June 18th, 2018 | 31 Entries

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31 Entries for “lawn”

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  2. She dashed across the green lawn, throwing the squishy ball high up in the air. Her dog, Cooper, jumped into the air and caught it in his slobbery mouth. She giggled as she jarred back to reality, hugging a photo of her now dead dog.

    By Ru Yi URL on 06.18.2018

  3. She looked across the grass to the street, squinting in the sunlight. Nope. The car was still there. He insisted on parking in the street. Which was silly. They had a perfectly fine garage that he spent 30 minutes cleaning every week. “Maintenance,” was his motto.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.18.2018

  4. Kids playing in the lawn. the parents are merrily lazying in the sun. This is the typical life weekend for a family in US?

    By Shanmuga URL on 06.18.2018

  5. Verdant favours, these were what she owed. There were a few more days left in summer, so she would have to be particularly strategic where she could and would tackle. It just took a little more oil on her own personal mower.

    By Issie Kay URL on 06.18.2018

  6. Chester mowed the lawn, while Rosalyn raked the leaves. Their father drank a spiked iced tea on the porch, his eyes already glazing over despite the fact that it wasn’t even afternoon yet. The heat would encroach the neighborhood in about an hour or so, so the teens were doing their best to get the yard work done before they were caught in a sweltering, humid haze.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.18.2018

  7. A lawn is where a kid should get to be a kid. It is where imagination is born and a child’s first adventures take place. Trees are climbed and dragons are defeated.

    By okayfine on 06.18.2018

  8. The lawn is a beautiful place to be. If it is cut short that is. Don’t want to be stepping or lying in dog poop. Great things can happen on the lawn. Memories are made with friends and grass can be an inspiring smell.

    By Ashley on 06.18.2018

  9. I have a big lawn with a pool and my dog lives in it. I go out to it to ride my bike and it’s green and pretty. I hope it stays that way. I also hope we can get more flowers so it’ll be more colorful..

    By CutieCaty on 06.18.2018

  10. “You rotten ass kids need to get your damn imaginations and make believe characters of my damn lawn before I get the garden hose!”

    By Fair Enough URL on 06.18.2018

  11. He looked into those brown eyes. This was HIS realm, no space for the other. He lunged forward. The other backed down. Oh, he would find him and if he had to dig up his whole lawn, damned moles.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 06.18.2018

  12. hey you kid get off my lawn
    i’m sitting here naked and i want to be alone
    i stare blankly ahead, sipping a beer
    wondering what it took to get me here
    wishing beyond hope that i’ll get back to where i was
    praying at church earning money with a good job
    i cast a vote that violated my belief
    but it’s normalized now
    so i might just do it again
    hey you kid get off my lawn
    i’m sitting here slowly dismantling the concept of democracy

    By Matt m. on 06.18.2018

  13. they sat together under the balmy summer heat, eating fairy cakes off the gingham blanket on the lawn. it was a good day, she thought, if there ever was one. laughter rang through the park and she felt such a golden warmth in her chest. it was unusual, but the good kind of unusual. everything was going to be okay. everything was going to be okay.

    By Rhea on 06.18.2018

  14. We let it die. Negligence, our neighbor called it. Self-absorbed, she said we are. Joke’s on her though. We’re breeding sandworms.

    By Aimee A. on 06.18.2018

  15. lawns are green and always need mowing. I used to like it when my brother mowed all these little tracks with the lawn mower when I was little and I would use them like roads. My bother loved it too.

    By Jenn Watson on 06.18.2018

  16. a light breeze cuts through an abandoned battlefield, and the discarded blades sticking out of the ground rattle in the wind.

    By Ai URL on 06.19.2018

  17. Dancing over the lawn
    A new person is born
    Smiling her biggest smile
    That was really worthwhile

    She threw her hands in the air
    Like she just did not care
    And gathered some flowers from the ground
    Moist, soft, brown

    By Starling URL on 06.19.2018

  18. Smoke drifted through the trees, caught between branches and held back by leaves, and when I looked out I could see ash had covered the lawn in patches deep against fences and obstacles, where the wind had swept it, leaving small patches of an almost repellant green glowing in the diminishing light.

    By Meredyth URL on 06.19.2018

  19. The lawn really needed to be mowed. It was looking pretty good though, she thought. It was green and plush – like a healthy lawn should look.

    By Kris on 06.19.2018

  20. an area of short, mown grass in a yard, garden, or park. its green and sometimes brown becaayse its dead grass but ts

    By lydia lowe URL on 06.19.2018

  21. I think lawns are cool. they have grass on them. They make the front of houses look nice. Sometimes they are filled with frogs. That’s why I don’t like cutting my lawn. Lawns smell like soccer because it smells like new grass
    Everyone should have a lawn like me.

    By Anna on 06.19.2018

  22. Out on the lawn, a huge dog lay on the grass. Its dark fur was soaking up the sun, and its large tongue lolled lazily to one side. The tree to its left was spreading shade out just over the dog’s water bowl so that it would stay cool.

    By darseyrsm URL on 06.19.2018

  23. On summer nights, we would spend the time waiting for the stars to appear. On the dutifully trimmed lawn, we’d pitch our makeshift blanket tent and watch the sky.

    By Miller on 06.19.2018

  24. Slow strokes of a brush made of metal and operated by man. There’s a serenity…. a tranquility to it. Watching as blades are dulled making blades short, smelling the fertile loam.

    By Joren on 06.19.2018

  25. i am sitting out , though not touching the grass. I am just looking at it. It is fresh, and it looks well. It is happy in a quiet way, but it doesn’t whisper to me. I am staring at it, feeling hot air on me. I would like to live inside of it, in that soft green. I accidentally landed here, with more time to count each blade. I think of the orchard in the winter, the poking out uncluttered from their brothers. There is no winter here. There is no life but the earth’s unmoving, steady, home

    By elin nomlas on 06.19.2018

  26. I am taken aback by the possession, and there is nothing left here to take.
    What could follow? The earth is silent, blade by blade.

    By elin nomlas on 06.19.2018

  27. She stood on the lawn surrounded by her possessions. He threw the last of her dresser drawers at her and a coat still on the hanger. This part of her life was over, yet she wasn’t sad. She felt relief.

    By Elise VanCise URL on 06.19.2018

  28. There is was infront of him, stretching forever, the flattened expanse of suburbia, the road, the single, or double story houses, the cars in the driveways, the lawns, the ten dollar a trim lawns, the stench of petrol and decay, and occasionally a bird flying over. He bent over and pulled at the rip chord, but nothing happened, the mower shrugged a little, and turned over a couple of times, but lay cold in the hot sun. ‘Start, damn you’ he said trying again, but the same thing happened.

    By Flyderkov URL on 06.19.2018

  29. She haphazardly stumbled across the lawn. The only noises that she heard were the crickets and the other noises of nighttime and aloneness. She clutched the bottle with her hand. The harder she grabbed it the more blood poured from the wounds.

    By Sarah on 06.19.2018

  30. happy, green lush beautiful lovely great

    By mdjohnson21 URL on 06.19.2018

  31. Wild beauty.
    If I tame the mess
    Then I will also destroy
    The flowers

    By Arnia URL on 06.19.2018