January 22nd, 2021 | 8 Entries

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8 Entries for “lens”

  1. The glasses kept fogging up. She couldn’t stop it. She was so frustrated with these masks, but she knew that they were more good than harm. She just wanted to see his face one more time.

    By Sam on 01.23.2021

  2. Look through, look through the kingdom lens. You must develop eyes to see from the Father’s perspective. Don’t rely on your own vision. Don’t limit yourself to the lens of this world and to the pattern of their thinking. For My ways are higher than their ways, and My thoughts higher.

    By Bill Best on 01.23.2021

  3. I picked the lens out for my new glasses today. It’s been awhile since I was able to get glasses, and seeing in class has been difficult. If only I hadn’t been so broke I could have got them sooner but at least I’m getting them now. I picked out pink frame because it’s my favorite color! They’re really nice. I think

    By Steph on 01.23.2021

  4. his eye was only ever peering through the lens of the DSLR he loved so much, and half the time i swore he forgot i was even there. the difference in shades of green from hill to dale were lost on me. i felt as though i was a witness on the honeymoon between he and the flowers. his fingers, chilled in the evening breeze, only ever seemed to slip through mine.

    By August on 01.23.2021

  5. the way I see the world is the way the world will be. My perception is everything.

    By Maria I Aneyba on 01.23.2021

  6. The world is driven by perceptions. The biased yet unique lens through which people look at themselves and the people around is what is responsible for all the happenings around. So right now , if you are looking around and wondering about why all such things have happened in your life, on why certain situations never seem to leave you out, why people are constantly bothering you and why you are never able to chuck out the indefinite and terrible block out of your head , you got your answer here- You are probably looking at the universe around you through a grey lens and yet want it to be full of pink hues and everything nice. Who knows ,the world you always wanted is around you and was perhaps always around you. Maybe all this time we chose to look at it in a different way. Look around and reflect. The vision, now naked might be clearer now and very beautiful than ever.

    By Navina on 01.24.2021

  7. Staring through the lens made everything seem more surreal. At a distance. As something that you didn’t have to actually engage in.

    By zaramusette on 01.24.2021

  8. Lens, be it of a camera or an eye, have to be clean to see the world as it is. Lens when smudged show a distorted picture of the reality

    By Lavanya Nemana on 01.24.2021