October 28th, 2016 | 45 Entries

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45 Entries for “lift”

  1. lift up spirits, lift up others, be kind, positive, focus on the good not the negative.

    By Jennie Blankenship on 10.29.2016

  2. right here right now
    im not sure what this is all about
    but my heart is beating proudly
    the haze has lifted from my eyes momentarily
    and i can only sit here
    wondering why
    life is ok for me
    right here right now
    yeah, this is alright

    By vanikey on 10.29.2016

  3. he misses him. the way he smelled. though he still smelled of sweat. the man who lifted him up like a baby, pinned him to the wall and kissed him very hard. too bad they’re both man. it cannot be. it’s an abomintaion to the Lord. and yet he finds himself wanting. and he’s in despair. he doesn’t know what to do anymore. he knows…

    By Pen Jie Ming on 10.29.2016

  4. Small vortexes formed around your eyelids every time they fluttered, like the vortexes around honeybee wings. I almost couldn’t look right into them–they tore my soul out and left me without words and just when I thought words were so important. So instead I think I looked down into the ice cubes of my drink and stole glances at the mirror behind the lined firing squad of liquor bottles which had all night been gunning down my resistance to you, just to get a look into your eyes without you looking back. Or I caught your slightly melted face in the bronze shine of the bar-rail, from where you leant your arm so casually and stabbed at my heart with your laughter. Already floating, already light, the upward force of your eyes, when I finally looked up into them, tore my head clean off. Sent it somewhere into the sky.

    By mattlock URL on 10.29.2016

  5. My mood was lifted as i was standing with my face towards the skies. I was at peace and one with the nature. I now believe that nature has the ability to lift your mood and give peace

    By Maya Pillai on 10.29.2016