February 21st, 2013 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “leathery”

  1. The leathery skinned iguana slid into the crawlspace at the end of the tunnel, narrowly escaping the screeching tourist children. They know not what they do, but the iguana knows.

    By Leslie on 02.21.2013

  2. shoes, bag, elephant, old, wrinkled, leathery skin, why is an elephant so wrinkly? because it’s too hard to iron one, leathery feeling between my fingers, leather

    By michaela URL on 02.21.2013

  3. Cows make leather and the leather is then used for people to wear. It’s as if people are wearing cow flesh, well no that’s actually what it is. Like it’s sort of like cow zombies if you think about it. You’re wearing a dead cow. I’m not a vegetarian but I sound like one.

    By Benjamin Daniel on 02.21.2013

  4. his skin was leathery. where had he been? last time i noticed he was moisturizing. evidently, times have changed. once a metrosexual, now a cowboy. what a shift in consciousness. what a transformation!

    By l on 02.21.2013

  5. Leather straps pulled tight across her chest, the girl gyrated.

    This was absolutely the last time I was coming to a table dancing club.

    I placed another ten dollars on the podium.

    By Shimbo URL on 02.21.2013

  6. the bag was beautiful, obviously handmade lovingly by some sort of master craftsman. the time that must have gone into that bag was inspiring and stupid at the same time. I mean, its just a bag.

    By Kezia on 02.21.2013

  7. Made of cow’s skin. Leather has a rough, oily texture, and is used in handbags and shoes, among other household items. Leathery can describe one’s skin.

    By RS on 02.21.2013

  8. i hate cheese when it gets heated because it gets so leathery. The worst is on cheese pizza. I once heated the cheese pizza in a microwave and it was the worst taste in mouth that I had ever had

    By kshama bhatnagar on 02.21.2013

  9. l love my leathery purse that belongs to my dead dog’s grandma. I need to vent about it, and for some reason, this website seemed like the place to go, so here I am. Love my life…not. Well, it aint so bad right now. Anyway, back to “leathery”….i dont need this right now. Why am I such a procrastinator?/? my life is cra cra right now. ahh well. lets all just bow down to my laziness. seriously though, i need to get my head outta my ass. REAL QUICK B4 ITS TOO LATE

    By Faye URL on 02.21.2013

  10. Her skin was pale and leathery. As I stroked her cheek, I was reminded of all the times we’d shared. “I love you” I said, one last time. She closed her eyes and the breath left her chest, leaving her motionless in my arms. After 74 years of love, I’m now left alone.

    By Megan on 02.21.2013

  11. Just go. Walk towards the finishing line and touch the things matter along the way. Stroke your baby’s hair and lay your hand upon the leathery palm of your father. Feel your mother’s heart still beating within your own. You have everything and no need to be afraid.

    By Pip333 on 02.21.2013

  12. Her skin was pale and leathery. As I stroked her cheek, I was reminded of all the times we’d shared. “I love you” I said, one last time. She closed her eyes and the breath left her chest, leaving her motionless in my arms. After 74 years of love, I was left alone. Lost in this world without her.

    By Ebony Bird URL on 02.21.2013

  13. She soaked in the sun everyday for the 50 years that she was married to Carl. There was no need to work. He provided for her. She could do what she wanted. So she basked in the sun, drank wine, and went to lunch with friends. After 50 years of marriage, Carl looked at his leathery skinned wife and wondered when in the hell he had married his car seat upholstery.

    By Jackie URL on 02.21.2013

  14. His skin was just so, with a comforting level to it that could not be found anywhere else. His harsh life was reflected in his skin, with all the scars of living etched into his living coat

    By Bradshaw on 02.21.2013

  15. The feeling on my skin was erotic, tight, gave me a sense of warmth. Maybe one day I’ll get to experience this again. Especially black shining leather. The very sensation that brings a sudden salivation to your mouth.

    By Boyles, Cody on 02.21.2013

  16. leathery
    the feel of a mans experiences
    hardwork and responsibility
    sacrafice and humanity
    the hands of dedicated male

    By Ricky Sanchez on 02.21.2013

  17. “What an awkward word,” Erika shuddered, reaching up out of the text box to poke at it. Gavrouche smirked while she bent the rules.

    “I’ve got a few ideas for it, but Julia won’t let me use ’em.”

    Erika rolled her eyes and tugged at the y until it broke off the end of the word. “There. Leather’s much better. Now I can talk about the nice leather sandals I got the other day.”

    “Revolutionary, hon. Very interesting.”

    By Julia A. URL on 02.21.2013

  18. “Give me a fuckin’ cigarette.” The old man held out his leathery hands expectantly. “Come on, I don’t have all fuckin’ day.”

    By Herefolk URL on 02.21.2013

  19. “Look at you,” spat Barry, “in your beads and leathery, your feathers and your tattoos. You take yourself to be an enthusiast, don’t you? Admiring those Native American tribes that withered away under the mighty hand of Andrew Jackson, a man with big, iron balls. You think you’re some great chief, are you not, owning some casino to cheat the American man out of his mon – ”

    He abruptly cut himself off upon looking at the man more closely.

