January 26th, 2018 | 30 Entries

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30 Entries for “lessons”

  1. The class droned on, never stopping, never ending, it didn’t stop for the death of the flies caught between the window and the glass, it certainly didn’t stop for any man.

    By Taylor B. on 01.26.2018

  2. in pleasure, via the wide palm of his hand. the curl of his lip, at once cruel and soft. he prepares me like an expensive cut of meat. violence brings out the flavor.

    By yr mom on 01.26.2018

  3. The lessons that we learn are only as great and as knowledge-rich as our mistakes are miserable and seemingly senseless. You need only to learn from your mistakes to live the life which you feel drawn to living. That feeling isn’t there for nothing. It comes within you. Always listen to what comes from within you.

    By Lee on 01.26.2018

  4. There weren’t exactly any lessons to learn from this – at least, not any I could particularly fathom. In the end, I was bruised, battered, emaciated, and exhausted. My friends were equally as scraped up and starved. We stood in front of our mentor, who smiled as if the great challenge had turned us into far better adults than we could have imagined. But we were all still sixteen, and we were all still confused as to why it seemed that every bone in our body hurt.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.26.2018

  5. Time was given to humans to teach us lessons. We will be both the actor and acted upon where time is running through its tracks, pulling us in and dragging us along, giving us the illusion of being free spirits in charge of our destinies and the sense that we are flotsam and jetsom in some arcane ritual, some game where we don’t understand the rules.

    By Meredyth URL on 01.26.2018

  6. He had so many lessons to teach that they all got jumbled up. So when he was standing infront of the class polishing his glasses and mumbling something the students thought he had developed as his own language he was actually just trying to get it all across at once, and what came out was multiple sentences all smashed and woven between each other. Eventually the students asked that they be transfered to different classes they were at shool to learn not philosophise on the origins of language and linguistic structure, or where the boundary between intention and message was drawn.

    By Flyderkov URL on 01.26.2018

  7. learning the lessons
    less than listen
    divided complex into complicity
    never once wishing
    to be understood
    or understanding
    can’t stand diversion
    perversion perfection
    in rejection
    turning lies into gold

    By Matt m. on 01.27.2018

  8. Lessons in this machine stop automatically and start again if you switch on and off. This is a reason for study and training. It makes sense and provides the end of a lesson.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 01.27.2018

  9. The lessons learnt in my life are : never lose your temper, always be kind to one another and never hold on to things. Everything in life is temporary including the people near and dear to you. Therefore live life one day at a time.

    By Nikhita on 01.27.2018

  10. i have spent my entire life chopping logs. there are life lessons in it, but they are only in the aesthetics of geometry. i have never found such a thing as futile and beautiful as admiring the curvature of the line drawn in the air by a deadly weapon aimed at something that died years ago. i can spend my whole life in the woods, never feel the need to speak another word.

    By estefania URL on 01.27.2018

  11. its about my

    By nursimaikiz on 01.27.2018

  12. He smiled, his eyes wet and shining. There was truth in every word she said, lies in every gesture, and she was beautiful and burning and red and blue and he was sad and small and golden under her touch, and he knew.

    By Riannon URL on 01.27.2018

  13. I took piano lessons from my aunt when I was young. At age 10, I was the 4th child to play at the recital. The three children before me were all under the age of 5. The children after me started at age 6. I can still play the opening part of Fur Elise even though I quit my piano lessons after that recital. The life lesson I learned from this — although much later in my life — was don’t quit just because you’re temporarily humiliated.

    By Joanna URL on 01.27.2018

  14. interesting. They are random and at times painful. Useful and boring too. I wish I could’ve learnt more of the suff I had yet to face.

    By Moa on 01.27.2018

  15. She never learned.

    Over and over.

    Scraping knees. Breaking bones.

    An eternal loop of curiosity, adventure, regret.

