November 21st, 2011 | 269 Entries

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269 Entries for “laughter”

  1. I was full of laughter when Richie hit Stephan on the face with a frying pan. It reminded me of Tom and Jerry because Jerry usually hits Tom with a frying pan. I love laughter. One time I laughed so hard I fell on the floor and everyone thought I fainted then I yelled out,” HI!”

    By Bob on 11.21.2011

  2. I used to think that laughter was ambiguous. Something people did as a nervous tick, or a polite mannerism. I’ve recently realized though, that laughter is the soul’s way of self-medicating a broken heart.

    By Jenna on 11.21.2011

  3. the kid bursted out with laughter because his friend told him that Josie told him that Virginia told her that he

    By mira on 11.21.2011

  4. I miss your smile. I miss your laughter. I miss the great times we had together. I miss you. I miss everything you stood for.

    By Marina URL on 11.21.2011

  5. artificial and caught in my throat. pressions aren’t half as good as they were when we were in love.

    By DelaneyD on 11.21.2011

  6. Laughter is fun and happy,
    It is said to help you live longer
    It joys others as well as your self

    By Dylan on 11.21.2011

  7. Every time you laugh you gain 7 seconds of life. I laugh alot so I will live a long time.
    So laugh a lot, but if you don’t laugh a lot you will die sooner.

    By bk on 11.21.2011

  8. I love to laugh some people don’t enjoy it though, especially when you are attacked by the laughter faires. They are evil beings that will do what ever they need to get back at the laughter folk, the humans who laugh, that is who the dread day came to pass…

    By Anna on 11.21.2011

  9. we all laugh especially on thanks giving we thank and be thanked for everything we did through the year!!!!!!

    Have a great holiday season!!!

    By tennessee on 11.21.2011

  10. The laughter is a guy who laughs a lot.

    By Trev URL on 11.21.2011

  11. Laughter is when you laugh LAUGHTER hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahab that is laughter

    By asdfghjfarr12345 URL on 11.21.2011

  12. Joy or when someone makes a good joke and someone starts to laugh at the joke.

    By BeauBoucher URL on 11.21.2011

  13. laughter so playful at laughter when he is laughtering its funny when he is laughtering and megan is a nice but mean person just kidding she is mean

    By tatertot URL on 11.21.2011

  14. Laughter is annoying.. wonderful.. silly.. and yea.. HAHAHAHAHA..

    By jacque URL on 11.21.2011

  15. laughter laughter is annoying but

    By lil c URL on 11.21.2011

  16. laughter is a wonderful thing. laughter can get anoying.. just like jake. just kidding;)

    By fishyy URL on 11.21.2011

  17. Laughter

    Nothing better. Nothing better than the smile on my husband’s face when he’s laughing with his brother. Great big belly laughs. Nothing better than my daughter Julie’s giggle. It’s been my favorite sound for a quarter century. Nothing better than watching my three daughter share a secret and laugh, eyes squinting.

    By CameoRoze URL on 11.21.2011

  18. laughter can be really annoying….

    By jacie URL on 11.21.2011

  19. Laughter He has a weird laughter

    By joey URL on 11.21.2011

  20. I love the sound of my daughter’s laughter. It warms my heart like nothing else. There’s just something about the sound of a child’s giggles that can make anyone smile. She laughs the hardest when she’s being tickled. I know just the right spots that make her erupt with laughter. Under her chin, on her tummy… gets her every time.

    By KM on 11.21.2011

  21. ummmmmmm laughter is idk how to put it in sentence

    By da bomb;) URL on 11.21.2011

  22. cheeks hurting ribs aching tears streaming being with someone you thoroughly enjoy for all the right reasons. never wanting the moment to end. sharing with others who enrich your life.

    By barbara URL on 11.21.2011

  23. I love the sound of my children’s laughter when they are playing with their dad. The sounds fill the house and I smile because I know we are all happy. There is nothing like the deep belly laugh from either of my daughters. It’s infectious and makes me so glad they are happy. It’s the best sound in the world.