    “Oh. You are a Native American chief. I’ll go into my asshole corner, then.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.21.2013

  20. The man sat down as the he wiped the sweat off his bushy brow
    staring at the bright sun
    the splinters from the house glisten in the light
    he slams his hammer down
    and grins, he built his home a place he made by hand, his soul embedded in the wood
    his life continues, by the comfort of his home

    By Ricky Sanchez URL on 02.21.2013

  21. The leathery jacket was beautifully hand crafted and showed that only true talent could have done this in such a matter of time! it was an amazing jacket that showed fierce patterns and marvelous handy work that could only be done with such dexterity.

    By joann kang on 02.21.2013

  22. I saw the leathery, ripped, broken couch sitting across the room and thought to myself, “Why must I be surrounding myself by such shit? Why am I taking this? I have been through as much hurt and emotions as that there couch has! why?”

    By joann kang on 02.21.2013

  23. Leathery is the way my tongue feels when your steam warns my tastebuds that there’s something coming. It won’t be good. I prepare myself for this and yet, no matter how ready I am for the pain, you make my tongue feel like a Harley Davidson jacket ALL day.

    By Kristen Mariano URL on 02.21.2013

  24. Tanned skin that says I need help. “Where is my identity? Who am I without chasing an ideal image?” And in the chase there is defeat.

    By bri on 02.21.2013

  25. one of my favourite stories of yours always begins with:
    “before I moved to Arizona, I walked barefoot everywhere.”

    By smnthbll on 02.21.2013

  26. The lusty, leathery aroma of the old bar seemed out of place with the bright streams of mid-day sunshine.

    By ShyanneEbbe URL on 02.21.2013

  27. It was the Arizona desert where Mabel lived, where she had lived for the past sixty years. She always told her grandchildren to wear sunscreen, because she didn’t have it in her day, they never listened. It was sad how kids were that way. She always wore it now, but it didn’t matter anymore.

    By Matt Kent on 02.21.2013

  28. Is a whale leathery?
    We may never know
    But the clouds,
    I know they’re bouncy
    And the grass,
    I know that’s pointy
    And your eyes,
    Are like two freshly sharpened daggers.

    By Lily URL on 02.21.2013

  29. I don’t know what this means .. but lovely

    By hussam abualrub on 02.21.2013

  30. I wore a leathery jacket with brass buttons clinging to the worn material. I thought of you.

    By Katie on 02.21.2013

  31. Skin as rough as sandpaper; the sun has roughened it over the years. I have more wrinkles than the the average women my age.

    By Jo on 02.21.2013

  32. skin – my god the woman’s face was lined and weathered but her smile was bright and her eyes glittered. It’s too bad I couldn’t hear her speak – she would probably be able to teach me a life time skill or something like that. Lost focus. Leather is warm and comfortable just like this woman’s face.

    By Carol Ann URL on 02.21.2013

  33. Leathery hands, soulful face. That’s how I remember my Grandma. We’d ride horses in the plains behind the supermarket, the little patch of country left in a city plagued by ever-encroaching suburbia.

    By Neelvar on 02.21.2013

  34. When the pear was left out in the sun, it grew leathery. Instead of rotting away, it wrinkled and persevered. I always felt bad for leaving it behind in a fit of early onset dementia. I’m sorry, pear. I’m so sorry.

    By Kairn URL on 02.21.2013

  35. His eyes were glassy
    His skin was coarse, dried and forgotten.
    His marble likeness was cold in the sunlight.
    I imagined his laugh to be rough and dangerous,
    like the fresh skin off an endangered animal.
    I was glad I never heard it.

    By Kairn URL on 02.21.2013

  36. The leathery jacket set on top of the chair. This was a bad sign……he was there! turning sharply, I ran right into him. Losing my breath and my nerve all in one moment.

    By alicia t on 02.21.2013

  37. I watched as she grabbed her leather jacket and threw it over her shoulders. We walked out the door, and I glanced at her hand, desperate to grab it. She was so hot in that jacket. Leather makes anyone look cool.

    By Milly on 02.21.2013

  38. i went to visit her on her front porch, her daily perch for the last 20 years.
    she always sat out there in the afternoons and watched the world go by, chatted to neighbours now and again and read her papers.
    We became friendly over the years, she had a cat and a small dog and i would visit them on my way to and from school. Sometimes she would give me a cookie or a caramel, or a coveted wagon wheel. She always had a little something to share.
    Soon I would sit on the porch and chat with her too, a ritual that made us both happy and gave us a little respite from our days.I would rattle on about whatever had happened and school and she would smile and nod and fold her paper away.
    She treated me as a person, not a child and gave some advice as needed but mostly just listened seriously.
    I would give her a hug as i left, my cheek brushing hers. It felt like the softest leather, worn and crinkled and warm.

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 02.21.2013

  39. The glove rest in my hand
    A memory of
    A soft time long ago
    The faded brown
    The wrinkles where the fingers
    Used to bend
    The leather is cracked with age
    And love

    By Ella-Belle URL on 02.21.2013

  40. the rain slowly weathered away the mountain leaving behind the remains of dead animals and then their souls where set free from the evil curse.

    By torrie URL on 02.21.2013