December 22nd, 2012 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “knows”

  1. I know a lot of things, but not everything. I’m only 17 so I have a lot more to know when I get older. I know how to tie my shoes, I know how to work Physics equations, I know how to work at a cookie store. I also know how to type, which is obvious since I am typing right now. I know, as well, that I have sixty seconds to type this and I am running out as.

    By Kat on 12.22.2012

  2. everyone knows i’m crazy about you. they can see it when we walk down the street together, hand in hand. they can see it in my eyes when i look up at you. they see me jump a little after you kiss me, and my smile light up when you look at my face.

    By Abra URL on 12.22.2012

  3. He throws his sword to the ground. “Do you really think all of this –the lying, the thievery, the killing –will amount to anything but your own death?” Glaring at me, Nate nervously runs a hand through his tangled curls, his face showing the conflicting emotions that tremble inside of him. “This is not about making sure your family has enough to eat anymore, Lydie. This is a matter of principles!”
    Slowly, I stand from my stooped position. Around me I feel all my men gathering to listen to our argument, curious as who will win. Whether or not I’ll fire the arrow that my fingers are twirling between themselves. Knowing that I won’t miss. “Don’t speak to me of principles, Nathan Scarlet! While your father burned my village to cinders, you stood by and did nothing. You bedded all the widows and teenage girls from my village who had nothing to eat. When given the opportunity, you lied about your heritage just to gain favor in my eyes. Do not speak to me about principles unless you can condone your own actions!”
    Nate grows silent. His eyes spit fire. He gathers his sword. “You are a hoodlum, Lydia Robin. No better than the ruffians who burned your village to the ground. You can’t keep killing people who oppose you. I understand the pain and anger you feel, the wrath you wish to descend upon my father. I also know that you’re better than this. Everyone knows.”
    “That’s the last straw!” Growling through my teeth, I point my arrow at his heart. “Leave right now.”
    “That’s no what you want . . . or what I want.” Nate steps closer. “Lydie, I-”
    “I never want to see you again.” I pull my hood over my head. “Goodbye, Nate.”
    “Farewell,” he whispers to my retreating back, “Robin Hood.”

    By KenzieB19 URL on 12.22.2012

  4. He knows I’m delicate. It’s easy to fracture my bones, throw me down, dilute my strength, and grate my patience. Most importantly, he knows how to break my heart. He doesn’t want to, but he does it because it’s easy.

    By Pip on 12.22.2012

  5. God knows everything they say. And we all are specks of God,the divine energy and so we also possess parts of his powers. So we also know everythig. we know helping an oldie or giving him or her your seat in the bus is right,we know whats wrong and whats right for almost everythig. but then it comes down to the choices we make. we know it and we make choices-good or bad. Thats how we learn coz just knowing isnt the end,practising what u know is.

    By Jenis on 12.23.2012

  6. not that he has been following for the past 20 years and furthermore she doesn’t have any clue that his eyes are still there. Without wondering how it feels for her.

    By Stefn Barbu URL on 12.23.2012

  7. noboday knows
    i know
    do you know?
    i doubt it
    because nobody knows
    I could tell you
    but not today
    today is the day we can both pretend
    pretend I dont know
    pretend you know need to know
    so come on , lets go

    By Luke on 12.23.2012

  8. I knows that I love chips and they are sitting next to me right now. I want them so bad but I only have 60 seconds to write. I have to write for the full 60 seconds and then I can dig into my chips! Omg I want them so bad.

    By Anna Felmet URL on 12.23.2012

  9. I guess I never did leave childhood, and all she’s been telling me about the future and past and the gap, between them in my life, is true. I never left and I never stayed.

    There’s proverbs and mind games and tangible games
    mancala and soccer
    That we played for this
    this childhood joy
    I played for the accomplishment

    my life is the gap
    the unknowing
    I never left and I never stayed

    By Saudade on 12.23.2012

  10. i’ve always thought i knew what to do. but the truth is no one knows. no one knows what’s right and wrong. human species are always battling between what’s morally good or bad. no one knows. not really anyway. i wish i knew though i think that’s why i look inside myself.

    By liseth on 12.23.2012

  11. he knows that i am trying not to stare.
    he knows that i am holding my breath.
    he knows i would die for this.
    he knows and yet ignores my silent screams.

    i still dream about that car. he also knew we could not afford it..

    By Ranjani on 12.23.2012

  12. knowone knows the trouble ive seen, but some have, as long as they have had the same sight seen. but that select group could be far and few between. maybe in india, maybe in canada. the trouble is this. what do we really know anyways? what is going on in the rest of this universe? how are we to know? know. know what i mean? i dunno, i’m just rambling.

    By Del Mar on 12.23.2012

  13. She didn’t know where is was going, or how much time she had. But she did know she only had seconds left to live!

    By Caitlyn on 12.23.2012

  14. who knows? I know I don’t. I know a lot about useless shit. But when it comes to knowing stuff that will affect me and other people, I seem to know absolutely nothing. Nobody knows, that’s who.

    By Tyra on 12.23.2012

  15. she knows, what he did that night last summer. It was dark, hot, and everyone was at home sipping lemonade.

    By Salamander on 12.23.2012

  16. I’m Kübra, from Turkey. I’m twenty years old. I study arabic translation at university second class. just this :)

    By Kübra on 12.23.2012

  17. She knows me better than i know myself. No, it is a lie because if i do not know myself how can a stranger of my soul can know myself better than me. If i don’t know my self enoguh, i cannot express myself. And i cannot express myself nobody can understand or know me. That’s how the life and relations work.

