March 3rd, 2019 | 22 Entries

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22 Entries for “grim”

  1. The smell was rank. Carl had no idea the smell of corpses would be close to smothering him. But the pay was good. It took nearly an hour to suppress the urge to gag, but figured it out. After two hours, the sight of mangled bodies and the stench of death almost didn’t bother him.

    By DarkJanuary URL on 03.04.2019

  2. The color of the clouds today – grey and the immense amount of wet, messy snow that fell overnight. How I feel about my current relationships. The color grey which hangs over my head like an imposing cloud.

    By LZ on 03.04.2019

  3. The man had a grim look on his face as if something horrible had happened. No one could understand why though, he was in a happy place with his family. It turned out he just hated his family.

    By alexis on 03.04.2019

  4. I like boys.

    By Lane Harvey on 03.04.2019

  5. The day without the sun. The pile of work undone.

    By Carrie on 03.04.2019

  6. You look at me grimly.
    I thought this is the freedom you wanted —
    But then it hits me.
    I only know the half the story.
    I filled in the gaps with a lot of precision and in doing so assumed I had pieced together an entire picture, which was really only as much as I wanted to see, but then the long lens shifts in motion with the short one narrowing in and out like cut aways to and from close ups and the arc of the story comes into focus. I get it now. But the well wishes are always the same from me to you. Live long and do so well you forget my name and when you die my way with you, my face, everything no longer lingers and you have the sweetest, deepest, dreamiest of dreamy sleeps. A memory scrubbed. It is not a parting curse, but a final blessing. Tabula rasa. Tabula rasa. Tabula rasa.

    By MF URL on 03.04.2019

  7. The grim faces of her family made her want to lock herself in her room until the emotions of the household changed. Her sister was such an essential part of their family, and they didn’t know how to feel without her or how to live without her.

    By April Stone on 03.04.2019

  8. En el fondo de su corazón había una oscuridad siniestra que no quería que jamás saliera a la luz. El hombre lobo estaba seguro de que el resto de los monstruos no le entenderían ese amor imposible que sentía por la Santa Muerte.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 03.04.2019

  9. that’s pretty grim. It’s not what I really want to be talking about, you know? It’s just something that happened, it happened and it’s over and it doesn’t need bringing up again.

    Paul looked up from the table, not wanting to meet her eye. He knew she wouldn’t understand.

    By Rose on 03.04.2019

  10. grim rymes with the word grimes. what does grim mean?

    By KJ on 03.04.2019

  11. “How’s she looking, cap?”

    Captain Bossam didn’t mince words, nor did she attempt to appear stoic or without feeling. Her eyebrows were creased in a near permanent scar of concern.

    “Hate to tell you this, corporal, but…it’s pretty grim. I don’t know how much longer she’ll last.”

    Corporal Eisoff stared. This had only been a slight wound in the leg; now it was a dire injury?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.04.2019

  12. The GRIM! He stands behind Harry. Ron’s eyes widen. Little did they know that, rather than being something horrible, the Grim was actually Sirius. A bit flea-bitten, but still loveable.

    By Leslie on 03.04.2019

  13. The Grimm fairy tales are really morbid in every single one of then at least on person dies if not everyone!

    By Naomi Comeaux on 03.04.2019

  14. I could not think of a sentence for grim right of the top of my head so I wrote this I don’t like to be grim

    By Jesse Martinez on 03.04.2019

  15. The grey sky loomed over her, rain mixing with tears. How dare he make her feel this low. The grim weather forced her to pull her thin shirt tight around her. She scolded herself for forgetting something to keep warm.

    By Lyssa on 03.04.2019

  16. Power. Power is the only thing that matters. Power allows you to save, to win, to defend, to be the best. Without power the world is meaningless. That is the world we live in. I need more power. I need it to achieve my goals.

    By Jarrod Iacovou on 03.04.2019

  17. A type of feeling you get when you realise that you are so utterly screwed, or it could come to you when a very horrible event has happened and your actions may or may not have contributed to it in some way, shape or form.

    By Liam Baker on 03.04.2019

  18. His behavior was grim. I could not believe it. I was so mad at him that I didn’t want to talk to him never again. But of course, I can’t do that.

    By Alexandria on 03.04.2019

  19. He saw a grim weekend ahead and didn’t have any solutions. He took his chances anyway, hopeful for the best.

    By Akua URL on 03.04.2019

  20. The night is very grim, but i like it.

    By Karen on 03.04.2019

  21. The boy felt very grim when he saw what was happening at home to his house after the bush fires had started.

    By Mrs Mack URL on 03.04.2019

  22. The mood was grim. The house was empty, with just a circle of wind hustling in from the open back door. Nobody cared to lock it anymore. The real treasures of the house were only seen by it’s people. But even in their death, their souls found their way back to guard it. A second circle of wind gushed inside, much thicker than the previous. A treacherous circle of wind banged the door back and forth, back and forth, raging, as if it was punishing the old wooden sheet of the door. Finally, everything came to a gloomy halt as a tiny puff of air rushed into the house.

    By Shalini URL on 03.04.2019