December 7th, 2012 | 240 Entries

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240 Entries for “July”

  1. my birthday is in this month
    i love it
    its the summer
    julio is july in spanish
    my old neighbors name was julio. i miss him. july is a wonderful month i think

    By Oladokun on 12.07.2012

  2. the summers eve smell skidded into my senses, tasting the warmth fell the cool flowers and the breeze caresses my face as i walk the night

    By summer on 12.07.2012

  3. wonderful time. holiday all the time.just smoking,drinking ,like life would never end. hanging out with my friends. we feel forever young. how i miss those days. i think i am such a different person now.

    By ioana on 12.07.2012

  4. the summer night reflecting in the moonlight.

    days gone by are never quite as easy as they seem

    fire works. explosions. not so scared as i am now.

    though as scared as i was, i was unable.

    to grasp your hand when you offered.

    the 4th of july. 1994. beautiful.

    By Matty M. on 12.07.2012

  5. The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. Lemonade, watermelon, short-shorts, fireworks, the smell of cigarette smoke and carnival rides. The memories are strong and sweet in my mind. I love the 4th of July.

    By Jodi URL on 12.07.2012

  6. One July I broke up with a boy that loved me. I decided that I no longer loved him. I invited Olivia over and we went for a long walk and decided to make youtube videos and go to Walmart. Life can be so simple.

    By shelby URL on 12.07.2012

  7. papa smurf sits on the dock waiting for his birthday. but the day before is better. better to sleep away the day of all those painful memories in a whiskey hangover like a good man should. like i do. like he taught me. papa smurf. my uncle. the man who taught me to skip dinner plates.

    By Lj on 12.07.2012

  8. I couldn’t eat
    I couldn’t hear
    I just couldn’t stand to bear
    to see you leave
    in july.

    Our time was sweet
    like smells of summer ground
    and flowers in the heat
    so I can’t bear to see it end
    when you leave me in july.

    By Theresa URL on 12.07.2012

  9. Im Juli sind die Weizenäpfel reif. Es sind die ersten, sie sind voller Maden und die Wespen sammeln sich, wenn sie verfault sind, und den Boden unter dem Baum bedecken. Frau Krämer kommt dann immer und sucht alle heraus, an denen noch etwas unverfaultes ist, zu Hause schneidet sie sie aus und macht Apfelmus daraus. Das ist sie dann den Rest des Sommers, solange bis es Schimmel ansetzt.

    By Lisa URL on 12.07.2012

  10. I love July. July is when the fireworks happen, and I love fireworks. July weather is usually pretty nice. Warm! Perfect time for going swimming, or sitting outside reading a book. I wish school was still in in July, though, because I don’t have much of anything to do without school.

    By AnnieB on 12.07.2012

  11. July is the month of my sister’s birthday, a month that I will be forever grateful for. It is also the time that has (previously) been marked by days at the beach full of sun and open air. But no more. Now it will be spent inside while the sunlight beckons me to leave.

    By Troy on 12.07.2012

  12. It was the middle of July, and the sun was shining down, hot, hot, hot. I lay in the shade, sweat forming a shiny layer on my skin, and the sun taunting me with its rays. The sky was pure blue, and no clouds interrupted the stillness.

    By Kristina on 12.07.2012

  13. It’s july. The sun is scorching hot outside. I think back of the winter, when the snowflakes were falling outside. I could use some of that snow right now. I can see my brother playing with a magnifying glass and some leaves catch on fire. They burn his hand. Oh well. Shit happens.

    By Moniek on 12.07.2012

  14. Month, the fourth of july is a national holiday, but for many its a time of enthusiastic celebration with somewhat dangerous fireworks. This is also a time of being with family, though seperate from the winter holidays it is still an excellent time to meet with family.

    By Nathan Wortman on 12.07.2012

  15. July, a month in summer, can be characterized by summer weather and the increased activity in local and governmental fireworks. The fourth day of the month is a national holiday for the United States and can be a very busy but fun time for American families.

    By Nate W. on 12.07.2012

  16. it was one of the hottest summers I could remember. The cicadas chirped merrily along

    By D on 12.07.2012

  17. The hot summer of July couldn’t bring me down. We took walks at dusk, and swam until we could swim any longer. We took long walks on the beach, and shared ice cream. I usually didn’t like summer, but that July was a summer I won’t soon forget. It was the summer that I met you. I think I might have fell in love with you that summer. But unfortunately it came to an end, as July turned to August, and the summer ended. I miss those good memories, but that is all they can be. Memories and summer love.