    By Deniz on 12.23.2012

  18. Knowing is a great phenomenon. one who knows leads people, and the one who leads becomes great thereafter. one should try to know about everything that happens around him. knowledge is humans’ power. we must try to gather knowledge from wherever possible.

    By riya on 12.23.2012

  19. no one knows what everyone else knows. But if you know enough.. then you can guess .

    By mindmenagorie on 12.23.2012

  20. He who knows all and refuse to share with there knowledge will suffer. Those persons seldom want to share their knowledge with anyone. This is so throughout the world, and it is very unfortunate indee. I know a lot of wonderful persons who is afflicted with this problem, and refuse to listen to other people point of view.

    By victor URL on 12.23.2012

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    By Max on 12.23.2012

  22. It wasn’t him who knew how to train me. I’ve always known the internal landscape, like an animal knows his woods, like a child can knows his mother, even like water knows the shape of the vessel it sits in. I came to realize that I know far more than he believes I know. And much more than he believes he knows. But I allowed him to believe his knowledge was deep, as it was the easy way to bide my time in that strange place.

    By charmed on 12.23.2012

  23. knows means to know!, he knows about a particular thing! or its like being aware of something that is happening.

    By mitali pathak on 12.23.2012

  24. god knows everything.
    who on earth can be omniscient?
    everything that occurs has hidden reasons behind it. everything has hidden schemes. mere mortals cant see

    By ravi URL on 12.23.2012

  25. 2012 has taught me that not everyone has the privilege of knowing what they want to do in life. I am so fortunate to have a crystal clear picture of what I want to do.

    By Kimberlee on 12.23.2012

  26. Everyone knows that they are missing something. What is it? Where did it go? I know what it is, but I just can’t remember. I hate that feeling, don’t you?

    By Rebecka on 12.23.2012

  27. people know things some people think they know more than others. theres different types of knowledge. some people are arrogant with their knowledge but its often the people who are not that know the most. knowledge is fantastic. the right kind of knowledge gets you far. who knows where

    By Zoe on 12.23.2012

  28. The ghost knows and I must kill him but how to kill a ghost–

    If there were seven of me and one of him (it? her?), I would be as lost. All my tangential trains of thought lead me to weapons not suited to apparitions.

    The ghost knows. My secret is not safe. My secret is —

    By RS Bohn URL on 12.23.2012

  29. he who knows everything, knows nothing.

    By Louiseee on 12.23.2012

  30. Knowing is a funny thing.
    We yearn to know the truth, to know the science of things, to know what lies beyond death, to know what the future holds, to know who we are, to know what life’s essence is, to just simply KNOW. But there is a reason that there is a curtain that divides us from the knowing it all. Knowing spoils the fun. Its as simple a knowing the end of a book, or the murderer of a suspense movie. We tend to forego the quintessential learning that would have opened up to us. if I’d known what life’s purpose was, would i live it as i live now? Would I have learnt enough?
    Even so, knowing helps. Knowing instils confidence and trust. It gives us reason to believe in things that are out of our control. Knowing can help us to not just reach a superficial level, but to dig deeper and get a grander meaning.
    Knowing is a funny thing.
    So I stand on the bridge.

    By Gargi. on 12.23.2012

  31. Do we really know anything?
    knowledge is just electrical signals interpreted by your brain, asscociating a word or thing with another.
    i know that there is too much that i don’t know.

    By Ashe O'Hara on 12.23.2012

  32. Maybe you’re the one I’m searching for all this time. Maybe you’re my heart’s desire. Maybe I just had to find you now because this will all be worth it. Who knows.

    By geniepyuun on 12.23.2012

  33. The time had come for the final round of the games. Everyone knows who is destined to win, but only if his heart is in the right place. He steps up, the buzzer sounds, and he takes off into the distance.

    By Christian on 12.23.2012

  34. Who knows. Nobody really knows anything, or they think they do, but really they don’t. Even I don’t know this that I’m writing right now. Well, I do now, but I won’t later, I’ll have a whole new perspective on life, and what I thought I knew I won’t know at all.

    By Jakers on 12.23.2012

  35. who knows? do you know?
    there is something that we all know, but nobody knows what everybody knows.

    it’s so confusing.
    how can we not know?

    but it’s so simple.
    but i still don’t know.

    By Art on 12.23.2012

  36. everyone knows im in over my head. its eight seconds left in over drive, it’s on your mind, on your mind.
    Suddenly I have you in my life and everything I know and believe is no longer true. I can no longer live by

    By lauren on 12.23.2012

  37. who knows anything? like does she know that i have read her horrible posts? does he know that i know EVERYTHING about the both of them? do they both know how they are hurting me and i am on the edge just ready to jump? i bet not.

    By Ang on 12.23.2012

  38. He knows something. I can tell from the set f his jaw, the sideways glance. The question is what? He can’t possible know my secret. No one can. It would kill me. And not just me, but him too

    By Rebecca on 12.23.2012

  39. He knows guides us and makes us feel guilt, as if we have been seen without our permission, and now have abiding guilt, every feature betrays us!

    By annabelle on 12.23.2012

  40. Knowing is good. Knowing things sometimes makes you smart, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you can know something that you wish you didn’t know. Most of the time that I hear the word “knows” it’s in the context of “Oh, so-and-so knows that.”

    By linzi on 12.23.2012