June 20th, 2018 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “keys”

  1. “Give me the keys!”


    “Give me the keys to your car!”


    She was wild-eyed now. Her hair practically stood on end, and she was waving her hands in front of my face frantically. “I need to get out of here. Give me your keys!”

    “Didn’t you drive?”

    “No! But now Caleb’s in the next room, and I need. To. Get. Out of here!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.20.2018

  2. My keys wouldn’t slide into the lock, I frantically pushed, but my hands kept fumbling, I was trapped outside. The thing got closer until I could feel its hot damp breath near my head. My movements got more and more overwrought, as I fought my fear down to slide it in. I stumbled as the key quickly jerked in the lock. Then, I felt its jagged, dirty claws on my shoulders.

    By Sades on 06.20.2018

  3. what’s that you say
    the jingle keys
    the sound reacts
    the moment has passed
    ripped rapture shake capture
    break back bark
    whimper wined
    the moment to leave
    eleviate eradicate
    along or alone
    lonely misnomer
    woof woof

    By Matt m. on 06.20.2018

  4. kisses in the dark. the world fades away, only what matters are the two people laying in a bed of intimacy. hours pass. he stands up, leaving the keys behind.

    By namesdontmatter on 06.20.2018

  5. She rattled the keys at the front door. No answer. Her dog always greeted her with loud barks when he heard her jingling the keys. What was wrong here? As she slipped the key in the door, she saw it.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 06.20.2018

  6. The keys clacked and clicked as he typed on the keyboard. This idea… was going to be most definitely, absolutely a revolutionary idea.

    By Gadamer Orsa on 06.20.2018

  7. Key you use to open things like, doors, etc. You can be told the keys to life by someone but there is no real key to life everyone has there own future and keys that help them figure them selves and their lives.

    By Laiba Abbas on 06.20.2018

  8. The key to the whole thing was their dynamic. For the first time in his life he had met someone who was not his polar opposite. The fact that she had so much in common with him took him off guard. He had spent his entire life convinced that a woman similar in personality to him didn’t exist. It was easy, too easy, to become engrossed in conversation with her. He started taking any opportunities to speak with her that he could.

    He hated wishing that even more opportunities to test the extent of their chemistry would present themselves. He hated that something he knew was wrong felt so right. More than anything though, he hated that he was forced to accept that his life and relationships up until that point had been missing something. Perhaps no matter where he was or who he was with, he would always be missing something.

    By Kristian Pierce on 06.20.2018

  9. Her fingers drummed over the keys of the keyboard. Her mind was blank, she had no words. The time passed slowly and she heard every breath magnified. Her fingers moved lightly as they typed, “I’m sorry, I have to leave”. She pressed send.

    By Rose on 06.20.2018

  10. When observing the world there have numerous “keys” throughout history. In mythology and in life they are essential for storytelling and are more than just a piece of equipment.

    By Turkqwa on 06.20.2018

  11. She picked up her keys and left, letting the door shut.
    There was no going back now.
    She sped down the stairs and slammed the door shut on her way out. “Hi, neighbour,” she said cheerfully as she got in her car. Alright. It’s over.
    You did it, she said to herself.
    He will never touch you ever again.
    Or anyone.
    Oh god, he’ll never touch or love or kiss or hug anyone ever again.
    No no no.
    She grasped the steering wheel firmly only to find her hand slipping.
    Slipping with slick fingers.
    No no no no no.

    By Ebbe on 06.20.2018

  12. Just wait a minute, hold your horses, I will find them. I have another pocket here to look in, these keys must be here, I only had them out, in my hands, a minute ago.

    By Meredyth URL on 06.20.2018

  13. He took the keys out of his pocket. “Now which one was it again?” He picked a silvery chrome one that he thought might work. Putting the key into the lock he was happy to see it was the one. Opening the storage unit door he saw all of his grandfather’s collection. His grandfather had recently passed away leaving behind his beer can collection.

    By Andrew T Viviano on 06.20.2018

  14. The keys fell off the kitchen counter. He bent down to pick them up. “I should just get rid of these.” He thought, they weren’t even his. They where his dead grandfather’s.

