March 5th, 2019 | 28 Entries

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28 Entries for “jumping”

  1. i jumped beyond jumping into conclusions of frailty and uncorted conclusion i am alone jumping
    to jump i did but jumping nto coonclusion i couldn’t since i understand he menance of jumping into conclusion. i jump for joy

    By Victoria URL on 03.05.2019

  2. With his stomach in his chest, he raised his hands high and lifted his feet, screaming all the way down.

    By DarkJanuary on 03.05.2019

  3. I was jumping with joy. My dad just came into my room to tell me that my surgery date was confirmed. I would finally be able to have the flat chest that I’ve always dreamed of. I couldn’t believe it. I could finally be me.

    By Theo on 03.05.2019

  4. I am jumping out of my skin, I am soo excited to move!!!!!

    By Naomi Comeaux on 03.05.2019

  5. I’ve been jumping around from task to task, not ever concentrating on what really needs to happen. It’s almost like the act of focusing will tear me to pieces. So I jump. I flit. I get no thrill.

    By Leslie on 03.05.2019

  6. The animals began to jump and i wasn’t sure what to do. They wouldn’t listen to my demands to stop, so I figured I couldn’t do anything but stand there and watch the chaos.

    By April Stone on 03.05.2019

  7. Jumping is easy. It’s the hitting the ground that kills you.

    Or, in your case, the water.

    I mean, the Golden Gate? You went all out. Overachiever, even in death.

    But from 20 stories up, that water hits you like asphalt anyway. Doesn’t really matter about the sea.

    By Sparklespirit on 03.05.2019

  8. I like jumping cause its great exercise and keeps you on your feet. I really only use jumping for exercise cause it keeps me fit.

    By Peighton on 03.05.2019

  9. Brincando en el trampolín casi podía tocar la copa del árbol, luego alcanzó a ver el techo de la casa, más tarde alcanzó una vista de todo el barrio, cuando llegó ver toda a la ciudad y se hizo de noche sólo le quedó una resolución, alcanzaría la luna y descubriría quién hace los hoyos ahí.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 03.05.2019

  10. My cat Woodland is a jumper. He loves jumping on whatever he can get his little paws on. I see that look in his eyes and he’s assessing. Can I make that jump? Do I need to wiggle my butt a bit first? Once I’m up there what do I do? Ponder life from above.

    By LZ on 03.05.2019

  11. She felt the life inside her quiver like a small insect. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore it.

    By Bridget Grace on 03.05.2019

  12. many people jump in a number of ways for a number of reasons. the first things that come to mind are using or incorporating jumps into dancing, and also how characters in horror movies use jumping to run away. it also remind me of the gravatational pull and how he would all fly when

    By Hailey on 03.05.2019

  13. Baby kangaroos, jumping over one another
    to get to their mother’s pouch.
    Once in, they snuggle together for warmth.
    They have found their comfort.

    By Geri on 03.05.2019

  14. Five little monkeys jumping on the bed. First of all, why are they jumping? And second of all, why are they on the bed? Who let them into the house? Aren’t they supposed to be in a zoo? And why only five of them? They shouldn’t all be little, either; they should be with their mother. She’s probably worried sick, chewing on a banana in a canopy somewhere.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.05.2019

  15. i was jumping when i felt.

    jumping is my favorite sport

    By bruna luiza on 03.05.2019

  16. I like jumping you float in the air for a long thats if you great hangtime if not its time to get better at it because it can be fun! First, do squats everyday it gives you strong muscles in your legs. Second, practice jumping everyday.

    By e URL on 03.05.2019

  17. Jumping is all she could do, as she tried to let the feeling of needing to move not take her away, however it was building up inside of her. She was feeling like her little girl was waiting to escape and go on an adventure; take with her every memory of always needing to move. That’s why she was in gymnastics and dance. She remembers how she would take what she had learned from her teacher/coach, and put it to practice literally. All the time…hopping, splitting , cartwheeling, hand springing, anything that could keep her moving, especially jumping.

    She loved running full speed down the runway to the end and do handsprings off the vault or run and jump on a springboard to get her high up on the uneven bars. Always trying to jump an little higher or dance a little more expressive on her floor exercise. And that was only after she had done her set on the balance beam. It all kept her jumping and reaching for something more, to allow her the privilege of moving forward knowing there was always someone there to keep that drive in her going.

    It was there long before she was even brought into this world. Her master designer and creator of her heart, mind, body and spirit was the driving force of her movement. Dancing and jumping into her daddy’s arms, she knows she is safe and secure from all unharmed. Gratefully thankful for every moment, as she cherishes every memory, reflecting back to the day , for such a time as this.

    By Donna Whiting on 03.05.2019

  18. high
    skip rope

    By koorn on 03.05.2019

  19. jumping in the back yard on the trampoline, jumping over puddles, jumping on the bed. jumping on the couch, and on a hop scotch, jumping and the furniture, jumping over obstacles, jumping in gym class, jumping rope, jumping during laser tag, jumping at a trampoline park

    By austin thomson on 03.05.2019

  20. Jumping at the trampoline park, trying to jump higher than your friends. Jumping as high as you can hoping to get closest to the ceiling, coming down and trying to land on your two feet. Imagining being a kangaroo, closest thing is on the trampoline, jumping to escape someone trying to follow or catch you.

    By austin thomson on 03.05.2019

  21. She is jumping out of the bridge. No, it is not a Sydney Harbour Bridge I am talking about.

    By Katherine Chen on 03.05.2019

  22. When you are on the edge
    Of something great
    Wonderful or brutal
    With no clue what it will be
    What will you choose?
    I can’t say what’s right for you
    But I’m jumping

    By Bev on 03.05.2019

  23. The kids were so excited to go jumping on those big trampolines. An indoor park with giant trampolines was any kids dream. This birthday was going to be the best yet.

    By Lexi on 03.06.2019

  24. Jumping is a great form of movement. You can do so much with jumping like getting to something higher, travel, play games, play with certain toys, etc. Jumping is wonderful.

    By colton on 03.06.2019

  25. I remember jumping on the trampoline, i don’t know why it makes you feel free every time you jump. It’s magic. And how about the bungee jumping? I think that feeling free it’s the best feeling in the world.

    By limoncelliau on 03.06.2019

  26. I think of jumping frogs and happy elves. I want to jump over mud puddles so my feet don’t get wet. I want to jump jumprope with my friends. I want to jump in track and jump up and down with excitement like Phoebe on friends. I want to practice all sorts of jumping =-jumping jacks and jumping junebugs and other works and phrases that have jumping int hem.

    By Marie on 03.06.2019

  27. i run, hurdling over the huge broken tree in front of me. i keep running and start jumping over the plants that look poisonous. i need to get out of here. im starting to loose breathe and i feel as if im going to suffocate. im in a contraption. someone is playing a very sick trick on me. almost everything i touch could kill me in here.i fear as if this might be my last run.

    By hinklegr on 03.06.2019

  28. The jumping girl ran to hug the woman who would become her new mother. Not even her new mother, her only mother. The only one who ever loved her like a mother would love her child.

    By April Stone on 03.06.2019