August 3rd, 2011 | 537 Entries

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537 Entries for “level”

  1. The level of awkwardness that followed the conversation exceeds anything I’ve ever witnessed. He misses me? Good lord, this kid just doesn’t give up. I’m not one to go back to a drugged up, smoke addicted asshole, but thanks for the offer.

    By L on 08.04.2011

  2. I just don’t think I love you in the same level, he said and coldly twisted my guts into pieces. You mean you love me as just a friend? I ask and couldn’t quite bring my eyes to meet his pale, emotionless face.
    I think you just failed this level, I heard the garbage disposal whisper. Behind the corner a dull colored bird and cracked brick wall echoed the very same words, over and over again. I heard it in the crunch of the sand beneath my bare feet, and in the crackle of the fire in his living room five-hundred-and-seventy-eight feet away.
    Game over.

    By Heini URL on 08.04.2011

  3. to be level headed is a good thing i think you have to think clearly and calmly and not have you head up in the clouds.

    By hannah on 08.04.2011

  4. the word level makes me think about going up or down. up is a word. down is a word. also, chicken is a word. so when i think of levles (or anything) i thiof chickens and them food…thanks alot for making me feel hungry

    By asha URL on 08.04.2011

  5. Bo was a level-headed cat, king of the herd, always watching to ensure others remembered their place. He was loyal and friendly, unlike your normal cats, and loved people with a passion.

    By Michelle Porter on 08.04.2011

  6. too much. too many. it never matters where you go, but you will always be above or beyond your specific level. levels are like barriers…they segregate society based on what you have and what you have not done. too many levels create too many barriers. too many barriers lead to hatred and inhumane treatment. maybe the world needs less levels and more even playing fields. no more levels…just one large

    By Jake Camp on 08.04.2011

  7. i’m on a high level. Higher than any devil. I don’t associate with anyone who isn’t on the same level.

    By Shira URL on 08.04.2011

  8. He wasn’t on the level. That much was clear. It wasn’t so much the horns he was trying, and failing to hide, under his hat, as the all too innocent look on his face, and the shuffling of his hooves that gave it away. She’d seen the type before. And it never went well if you took them at face value. She set her brain to a grain of salt o meter and listened carefully to his tale of woe.

    By Amai on 08.04.2011

  9. Levels are used in carpentry and building. They are either made of metal, wood, or plastic and contain a small cylindrical capsule that contains fluid.

    By Brandi Luttman on 08.04.2011

  10. it is a balance in life that one seeks; it is difficult for an accountant with one leg shorter than the other to feel level.

    By PMHFOX on 08.04.2011

  11. The level of difficulty of this word is rather high. There isn’t much you can say about levels. You can use them to check if a house is square. You can level, or flatten, a building.

    By J.M. RIen on 08.04.2011

  12. a levels are annoying and makes us feel worried for the whole summer which is so annoying and i wish they never existed. we should not just be judged on academic achievements we should be seen as a person

    By holly URL on 08.04.2011

  13. I soon began my decent onto the field. I couldn’t grasp anything as I journeyed down. I could not make myself to stand still or stop. The ground was moving, or I was moving. I do not know. All I know is that nothing was right and I was completely beyond any point of stability.

    By Tim on 08.04.2011

  14. level. level headed. leveling out. even, perfect, straight. i’m not level at all anymore. my world has turned upside down, and continues to move. it swirls, ups and downs. high, sober, drunk, sober, high. it blurs into oblivion. i crave oblivion.

    By jane on 08.04.2011

  15. Attempting to attain a higher level of self worth at everything I do, life is full of hurdles but it is what you do in reaction to those hurdles that makes you different from others. Find the level that best suits your personality.

    By siziwe URL on 08.04.2011

  16. The first level was always the hardest. But once you get passed it the rest seemed pretty easy. I always get stressted out when I begin the first level. You would too if you knew what it had in store; No one else realizes the horror of the first level. And for some reason I keep going back.

    By Aleesha on 08.04.2011

  17. Level

    I saw this yesterday and didn’t answer because I’ve been working with tools recently and I thought that kind of level would be boring. But, I’m almost finished with my project and again, that kind of level (with the little bubble) is what’s coming to mind.

    I’ll say this… putting in an air conditioner is best done with two people, not one. And in looking at my almost finished project, -I think it was more level before. The tilt looks too far to me now but it’s sturdy and staying as is.

    Man I’m going to be sore in a few hours.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 08.04.2011