December 7th, 2012 | 240 Entries

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240 Entries for “July”

  1. Is the month of the fourth, of summer, flags and watching fireworks over water. my last roommate’s name was july, except that it was her made-up fake adopted name not her real one. she was from beijing. i always thought it odd that she didn’t choose june. she cooked every night.

    By Sara Outing URL on 12.07.2012

  2. She shivered. He was sure that his eyes had tricked him before, but he was sure now. She was cold. The office was rather dry and cool from the air conditioner, he thought. He walked over to her desk and held out his hand. “Come with me,” he said.
    She stood as she followed him outside into the courtyard, where there was little shade, no place to hide from the heat.

    By Perry URL on 12.07.2012

  3. She shivered. He thought that his eyes had tricked him before, but now he was certain. She was cold. The office was rather dry and cool from the air conditioner, he thought. He walked over to her desk and held out his hand. “Come with me,” he said.
    She stood as she followed him outside into the courtyard, where there was little shade, no place to hide from the heat.

    By Perry URL on 12.07.2012

  4. july is a time in the middle of the summer. i celebrate the fourth of july. when i was little i used to be a part of this parade in this neighborhood over by my pool where i used to swim. my aunts used to come and visit me all the time during july. Last july i went to camp with my best friend megan (: we met this kid carter and he was really funny.

    By victoria on 12.07.2012

  5. On the roof, the shingles hurt my hands,
    the houses around us are glittering.
    we decide a last minute trip to the fireworks store.

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 12.07.2012

  6. love july month.
    comes after june ,my birthday monsoon july .

    By tom on 12.07.2012

  7. I almost suffocated just from the heat that month. Of course it probably would have been less stifling, outside of the car, with the bong put away.

    By Brandi URL on 12.07.2012

  8. “Do you remember those late talks that started around july? I was always surprised by the fact that our insomnia was equally severe. It’s good to finally know where it comes from; I somehow feel closer to you…”

    “Bonding through night terrors. You are seriously the worst.”

    “Well, in my defense, sharing is caring.”

    “What?! Your cliché makes no sense.”

    “I know…”

    By Edna Paulet URL on 12.07.2012

  9. On a dark and stormy night of july,Michael stepped outside shivering. Why is it so cold he asked himself sternly if he didnt get some shelter soon, He’d probably die of hypothermia.He ran to the house, avoiding the rain pounding on his clean shaven head.
    Michael opened the door,it slowly creaked before it gave way.Then… SUPRISE!! it was The 4th of July .HIS BIRTHDAY,he’d completely forgotten,He’d been in the cold so long, angry at his parents that he didnt use his brain and spot the clues. The first clue was when his big brother had said ‘hello’ to him.His oaf of a brother never said hello to anyone the second clue was when his parents sent him outside for no reason at all.
    ‘Thanks guys.’Michael said hugging his family.
    ‘open your present mike,Its from me’ Said his big brother.
    Michael looked up, Beaming at his brother.He must have been dreaming.Hank (his brother) was the devil, always up to no good.
    Michael opened his brother’s present either way, without hesitation ripping the wrapping off with one swift pull.
    YES!! his brother had bought the phone he’d been talking about for the past few months.But as michael held up the phone.He noticed that his brother had a button in his hand, He pressed it as Michael saw him. Just before he could Move BANG! the phone exploded Leaving michael filled with hatred and loathing.
    ‘This is the last time, We celebrate my birthday OK!’ He screeched.
    ‘ Yeah ok honey.’ Said his mother and father in unison.Supressing their laughter.
    Michael just looked at his family in disgust.They were always making fun of him.His ears were on fire now,
    ‘I HATE ALL OF YOU.’ michael bellowed.
    He ran outside the house closing the door with a BAM! ‘That shouldve got there attention’ He thought.
    Once again he was outside in the cold.On a dark and stormy night…..

    By Abdullah said URL on 12.07.2012

  10. C’était au mois de Juillet, le soleil était orange tant la chaleur se faisait présente. L’air lourd et humide empêchait toute action de liberté pour chacun d’entre nous et nous nous retrouvions à bord d’une voiture direction: la piscine.

    By Joëlle on 12.07.2012

  11. Encore juillet? Je l’ai eu il y a quelques minutes de cela. Quoi écrire sur le mois de juillet? Il fait généralement beau. Les amours se font régulières, les gens sourient plus rapidement et la jeunesse est en effervescence. C’est beau, c’est fou. Les corps se dénudent, les visages se dévoilent.

    By Joëlle on 12.07.2012

  12. I hate July. It’s awkward. Not really spring, not really winter. Gay. That’s what it is. Yes little baby animals pop out of the ground, sky and sea. But I don’t care about that. Everything comes to an end thankfully. And so does July.
    Short and Sweet, hmm?

    By Olivia Moore on 12.07.2012

  13. July is this time I got my car and when I was beginning to get settled into my very first job at Massey High school last year. Loved it. What a good month. Though it’s also the time when I was screwed over by K and when we moved away from each other.