    By Laura URL on 11.21.2011

  24. The sweet sound of laughter fills the room as the children run in from the playground. Their beaming faces with rosy cheeks and bright eyes could light up an entire city. Why can’t we stay young forever…?

    By Antonia on 11.21.2011

  25. Laughter in the hallway bounces off the spotless linoleum. It stops and all is quiet.

    By dan URL on 11.21.2011

  26. Spencer told a joke and the room filled up with laughter. Rachel didn’t find it funny though. Anarudh asked her why she didn’t like the the joke. Rachel thought that it was a horrible joke.

    By bobbyjoelikesapples URL on 11.21.2011

  27. Laughter is the best medicine, although it only seems to be around when you are already feeling well and have no need for it. Laughter is best shared among friends. But sometimes it is enough to be alone.

    By jasmith URL on 11.21.2011

  28. laughter is an instant vacation. i find that it carries me to a place where nothing is heavy or broken. its brevity is surely a shame. can it be silent? eyes can laugh i suppose. they crinkle with humor and shoot towards the sky.

    By Paige Lucas URL on 11.21.2011

  29. if you’d asked me a year ago,
    i would’ve said that her laughter
    is my favourite sound,
    but now all i hear when i think back
    is a bitter
    it follows me everywhere
    and it
    changes everytime
    i open my eyes

    By Iffath URL on 11.21.2011

  30. The joys of a smile that clatters, click clackity
    as the calamity within faces, forces exhales for serene screaming
    as boisterous and jubilant as can be.
    Laughter is sweet.

    By artfulataraxia URL on 11.21.2011

  31. dag mø
    neus daïl

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 11.21.2011

  32. Spencer told a joke and the room filled up with laughter. Rachel didn’t find it funny though. Anarudh asked her why she didn’t like the the joke. Rachel thought that it was a horrible joke. Spencer started to cry because Rachel didn’t like his joke. Stephen laughed at Spencer and so did Maya. Tea felt bad for Spencer and gave him some chocolate.

    By bobbyjoelikesapples URL on 11.21.2011

  33. I don’t do any of it

    By Christian URL on 11.21.2011

  34. One of the best and the laudest things in the world. like doing it a lot. It’s hard to control it and it can get you in troubles. But it’s worth it.

    By Eva on 11.21.2011

  35. A sweet addiction I’ve yet to taste on this November morning, I listen as it spreads among this faceless crowd. Is it the creation of happy moments or the result of endless despair?

    By Tahler URL on 11.21.2011

  36. Laughter is the best medicine. One of my very favorite things is listening to Ben make the little girls laugh. He is so funny and breaks into all of his silly voices, makes jokes that no four and six year old would understand, and they are rolling on the floor in fits of giggles.

    By Maria URL on 11.21.2011

  37. Die Sirene setzte plötzlich ein und Carolina ging der Klang durchs Mark. Sie drehte sich abrupt um und hielt sich die Ohren zu. Der Krankenwagen raste stadtauswärts und ihr Herz hämmerte. Der Rest ihres Körpers war wie gelähmt.

    By Eli URL on 11.21.2011

  38. Another word for chuckle. Like a fruit you would pick off a branch in the forest.Think blackberry stained lips and finger. Thinkin this has gotta be nature im heaing.Sugar flowing out of throats. A laughter of fruit salad.

    By Harlow URL on 11.21.2011

  39. I’ve heard that we’re able to laugh to counter the sadness we feel on the inside. Since then I feel a little sad after laughing.

    By M URL on 11.21.2011

  40. When things are funny people laugh, sometimes a lot and sometimes not too much. Cartoons aren’t really funny anymore the way they used to be, and a lot of movies aren’t either. The Three Stooges were funny, or at least I thought so.

    By Mad on 11.21.2011