    By TateViviano on 06.20.2018

  15. they are my favorite sound and i love the way they look on your waist. they jangle and sound like a happy place and they are home. they take me home, they let me in home, and when they are on you they are home. they smell like something from another world and hold the ability to new worlds and feelings and people and places. they are powerful yet small like us.

    By Savannah URL on 06.20.2018

  16. it was a blade too, resting in your hand, you realize when you slash his face with your keys. in your wrath, everything is a weapon. your breath, your blood, your mind

    By canaria on 06.20.2018

  17. He thought about slicing his fingers in half just so he could cover the keys, or have any hope of covering all the keys. Each time he looked at the keyboard there were more keys there they managed to sneak inbetween the ones that were the previously, between b and v and n and all the others. before he knew it what he was typing became nothing but a collection of alien sounds and irregular words, somehow hinting at a greater need for communication. Poets woulld look at his work and see hints of eternity stretching out as his words took on meanings of their own.

    By Flyderkov URL on 06.20.2018

  18. There was the ring, she had it all in the reassuring smooth stretch of her Spandex. She twirled her lucky charm ’round her fingers, a set of two keys she had – one from reaching adulthood at 21, another a keepsake from one memorable travel to a gaol house in Australia. She was about to liberate herself once more, tonight. A full circle.

    By Issie Kay URL on 06.20.2018

  19. “Where are my…” Grandpa began.

    “Keys?” I finished the sentence for him. This was the tenth time this week he had misplaced his car keys. Sometimes, I think it’s too dangerous for him to drive because he has dementia and easily forgets what he’s supposed to do.

    By Ru Yi URL on 06.20.2018

  20. “…And that’s how a key turns,” He said, picking up the transparent lock model with a sense of pride that only comes from telling yourself how much you like your family’s business your whole life. The newcomer, on the other hand, was inspecting how each of the little bits of metal she packed everyday fit so exact to lead to one conclusion. One tenth of a millimeter different, and nothing would function. The little pins jumped into place to fit the grooves of the key she slowly put in, until they lined up perfectly, and the lock turned smoothly, over and over. Just a hair out of place, and it won’t turn at all.
    She returned to her workplace and began methodically separating the colored bits of metal methodically,
    Not a hair out of place.

    By Ai URL on 06.21.2018

  21. She jingled her keys impatiently in his direction. He rolled his eyes and excused himself from his conversation. “What?”
    “We have to go. We said we would be there by 10.”
    “And it’s 9:45. We’re fine.”
    “It’s gonna take us half an hour to get there.”
    “So we’re slightly late, it’s fine.”
    “We’re slightly late if we leave NOW, not when you’re done rubbing elbows.”

    By Bridget Grace on 06.21.2018

  22. The key to my heart is lost somewhere in my sorrow and sadness. Hopefully, someday someone will be able to find it. Hopefully, but doubtelly.

    By Leonardo Zaccaro on 06.21.2018

  23. They jangled as he walked. His keys, that is. He shuffled and jangled and made his slow smiling way down the row. He locked eyes with the prisoners as he passed. “Having a nice stay, are we?,” he cajoled. There was a mischievous grin on his face always, and it said, “I’m free, and you aren’t.”

    By Joren on 06.21.2018

  24. She slacked her hands against the knob, her back aching. As she winced, she reached into her pursed and fumbled for her keys. The longer she stood, the more her back ached. After a long struggle, she finally freed the keys from her purse and unlocked the door. As soon as she closed the door, she collapsed to the floor.

    By Brittany on 06.21.2018

  25. The keys hung on the hook by the back door. Cobwebs had started to form between them, and the sunlight through the kitchen window as fading the words from the keychain. “Mother of the best student at Allopex Elementary” was barely legible anymore. No one had the heart to get rid of them.

    By Cassandra on 06.21.2018

  26. The guy was getting out of his cars and then he realsied the keys are still inside the car. To his horror the car is locked from inside,. This is my fear everytime i close my care door.

    By Shanmuga on 06.21.2018

  27. Dropping into an enamel dish, a hand’s distance away from the front door. The keys chimed like bells, bells on the rooftop of a church. A church that venerates loneliness, long nights, and the cold of a half-empty bed.

    By Rachelle Yeung on 06.21.2018