February 21st, 2013 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “leathery”

  1. Well really not sure about what to write. But today received a approval of a leathery elastic like project. The day was great

    By Selva URL on 02.22.2013

  2. The woman stood at the train stop staring accross the platform. The morning mist did nothing to hide his leathery face. A face riddled with memories and distraught with pain.

    By J on 02.22.2013

  3. skin of a woman who’s spent oo much time at the beach. leathery.
    my friend nicknamed her “bag lady”

    By Steph on 02.22.2013

  4. Leathery? A wallet is made out of leather, so is a horse, I suppose? I have been told to not think of what I write. I just bought a wallet of ‘genuine leather’ and it is pretty good. It doesn’t squeak though, like leather shoes do. Shoes are cruel, they bite. Especially the leather ones.

    By Tejaswini on 02.22.2013

  5. Lady

    By Bea on 02.22.2013

  6. Wait, I did leathery already. Is there only one per day? My dad’s skin is leathery. He claims it’s because he washes dishes so much. I’m not sure. He has really ugly fingernails too, especially on his thumbs. They’re yellow and have ridges down the middle. My sister has leathery palms. or at least she used to, from so many years of gymnastics. It has been 15 years, but I think they’re still leathery.

    By Alexa URL on 02.22.2013

  7. it was dark. i couldn’t see clearly. but i believe she was wearing something leathery. she looked pretty much different. out of the ordinary, i must say, from the normal plain t and jeans.

    By Fasola on 02.22.2013

  8. The leathery skin on the back of the man’s hands reflected the hours he had spend digging, cutting, sheering, forging and sometimes fighting. They were a testament to a life of work and worry.

    By B Worthington on 02.22.2013

  9. i can think of a million things that are softer, finer, smoother than your hands but there is not one thing i’d rather have hold me up.

    By girlbrains URL on 02.22.2013

  10. Leathery, leathery is the skin of the old woman I see. Years of laboring in the sun has made her hands tough and her heart strong. Her eyes fill with tears when she looks upon the fruits of her labor.

    By M on 02.22.2013

  11. The skin of old rhinos, musty and strong, wrinkled and heavy,

    By Janelle on 02.22.2013

  12. When you live in Florida and stay in the sun a lot,
    your skin gets leathery but if you put on lotion with a high SPF
    you might avoid this fate and just delight in the sun and serve of
    an almost tropical climate and avoid blizzards every single weekend in
    New England.

    By Robin on 02.22.2013

  13. asdsaadad

    By sdfs on 02.22.2013

  14. The leathery feel of the collar in her hand was a reminder of the animal she lost, when he ran in front of a car that cloudy morning. How was she going to tell the owner that she let the poor dog die?

    By Casey URL on 02.22.2013

  15. the leathery surface of your skin, the stiff and slip of your right arm, wrapped around me.

    By Cheryl Cummings URL on 02.22.2013

  16. Leather comes from cows and cows produce milk and milk is very tasty.Leather is used to make saddles.Also used to make ancient and older armour.

    By maurice De Vries on 02.22.2013

  17. Hmm, the word leathery. At first I would assume that it is about leather due to the first couple letters (seven to be precise) would be about leather, the art of leather or any such things related to leather. However, I don’t really know whether or it is about leather, we’ll just have to see.

    By sehej on 02.22.2013

  18. Leathery is what i think of when i see a picture of an old woman. Her skin, especially on her forehead, filled with wrinkles makes it seem to have a leathery feel. I wonder what she would’ve looked like 20 years ago, what she has done since then and whether she’s happy

    By Sophia URL on 02.22.2013

  19. My skin in a few years due to summers at the beach.. Will I think sun worshipping was worth it?

    By Virginia URL on 02.22.2013

  20. Leathery? what a weird word. what comes into my mind? leathery skin. old people. old people have leathery skin or maybe people who spent too much time in the sun and then they became old.. leathery bag, leathery, such an unusual word.

    By Arlene on 02.22.2013

  21. The leathery bag brushed against his leg as he walked past the giggling girls. He glanced back, noticing a glint in the eye of one of the

    By Gina on 02.22.2013

  22. His wings, when she ran her fingers over them, were not downy and dove-soft as she expected they might be. Instead they were smooth, leathery and tough to the touch; foreign and beautiful and completely unexpected. He must have seen the surprise on her face and felt the lingering in her touches, because he gave her a smile that was half amusement and half resentment. Right, she thought, FALLEN angel.

    By Nikki URL on 02.22.2013

  23. Climbing up on the beast, she was surprised. She had expected dry, crackling skin. That’s what it looked like, over the bony shape. But no. The hide was smooth and taught, leathery, as though it had been tanned and stretched onto a frame. Fascinated, she took a moment, even as the night mare began to walk, and just ran her hands over soft, leathery skin.

