January 24th, 2021 | 6 Entries

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6 Entries for “chatter”

  1. IN the far corner, away from the crowd, the two older women chatter away. First, it was health, then their dogs. Banal? or possibly the needed meeting two old friends. one person’s soul searching conversation is another person’s chatter.

    By Greg Leo on 01.24.2021

  2. Having to chat to my friends is a big hobby of mine. I call it chatter. Chatting to a lot of people is something I like to do in my free time. Chatter known as chatting is a hobby for many but mostly suits me.

    By Kieran on 01.25.2021

  3. Several people talking

    By Jade URL on 01.25.2021

  4. Habia dos mujeres charlando. Eran amigas pero el marido de una de ellas le puso los cuernos con la otra, lo que acabaria costando la vida a los amantes. :)

    By Sofia URL on 01.25.2021

  5. This word reminds me of all my thoughts that can sometimes take over in my mind. I need to remind myself that they are not always right and have no evidence to show what they think and believe about me. I know who I am and need to be better for myself.

    By Journal on 01.25.2021

  6. One of the best ways to have friends is by having Chatter with everyone. The thing is that people need to connect with other people, that is a basic human need.

    By Alfredo Pinto Molina URL on 01.25.2021