    By Alex on 12.07.2012

  14. july

    By celeste on 12.07.2012

  15. I think July is when things started getting good. I was working hard, I had my close friends, I was happy, I knew where I was supposed to be. And now, just a few months later, I feel like everything’s just about fallen into place. It’s only a matter of time before it’s all uprooted again, I suppose…

    By catyeah URL on 12.07.2012

  16. is my favorite month. Is when the flowers blooms and bird sings their pleasant. July is awesome. It is irreverent

    By cb URL on 12.07.2012

  17. In the month of July, many things happen. A very popular American holiday resides in July. It was the celebration of the birth of a new country. Many of my friends have birthdays in July. Leos starting month is July.

    By Brittany on 12.07.2012

  18. my sister was born on the fourth of july, in 1993 I think but it might be 1992. it’s usually cold and rainy but I like that kind of weather so yeah it means I can wear jeans and beanies and cute jackets yay! um um um july makes me think of autumn leaves even though it’s not autumn and my boyfriend’s sister is born on the first I’m kinda scared of her loL!

    By bec on 12.07.2012

  19. July was when I came home from Fort McMurray. I was very happy to be home and to see my friend Casey on the bus home. July… hmm. There’s not that much that I can say about July. Not much that comes to mind anyway other than that. July marks the oncoming of school though but I don’t go to school anymore. and winter. I don’t enjoy winter very much. I miss summer. Why am I writing this?

    By Bailey on 12.07.2012

  20. Is a hot summers day.
    Is a time when your love sticks to me in the heat.
    Is a time when the sun sets on a cool breeze.
    Is a day, where I think of only you.
    July, is a place, in my mind.

    By Carina Noelle URL on 12.07.2012

  21. July is the 7th month of the year. This month is for summer and the warm sun. It’s for shorts and tank tops. I love July. Especially in the United States where you can ride your bike everyday and have no school.

    By Lauren URL on 12.08.2012

  22. july is the 7th month of the calender. my best friend birthday is on 11th of july .

    By Jumana on 12.08.2012

  23. july is seventh month of the calender, in india july is month of rain. my best friend birth day is on 11 of july, school start in july

    By Jumz URL on 12.08.2012

  24. Two kids, a dog, and a white picket fence
    A job that paid more than my every expense
    You could say it was comfort, but there’s the catch:
    Comfort and I were never a good match.

    By Carly URL on 12.08.2012

  25. july has the orange colour.quite slow.in the middle of summer and never ending.long sunsets.

    By Emily on 12.08.2012

  26. I realized every time I sit down to write, I begin with the same opening sentences. There are about twenty of them, but at least one always begins my story. I don’t know why this bothers me. Maybe a feeling of a lack of creativity. Or maybe it’s just July. And I’m overheated. And I need some sleep.

    By DavidRyanM URL on 12.08.2012

  27. The summer heat kisses my face. It is so hot that even the
    air tastes like heat. I am never sure what to make of days like
    this. In the winter I dream of them, yet in the summer I dream of
    the winter’s cool. The day is endless, luxuriously free of
    constraints and expectations. It could go on forever, and it almost
    seems as if it does.

    By terradi on 12.08.2012

  28. Of you betrayed, who Daedalian aspired,
    We rightly dub this strict divide,
    Separating age from youth desired,
    Desires of future’s past promise belied.
    You sought a spring, but autumn sudden found:
    Steady decline beneath descending hands
    Led by him that comes before both then and now,
    Yet still your inspirations present stand.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 12.08.2012

  29. happiness and great but i love febrary…..

    By evans URL on 12.08.2012

  30. july

    By naveen on 12.08.2012

  31. in july i was dancing with these wiggly worms and they showed me what the universe was all about. I could use them to paint pictures in the sky and as the music changed so did the wiggly worms. sometimes they would get nervous and tell me not to play with them. and then would ask me a second later, why did you stop?

    By Autumns Dreaming URL on 12.08.2012

  32. sunt o fetita de 6 ani jumate.

    By Alia on 12.08.2012

  33. July is a hot and summer month, full if joy and happiness, new men and women hook up and be come lovers. What gun we have in the month if July

    By Althea URL on 12.08.2012

  34. July is one month that I will always remember, for it was on that occasion that I meet and fell in love with a stranger, a young beautiful girl from Grenada, who was on vacation in my homeland.

    By victor URL on 12.08.2012

  35. one day i went camping, and no one knew where we were headed. We stopped in the middle of the road then I wrote a rap
    tap flapping in the wind
    rap, rapping it over and over again
    while im slapping bitches
    masking witches in their demise
    the prize is knowing im alive
    high five.

    By Dustin URL on 12.08.2012

  36. is the seventh month of the year. It is interesting since this month is the birth month of my friend Geline. She is in australia right now hunting kangaroos.

    By warden on 12.08.2012

  37. MhIDgiCKPFLOYJrcGC 7779

    By JHGQTWzVcudAces URL on 12.08.2012

  38. july is the month of my birthday. i dont like it because it is cold. july is also very wet. i wish i could spend my birthday next year in europe because the weather would be hot. ok. i am going to go now. i have run out of things to say about july, but this has been a nice experience. i wish thee on thou journey around mordor.

    By adrian on 12.08.2012

  39. When the sun hits your skin. The smell of pools, and ice-cream around every corner. When hopes are high and the world is littered with smiles.

    By Asma URL on 12.08.2012

  40. july, ah, so many memories. it’s my birthday month. it’s your birthday month. it’s our anniversary month. anniversary, supposedly. i love july so much, so much that it would make me cry when it comes.

    By lilyberry URL on 12.08.2012