March 3rd, 2014 | 111 Entries

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111 Entries for “juvenile”

  1. This word represents someone who is of a young age. It also reminds me of someone who is in prison. Just because you’re in prison doesn’t make you a lost cause or a bad person. Everyone matters no matter what they’ve done or their past. People in society are judgmental.

    By Nikki on 03.04.2014

  2. When I hear the word juvenile I think of how it’s the opposite of everything I am. I am the opposite of juvenile because I am the good girl trying to do everything right and not disrupt anything or anyone. In class I’m the one who gets her work done always trying to stay out of trouble and always quiet.

    By Rachel on 03.04.2014

  3. Kid often take advantage of that. They say I am a juvenile . I will not go to prison

    By Cyrus Okai on 03.04.2014

  4. Trouble child
    Life lessons
    No understanding
    No way out
    Eye opener

    By Ny'Angel holmes on 03.04.2014

  5. Juvenile means like a jail or a prison for younger kids. The juvenile kids are so bad that they are going to juvi. Juvenile.

    By Austin Weitz URL on 03.04.2014

  6. I always have my juvenile moments. I guess everybody has them. We all have an inner child that is desperate to come out and play every once in a while, to destress ourselves and feel a moment of happiness in between our daily and busy lives.

    By Elyse on 03.04.2014

  7. Men can be so juvenile. Always making up stupid double meanings for stuff… Usually sexual. Too bad they can’t be more intelligent with their words. It would be much more sexy that way.

    By just a girl on 03.04.2014

  8. They were the most immature kids I ever met. Then one day, Susie got involved in a terrible accident. She was clearly very shaken up. She started to see the world in a different light

    By k on 03.04.2014

  9. Kicking it, out in the street way past curfew. She popped her gum as loud as she cursed. Ass half out, with cleavage stacked to her chin, she went everywhere she could, in hot pursuit of a surrogate daddy.

    By Soft URL on 03.04.2014

  10. Young. Childish> “Teenagers always think they are invincible” they say, smirks overcoming their faces. Immature. But in a way, are we not? Those long, endless nights under the stars, the moon shining down like a spotlight, is there not some magical part of us that is a little immortal?

    By Genevieve on 03.04.2014

  11. Inside she still felt fifteen when she was near him, though now they had their inside jokes and years of life together. His presence made her feel young and awkward and excited every day.

    By emmystrange URL on 03.04.2014

  12. Being young gives you plenty of opportunities. How many times have you had the chance to go through a street and being looked at from all the people around.
    It’s easier to be juvenile. All people want to take care of you, of your heart of yourself

    By Mar on 03.04.2014

  13. There seems nothing more unusual,
    Than a sapian juvenile.
    Creatures barbed of tongue,
    Cruel for those so young.
    The attitude I deem institutional

    By kyren on 03.04.2014

  14. The first thing that occurs to my mind is juvenile crime.Living in a post-revolution period the young show some declination to crimes and aberration. Juveniles misunderstand what freedom is ,therefore, they fell into stealing, killing and robbing. They become inclined to alcoholism and cannabis.

    By Meryem on 03.04.2014

  15. The young boy was eat a slice of pizza and a juvenile boy wasa

    By Gage Quirk on 03.04.2014

  16. the juvenile is someone that is younger than 18 years old. I am Juvenile because i am 11 years old .

    By dalen on 03.04.2014

  17. Juvenile means when you are younger than eighteen. That is all that i know about it.

    By Kately Garcia on 03.04.2014

  18. The juvenile kid refused to go to school. He was so silly because his mom made him go but he thought he wouldn’t have to.

    By Kameryn Haggard on 03.04.2014

  19. The juvenile kid was so mean to me today he threw dirt at my face and i murdered him.

    By Ian Schorh on 03.04.2014

  20. It means someone that is a kid under 18.

    By Abigail Bush on 03.04.2014

  21. I am a juvenile i am not bad i am nice. My friend has been arrested as a juvenile. He was very mean to everyone. but me. he was my body guard

    By Quinton on 03.04.2014

  22. is a bad kid who does not behave correctly or is at a very young age. that is my answer so yah and this is veronica.

    By veronica davila URL on 03.04.2014

  23. A young person under 18 . I don’t now what it means

    By collyn on 03.04.2014

  24. Juvenile is a very big word which i didn’t know what it meant until Mr. Macholz told me what it meant. Juvenile is a word that means younger than 18 years old.

    By Shreeta Vachhani on 03.04.2014

  25. the juvenile was a very bad person he had now friends and know one ever liked him so he ran away and got eaten by wolves.

    By Billy on 03.04.2014

  26. Once there was a small, juvenile boy that was running around the carnival. He came with his mom, but when she went to get him snacks, he ran off and got on a ride. later, when he got off the ride he couldn’t find his mom.

    By Natalie Quinlan on 03.04.2014


    By jacob on 03.04.2014

  28. Nothing associated with kids is taken seriously. If something is done mostly by children, like say, coloring. People will say “oh, that’s so juvenile.” That has such a negative connotation. Who says kid’s activities can’t be done by adults too?

    By Tyler on 03.04.2014

  29. God he looked so cool smoking that cigarette according to the movies – You should be an actor I said – ’cause I tried being sexy according to “9 ½ Weeks” but I could never quite get it – we were just juveniles then, awkward as hell, in need of a lifetime of knowledge that we could use right then, right then when it would matter the most – ain’t life a barrel of laughs…

    By Miss Alister URL on 03.04.2014

  30. a person who is under 18 or a juvenile kid or a child

    By Nasilius Marin on 03.04.2014

  31. some one under 18

    By omarien on 03.04.2014