February 21st, 2013 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “leathery”

  1. A face, a leathery face. Shoes. A belt. Man, this is a tough one. In fact, it’s leathery! Hah! Bad meat is leathery. An old codger galoot can be leathery in disposition.

    By Steve LaMantia URL on 02.21.2013

  2. I took his leathery palm in my hand and began to read. I read the years of hard work spent on tilling the soil. I read of ropes burning his skin and he pulled the water up from the well. I read the hours he spent holding his baby girl, caressing her cheek.
    It was the most beautiful thing I have ever read.

    By Raneem URL on 02.21.2013

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    By lslslsls on 02.21.2013

  4. The word leathery conjures up an old withered wrinkled woman sitting outside her mountain cabin, pipe in mouth, babushka on head, smile on her face as she strokes the prickly grey fur of her baby goat.

    By Sheila on 02.21.2013

  5. It felt great. The bike was running smoothly. The helmet felt snug, and protective at the same time. The jacket…well what can I say? it felt leathery like it was supposed to. The day was perfect. All systems were go. Now if I can just figure out how to make a turn I would be set!

    By Fender2010 URL on 02.21.2013

  6. the leathery feel of a pig’s hide, bristly hairs tugging at your palm as you run your hands over it-
    Frankie was a potbellied pig, he had squinty black eyes and short, thick legs that looked far too big for his small hooves. His sister had a sense of humor, shoving pieces of paper under the door of my aunts house when she was locked up when guests arrived, but not Frankie. He found few things humorous and once when I was small pushed me against a fence and held me there, snorting and bearing his musty white tusks.

    By Emma Walsh on 02.21.2013

  7. How does it feel to have skin that is leathery? Worn out from working in the sun, the rain, the snow, the miserable wind? Leathery from children, pets, long hours, stress, anger, fear. Skin that has cried, dreamed, bled, lived and died?
    I bet leathery is starting to feel like an accomplishment right about now.

    By Natalia Rogacki on 02.21.2013

  8. soft crinkled wrinkly
    lines aligned cut through skin
    like a knife
    sun scarred scared sacred
    leathery face cased in time
    wondering where when and why.

    By Matty M. on 02.21.2013

  9. my leather is leathery. The leathery leather on my leather is so leathery that my leather feels like leather. I think my leather wants more leather, always hungry for that leathery leather.

    By waffles URL on 02.21.2013

  10. Belle frowned at the uncomfortable leathery seat, she had been sitting in it for a good three hours now and was ready to leave. But her mother insisted that she stay for the of the tea party. “Care for some more, Darling?” Her mother asked. “No! I have had twelve already!”

    By Saren-Dipety URL on 02.21.2013

  11. Leathery, like a belt. Or gloves. Brown leather gloves. From a cow. A beautiful cow, whose life is only for our selfish reasons.

    By Alexa URL on 02.21.2013

  12. He looked at his meal, a grim expression on his face. The meat was leathery, hard as a stone, the vegetables overcooked and the bread burnt. Not to mention the warm beer, but that, at least, hadn’t been cooked by his friend. He hid his grimace, and took another brave, resigned bite, not wanting to hurt Millie’s feelings. His hesitation, however, wasn’t lost on her.
    “What’s wrong, Frank? You’re not eating very much. You’re not hungry?”
    “Er…no, not much,” he quickly lied, “probably had too much for lunch.”
    He bit back a sigh. Next time she invited him over for dinner, he’d better find a good excuse. Or buy her a cookbook.

    By Monica URL on 02.21.2013

  13. the skin gets leathery when the mind grows wiser. it’s tough decide if it’s worth it or which to prefer. supple and stupid or leather and knowing. i’d opt for supple and knowing if they option were available, but wouldn’t we all?

    By Safon URL on 02.21.2013

  14. “Darling, the leather has become leathery!” Madame Chenili called to her husband. “Oh no!” He said, and ran to the phone. “HQ, requesting backup!”

    By Saren-Dipety URL on 02.21.2013

  15. too much sun, grandpa’s old hands, drunken tongue, bat wings, sister-in law’s cooking, rough and dry, mahogany brown, cracked, furrows, old and unused,

    By J huston on 02.21.2013

  16. the crack of the wood and the cloud of dirt
    his heart races and feet pound as he rounds third

    the wind at his back and his eyes on home plate
    the fans are cheering for the player so great

    the ball reaches home and finds its place
    in the leathery glove snarled in lace

    By Aidan URL on 02.21.2013

  17. The sofa was leathery and I just wanted it to be softer so I went to the store. On my way i bought some beef jerky at the convenient store and it was really salty, totally awesome, but leathery and I started thinking damn I wish I had some tender jerky. At the store they gave me a couch that was really soft, not made of leather, but velvet.

    By Ryan on 02.21.2013

  18. The leathery texture of her skin was a tell-tell sign of a rich divorcee who spent too much time and money hibernating at sunny spas around the world in an effort to get over the pain and humiliation of being publicly dumped by her rich husband. But there wasn’t enough rays of sun to mend her broken heart or enough alcohol to drown her sadness.

    By Paulie Aragon on 02.21.2013

  19. The leather slips through my fingers, I smell the sliding scent of refined strength as I raise my mallet to bevel the design. A tattooed hide that I’ll make into a purse.