    By Serryphae URL on 02.22.2013

  24. His skin was leathery and worn from work, covered in callouses that spoke of long days out in the field beneath a hot July son. I liked the way that his hand felt in mine, firm and reassuring, like a father holding his little girl’s hand as they crossed the street together. With him, I felt safe.

    By Clare URL on 02.22.2013

  25. The shoe. It is leather. As usual. It is and always will be my father’s favorite. Looking at the remnant of a long-forgotten childhood, I feel numb. Numb as the cold leather atop the prized shelf.

    By Michelle C. URL on 02.22.2013

  26. Hands held mine, fast against the wall, as my cut, the cuts that been made in the process of pushing me into the brick building, seared with pain. “Now, the answer.” His skin was leathery, grating against my soft flesh, and I stood, trembling, in the grip of a question I didn’t know.

    By Saudade URL on 02.22.2013

  27. The shoe. It is leather. It is and always will be his favorite. But he left it. He left me. And took the other pair hastily. The leather shoe. A remnant of a long-forgotten memory. And now, years after, the leathery memento still gives me the shivers. The pain. The numbness. The paradox of the what could have been’s. I feel empty. I feel as cold and abandoned as the leathery shoe.

    By Michelle C. URL on 02.22.2013

  28. leathery, adica cu textura pielii, dar scortos, dur. asa inteleg eu, dar nu fara a fi cautat prin dictionare si prin google.

    By Valentin Eni URL on 02.22.2013

  29. His hands were so raw and leathery that it looked like he could reach into a barrel of broken glass without any problem.

    By John Knauf on 02.22.2013

  30. It reminds me of cows. cows with black spots, white fur. Or is it called skin? Hide; that’s what it’s called.

    By Sakura on 02.22.2013

  31. It is very tough. I can almost see the faded brown/ black colors on the wrinkly surface of a leathery piece of cloth. It is tough yet not too rough to the touch. You can feel its stiffness as you twist it and it resists. The smell of the leather wafts into your nostrils – reminding you of the pastures and air and grass that the old cow this piece of leather came from grazed in.

    By Bilbo Baggins on 02.22.2013

  32. Smooth to the touch, it is, for sure, but the way some things can be comforting and also remain disturbing, that’s how it is. The feeling of something that can be armor and also could come alive and eat your vital organs. You know, right?

    By Delta Scuti on 02.22.2013

  33. leathery…well the i wish the seat i am on was leathery.
    the leather in my sandals has gone black
    so i dont know what would happen to the seat after a year
    leather is a commodity
    something the poor used only after it is thrown away by the rich, stuffed back and stitched,
    i guess i am writing about leather, not leathery
    leathery could mean comfort, caress, smooth or luxury

    By snehal on 02.22.2013

  34. Grandpa’s face is supposed to be leathery. Well-worn, sun-baked, wind-swept. Leathery. Hard. Stern, maybe. But my grandpa’s face never was. His hands were leathery. But his face was soft and smiling.

    By Andrea URL on 02.22.2013

  35. It was so cold that day. My skin became a leathery knot that ached whenever I moved. I was walking to the park when I realized that my skin wasn’t just drying up – it was moving. It crawled all about. It slithered and slid, and that was the last thing I saw before…

    By Ricky on 02.22.2013

  36. The old backup was leathery to the touch as Simon unbuckled both front buckles to extract his neatly placed fly box from the bag. He open the box and surveyed the scene of hundreds of imitation flies, some wet from failed attempts, most dry waiting for their turn.

    By VoodooBearHunter on 02.22.2013

  37. Old person hands. Purses. That leather scented perfume from Demeter. Saddles. A new car. Belts. I don’t like this prompt at all. I have no personal experiences or deep thoughts to share about the word ‘leathery’.

    By Heather on 02.22.2013

  38. I looked down and the shoes and they fit perfectly, I was so happy. There were the first pair of shoes to fit so well, all the others we uncomfortable or had holes in them. I wore them all day, everyday.

    By diana on 02.22.2013

  39. Waves gently rolled on top of one another to come and meet the powdery white sand. She look up and wondered whether the clear and whispy clouds would give away to the usual afternoon storm. Her uncle, a leathery shrivel of a man

    By Jie on 02.22.2013

  40. The boots, the boots her father wore when he served in the army. The last image she had of him was him standing proudly, arms akimbo, in front of a tank. That was the last picture he sent to his family before she lost her father.

    By Victoria URL on 02.22.2013