finish the makeshift lift consisted of parts shoplifted from a thriftshop. Through the mist I drift swiftly, clenched fists as I clear the cliffs, suspended now over the rift in my makeshift airlift. I sift for gifts in thoughts as my mind’s adrift, drifting over the rift in my makeshift shoplifted skylift. Check my wrist, the time is miffed, as it’s now frozen above this misty set
    of cliffs. I clutch my list and raise a clasped fist and shout “I EXIST” over the misty cliffs, the endless rift, the sands asift, and the continental drift, in my makeshift lift.

    By omqwat on 10.29.2016

  23. Lift me up but do not throw me on the ground. Set me gently down please, for I am young and delicate and able to bruise at the touch of the bell upon my eardrum. My hands are too small to pick up a whole being like you do without a second thought. I want your power to engulf me, comfort me so That I never feel fear again, but it will be fleeting as always. Your mission in life is to help all, not one little girl wanting some love from her simple parent. How in the world did I come to this point? How do any people ever learn to stand, walk, talk? HoLoww can we ever feel right leaving the alleged safety of our wombs and our cocoons? One just fakes it for the rest of their lives, doesn’t one? Then one day, I’ll be 83 and thinking “Wow, didn’t life fly by?” But it will have all been one long play. The one I finally starred in.

    By Low on 10.29.2016

  24. The sun was rising. It was so beautiful, so pure, and something about it just made my heart ache. Ache like never before. Nothing mattered. It lifted me, this feeling, and I soared above it all. Above the poverty and the wars, the sadness and the terror. And I just let go. Of everything. Of it all.

    By EmmaChristobel on 10.29.2016

  25. Oh!
    It lifts me!
    The draft underneath the door!
    The wind in the morning!
    The breeze of twilight!
    The hot breath of noon!
    It lifts me!
    It lifts me!

    By EmmaChristobel on 10.29.2016

  26. There are no excuses in life. They are just the stop buttons in a lift. They stop you for a while, and eventually you will have to move on. Or backwards. You decide.

    By Riina on 10.29.2016

  27. Angry, he lifted boulder after boulder and cast them to the sea. One by one, they sent ripples as they sank. The waves scattered and gradually expanded as they approached the neighboring shores. Most of the children were playing by the shores that time and were the first ones struck; along with the beach houses. The water swept the seaside and lingered for some time. Some whirled through roads and found their way through small alleys where the cats and some poultry hid. A moment of calmness enveloped the villages. It was around noon that they retreated leaving a lot of things dead ashore and paved way for the screaming.

    By edrianredentor on 10.29.2016

  28. a long weekend was the lift I needed
    to sink into landscapes
    by the sea
    in the town
    breathe it in
    goof around

    By Steve O URL on 10.29.2016

  29. She peeked under the vase. No initials. Interesting. You would expect it to be signed most of the time. She lifted it to the light to get a better look. No seal. No mark. Nothing. Smooth as far as the eye can see. She turned it over in her hand. Then it was a fake? Surely not.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.29.2016

  30. He lifted the baby out of the cardboard box, gentle as opposed to the shrieking cries the child was making. At the touch of his hands, the baby opened its eyes wide and stared back, quietening and sticking a tiny palm into its mouth as Rick tried his best not to sway in shock at his discovery.

    By Sharna on 10.29.2016

  31. I honestly don’t know what to say. I immediately thought of weight-lifting. Although, there are elevators. I thought this was going to be deep and meaningful. Oops.

    By Aniqa on 10.29.2016

  32. I lifted the heavy, wooden box into the storage room. Ma was getting old, and she deserved all the help she could get. The other boys didn’t seem to notice how she was so stiff, or that she didn’t have as much energy as she used to.
    “Daniel, come on! We’re going down to the creek!”

    By Eve on 10.29.2016

  33. the machine shudders, and moves, gears clicking into place and the ropes stirring to life, one moving upward and one down, the crackle of electricity in the color-coded wires. the boy stares, fascinated, hands in his pockets as the thing moves, skyward.

    where is he being taken to?

    By lynn on 10.29.2016

  34. He stood in front of the classroom, his eyes scanning the students. Most were loving into their notebooks as he explained the mysteries of the cosmos to them. Some doodled and some looked asleep. But there were a few students scattered around the room who had far away expressions in their eyes, as if they were looking towards the corners of the universe, following him.

    He often felt tired by teaching but when he saw these students, trying to understand, he felt better and could feel his spirit lift. Sometimes his mood soared for the remainder of the day.

    But other days, things were not so good. As the students filed out of the room, he followed them, feeling the smile on his face. Then he saw the principal at the door, and his soaring spirit fell with a crash.

    “Come to my office.”

    By chanpheng URL on 10.29.2016

  35. He lifted him up like a boy who’s still sucking on his thumb. It was unexpected. They were the same height and he was able to lift him as if he was weightless. He lifted him and they kissed. And it was from that moment on that Aaron’s life became fucked up. It started to revolve around Jason and everything went to shumbles. He’s dead for him.

    By Pen Jie Ming on 10.29.2016

  36. Her feet suddenly don’t reach the ground, and her heart feels light and mind empty. She dreams of flying through cotton candy clouds; finding all the people she’s lost to angels. Though she dreams this dream every single night, she isn’t ready to say goodbye. She can’t let her wings lift her.
    Opening her eyes, she slips back into reality, and sets down the blade…

    By Lexy on 10.29.2016

  37. in Ireland, they call an elevator a “lift.” Takeout is “take away.” Wallet is “purse.” Dishes and pots and pans are “crockery.” Nine-thirty is “Half nine.” It’s all English but it’s not the same language.

    By Abraham Mulst on 10.29.2016

  38. the locust lifts the pillar
    grave strength heaves cloudy skies
    serpent-death infected black veins
    elongated shadows rise around to curl into shade that’s near valleys of mauve-bright rose meadows
    even during that moment when an exam grade reaps hands of their breathe
    ensorcelled omnipotence lives once balanced stairs pointedly tour new breathe

    By Milad URL on 10.29.2016

  39. Lift. Could there possibly be any word more uplifting than the one lifted up before my eyes. If there is, I’m sure it would lift the soul to the heavens. The last time I was inspired and lifted up as I am now, I had just seen the word BEN.

    By BEN on 10.29.2016

  40. “I don’t understand,” she says, and it’s sort of funny, really, how she can look at him with any sort of expression and still the light behind her makes it look like she’s glowing.

    He breathes. The light breathes. It hurts to look at her – she’s so bright and so beautiful and she is everything he wants in the world.

    “I don’t want to lose you,” he says.

    You make me feel like I have wings, he doesn’t say. You make me want to fly again. I used to be scared of the sky, but now I’m scared of this more: falling, falling, letting you lift me up like I weigh nothing at all, and I’m scared because this might be the best, it might be the realest thing I’ve ever known.

    By onceiwill on 10.29.2016