    By Jennifer C. on 01.27.2018

  16. The lessons we learn, as the stormy seas they do churn,
    over mountainous waves we shall roll…

    By Lee on 01.27.2018

  17. Life is about learning lessons. We are all presented with lessons and it is up to us learn what was the purpose of the lesson. this is to help us learn and grow. We become better when we are growing and the only way to do that is to learn lessons and have challenges.

    By Jen Tyes on 01.27.2018

  18. So little time, so many lessons to learn.

    I contemplate this thought as I sit with my laptop in my lap as my fingers fly across the keys. I want to learn many things, but I lack the discipline to sit down and follow Nike’s catch phrase and JUST DO IT!

    So many lessons to learn, so much time wasted.

    By LGrey on 01.27.2018

  19. 1lessons= Living Essential So Succinctly Operates Now So.

    By Garz URL on 01.27.2018

  20. life lessons that what im thinking. jesus, moses fucking near killed me this past year. I cant believe how much ive not achieved. and all people can scramble to and say i can take value from is the ‘life lessons’ i learned when i was with him.
    I dont even know really what those are. that term is just a trivial superficial phrase that equates to nothing in my mind.

    By Katie on 01.27.2018

  21. Life lessons can be hard to learn. I know I have to keep learning the same lessons over and over again, and some of them never seem to sink into my tiny, over-worked brain. But hey, it’s the journey that counts, right? Since we’re all ultimately headed to the same destination anyway, aren’t we?

    By Annie URL on 01.28.2018

  22. There are many lessons in life we learn. The small ones, the ones your parents tell you – be a good boy and Santa will give you a present; come back with an A and we’ll get you that new iPhone. Then there are the big ones – the one where we lay on our deathbeds and think: I should’ve lived my life when I had the chance.

    By ethel URL on 01.28.2018

  23. Lessons in life are learned by experience. Either personal or not. When you get the cancer diagnosis. It’s a lesson. You can feel sorry for yourself or you can rise and persevere and SURVIVE.

    By TINA AULABAUGH on 01.28.2018

  24. Afoot in the door to knowledge
    You wonder if you will learn much
    Swept up in the currents
    You let yourself be led on

    After all these years
    You emerge anew
    One of the many
    Who not too long ago
    They had entered so soon

    Yet what knowledge have you beget
    From those lessons they taught
    Those many years

    By Lynn on 01.28.2018

  25. She checked the table of contents. “Yikes, this is too much.”
    “You’ll get it all.”
    “I really won’t. I have less than a week.”
    He shook his head and opened another book, “But you know some of this already.”
    “I don’t know anything.”
    “Ughhh,” she leaned back in her chair and put the book over her face.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 01.28.2018

  26. Taking piano lessons as a youth was definitely not my idea. My mother made my sisters and I take them. She could sit down at a piano and play anything she heard by ear. Well, just the melody. She used a standard accompaniment for the other hand. Me, I can’t get my two hands to do two separate things at the same time. So, no International piano career for me.

    By Chuck URL on 01.28.2018

  27. I fall into old habits. Whatever lessons I was supposed to have learned are erased from my mind. The clock keeps ticking, and I keep living. Nothing new is gained. I am the same.

    By Jennifer C. URL on 01.28.2018

  28. The lessons I learned from our esteemed leader were mostly what not to do. She was brilliant, of course, but strategy was something prison had taught me too – which fights to pick, which to turn away from. Instead, I learned that when you are all alone on the top of the world, it is because you made yourself that way. And it is impossible to follow someone into battle who doesn’t care to learn your name.

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.28.2018

  29. It is nice how students used to complain about having to make lessons everyday and how difficult it was, when the truth is they appreciate it only when they get older. They miss writing essays and solving math problems, cause now their life is an essay and they have bigger problems than an equation.

    By Anca on 01.28.2018

  30. I was bored during lessons, very very bored. In life you get the important lessons, not ins chool.

    By Anca on 01.28.2018