    By Laura J on 02.21.2013

  20. His skin was tight, he had been there for a long time. Lyn walked over and ran her smooth finger tips over the leathery skin. “How long do you think he’s been here?” She asked her partner. “Well, in these conditions, a very long time.” They were in the desert. Well, to be exact they were in a cave in a desert, in Arizona. They had been called out for a missing person report. The man was a geologist, he was looking at the rocks.

    By Caitlin on 02.21.2013

  21. He got his first baseball glove on the day he turned ten.
    Wore it down on the field, scratched his first name in pen.
    He went through his years, leather always by his side
    Car seats and watches, belts made of hide.

    Sixty years later, he raised a trembling hand
    Stroked the skin of his cheek; Leathery and bland.
    The texture that once marked his youth in the past
    Now show his age; the years that have passed.

    By Carly URL on 02.21.2013

  22. The old man’s skin had seen better days. Years of working out in the sun had made his skin turn leathery…but it was aged as someone who has working for a living. He strove to create a life for himself.

    By Tena on 02.21.2013

  23. He worked for years on his farm. Out in the sun. Trying his best to provide for his family. Never knowing if he would have enough for them…but making sure he did his best.

    By SraHartman URL on 02.21.2013

  24. Her leathery skin spoke of too much time in the sun without adequate protection. What do they think, these people? That being darker makes them more attractive even though they look shriveled up in just a few short years?

    Hard to understand.

    By chipschap URL on 02.21.2013

  25. There she sat, my ancient grandmother, holding our newest born son. Her posture was stiff and unfolding as she gave no emotion away to the tiny man. Yet he did not cry or fuss. It was as if he perceived his very life was in danger. Then, perhaps in a pulse-stopping moment of sheer and unwavering bravery, his walnut-sized hand reached up and touched the leathery face of the matriarch. It was the first and only time I would see the tears of his great-grandmother.

    By Casual Fridays URL on 02.21.2013

  26. When I reach her side with the sippy cup, she’s sandpaper and baking soda. Once velvet and cream with a side of gin and tonic singing show tunes on the piano, now she whispers the croak of death.

    By penny dreadful URL on 02.21.2013

  27. We laid so still in that bed, our breathing so controlled, so loud that it echoed in the room.Still against the soft satin of the sheets. Still against the cold breeze that came with each oscallation of the standing fan. Still until we fell into that twilight. Still until he moved his leathery hand into mine.

    By Mandycakes URL on 02.21.2013

  28. i am having a leathery time. It is a hard time, even that i am not sure if i can say that about time but the texture and taste of this time is very rough. This time is like a leathery leaf, that can scratch your skin and the feeling can even stay with you, and that is how this time feels. because i heard about the death of a person!

    By azadeh on 02.21.2013

  29. The old man’s leathery skin pressed tightly against the envelope, as he sealed it tightly. Hoping that his dreams come true.

    By Sachou on 02.21.2013

  30. I saw a leathery face upon the road and remembered all the hands at work to bring me everything unseen

    By skylarkin URL on 02.21.2013

  31. The leathery smell filled up the workshop. I had completed my first project as an apprentice — a saddle. It had taken me a year to perfect and embellish, but the hard work was well worth the time. It was a beautiful and sturdy piece, and it had an important destination: the palace.

    By Kristina URL on 02.21.2013

  32. it’s sad that leather is so nice and it comes from something so sad. the animals are so soft and nice but you can’t enjoy a cow in your house wrapped around you like you can with a nice leather coat. i love animals but i love being warm.

    By Shannon on 02.21.2013

  33. She was old. Her dog was old. Her house was old. Everything about the woman was just, old. Whenever we talked all I could do was stare at her cheeks, the way the hung from her cheekbones like, like, well they hung the only way old cheeks can! It gave me the willies.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 02.21.2013

  34. I felt his leathery skin as his arm fell, limp at his side. He had lived to see another sunrise, and he breathed in hope for the last time – in this world, at least.

    By Archori URL on 02.21.2013

  35. She swung the leather satchel over her shoulders, and took in a deep breath. She stepped off the wooden porch and headed into the unknown.

    By cassidy on 02.21.2013

  36. She breathed in, her leathery skin rising as her lungs filled with oxygen, then exhaled, the skin falling back into place. This is how her life was, inhaling and exhaling. No escape from this place called hell.

    By LucidityAcheived on 02.21.2013

  37. She took in a deep breath as she swung her leather satchel over her shoulders. She removed a sealed letter from her pocket, and slid her nail under the flap revealing the sloppy writing. A smile tugged at her lips as she remembered him. “Im coming.” she mumbled under her breath, “I’m coming.”

    By cassidy mcclurkan on 02.21.2013

  38. What is outside of my house today is the opposite of leathery. It is in fact rather fluffy, and rather that having the hearty brownish color of actual leather, it is a brilliant white coating absolutely everything. Snow day it is.

    By Kerry URL on 02.21.2013

  39. too many days in the sun without and kind of protection over the years has left your skin more leathery than your purse. kudos

    By Courtney on 02.21.2013

  40. your skin touches me, leathery and worn, cold and different. it’s as if i have not felt you for so long, as if your heart has closed and now it’s open again. i wonder if my skin feels like a paper bag or maybe silk, but i hope it is the latter.

    By adrian on 02.21.2013