July 19th, 2010 | 256 Entries

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256 Entries for “commit”

  1. I thought commit was yesterday’s word. Didn’t I already write about it? Ah, I’m not willing to commit to this word.

    By Olivia :) URL on 07.20.2010

  2. It’s difficult to commit at times. Comittment is difficult at times. I don’t know why. Commit is associated with being obliged, tied-down. Commitment is difficult. Commitment is always difficult. Even now, I am committed to this page. I am writing about the word commit. I have committed to writing about commit.

    By Jay on 07.20.2010

  3. I have to commit to this. I have to see it through. But I’m so scared to fail, yet deep in my heart I know I won’t. It’s as good as mine. Though it still hurts when I can’t look at people in the eye and tell them the truth. I’m almost there, just a bit into overtime.

    By Alexandra URL on 07.20.2010

  4. Promise yourself you will not stray from the path you’ve created no matter the temptations or hurdles that present themselves. Even if the path turns into an insurmountable and treacherous road snaking through a rocky forest floor, you must find the strength to push on.

    By Amanda URL on 07.20.2010

  5. I don’t want to commit. I’m terrified because college is all about it — majors, minors. Etc. People, friendships. I sometimes think that touching someone is too much of a committment. Touching them at all.

    By Jessie on 07.20.2010

  6. It wasn’t the way I had imagined. I thought she would love me back, but instead she committed suicide. She only loved herself.

    By Someone you dont wanna know on 07.20.2010

  7. And when he slipped the ring on her finger, he thought of all the things he wouldn’t have anymore: the freedom to say no, the willingness to talk, the ability to walk away. But it’s okay, he thought. It’s okay because I will have her.

    By Whitney on 07.20.2010

  8. Commit? No. No, I don’t think so. You don’t have to commit to people, especially people, in order to be happy. You can be happy alone. You can do it. Happy? Yes, yes I believe so.

    By Arnold on 07.20.2010

  9. ohhh work. children, family, school,

    By nitz on 07.20.2010

  10. Before you can commit, the man said, you have to prepare yourself. You must give up something important to yourself. You have to understand that your life will never be the same. And then you have to die.” She watched him, uncertain. “It’s all metaphorical, of course.”

    By witchelemental URL on 07.20.2010

  11. commitment to some one committment to something a goa a lover a promise a friend, a place

    By ANC on 07.20.2010

  12. Commit? Didn’t we already have this word? I’m confused. I just wrote about this.

    Oh well. Okay well…I’m not afraid of commitment. Infact, I need it. I need something to focus on and to live for? hmm. Yeah, it’s good.

    By Shmooack URL on 07.20.2010

  13. It wasn’t about her inability to commit; it was about the fact that they were on show. The whole word was watching them; their images were reaching thousands of televisions nationwide with eventual transmission to other countries. If Scooter didn’t jump through that hoop, both her pride and the prize would be lost.

    By LManns URL on 07.20.2010

  14. Commitment is not a good intention. It is a job, a duty. And it is just that, a duty of mine, to take care of this matter.

    By Shelby H URL on 07.20.2010

  15. Commitment is something that is needed in every relationship. If you don’t want to be committed to me then don’t be involved at all. That’s all I want from you. I want you to be to me what I want to be to you..

    By Olivia on 07.20.2010

  16. Fear. Adventure. Focus. This word inspires what’s best and worst in us. We can be heroes or villains. Courageous or cowardly in the face of commitment. You just never know which one you’ll be until you commit.

    By Julian Ajello on 07.20.2010