    By Annick on 12.07.2012

  18. My favorite month of the year is July. There aren’t any family birthdays. However, I do not have to work. Most summers we vacation during this month. My family loves to watch fireworks in Sylvania each 4th of July. lajsdklf

    By Mrs. Daniels on 12.07.2012

  19. July, I miss the days in July, when the sun was warm and my legs were bare. Would it have changed things if I hadn’t been so covered up? Maybe it’s not the weather that’s cold. Maybe it’s me. Me, and you, what a wonder that would have been. I miss you, and I miss your warmth, and I’m about as cold as a December runaway in the middle of July, with my entire world melting around me.

    And I wish I would have let you keep me warm.

    By Anon on 12.07.2012

  20. July was her name but she was as cold as winter. She always had sleeves about her bleach-white twig wrists. Her lips were pale serpents. I held her to me all the time but she was as brittle and heatless as an icicle.

    By F on 12.07.2012

  21. It bugs me that this word is not capitalized.. Can’t focus on it enough to write. And I’m out of time

    By Tjrider93 on 12.07.2012

  22. In July I always remember how my life changed. It was not to long ago. Just over three years ago actually. I hadn’t expected my life to change so drastically, so soon, so young. But it did. Ever since that July everything has changed. I think differently about things. I feel that I can truly understand ways of being that I had previously thought I had mastered. Most importantly I learned what it helplessness is. And how it can be fostered into a thriving being. It can be changed from minimal existence to a cherished soul.

    By me on 12.07.2012

  23. Any other time it would be easy to say independence day. Not this year. This year it is returning home from my 4th tour in the desert to marry my beautiful soul mate.

    By Illuvyatar on 12.07.2012

  24. In July I usually do a lot things, things like tidy my room or prepare some activities to my summer job, I usually work in a swimming pool so I have to prepare my activities.

    By Alberto Burgos García on 12.07.2012

  25. The month right after june, and before August. July is the month americans’ celebrate being free from the british empire. supposedly the day of Indepence.

    By Akira on 12.07.2012

  26. I think I never appreciate summer vacation enough while I have it. I wait for it every school year, but when it comes, I don’t really notice. It’s especially disappointing because one day I won’t have it.. yikes.

    By tennismoker on 12.07.2012

  27. My birthday is in July! I’ll be turning seventeen next July, which means that I’ll be able to drive alone after then. July is a good month. Right in the middle of the summer.

    By Jason on 12.07.2012

  28. sunshine in july makes me feel alright makes me feel alive
    sunshine in july sometimes makes me cry
    because i think to the winter, which in me never died

    By flo on 12.07.2012

  29. In the midst of july she lie on the ground counting her sheep, the blades of grass, and days until she would have to go home. Home. At least that is what society called home. Now july was the only place that felt like home. At camp where the air is fresh the people smile

    By Maddie on 12.07.2012

  30. Why does july keep poping up in my head. I don’t like july. People are sticky and sweaty and the air just makes breathing in impossible. Can’t the wretched sun just set for a while and keep the earth cool instead of beating down on me and watching me every move. I don’t like.

    By Maddie on 12.07.2012

  31. july. watermelon. fireworks. smoke. lungs. heart. face. eyes. soul. window. cream. mission. why. grass. ants. crawling. meditate. wood. rings. age. life. old man and the sea.

    By Maddie on 12.07.2012

  32. July. It was July when I met you. I should never have had feelings for you, but I did. It was wrong. I hated it. I still really do. I’m over you now though. I’m glad I am, but I will never forget that Fourth of July I spent with you. I really liked it. I just didn’t like the fact you were there.

    By Kindred URL on 12.07.2012

  33. It was a hot July day with the sun burning down on the couple as they lie in the sand on the beach. The waves crashed on the shore as they spoke quietly about what they needed to do once they got back home. Can’t anyone enjoy their vacation?

    By Joe Carey on 12.07.2012

  34. The heat beat down on his face mercilessly. Sweat flowed like a river down his face, slowly dripping onto his chest and neck. He was alone in the heat, walking through a desolate wasteland where there was once life.

    By Marcy Marc on 12.07.2012

  35. there was something thick in july air. in summer storms.
    it was a heavy night, and all she could think about was hopping a train. getting out of there. she only wept in thunder, you see. to rival the rain.

    maybe she should leave to california, she thought
    where the clouds would never cry.

    By ewelina r on 12.07.2012

  36. the heat hung dead in the air. the july sky so heavy, that even the usual swirls of dust were too hot and too tired to jump and swing.

    By charmed on 12.07.2012

  37. comes after june. has a pretty sound to it. is usually a sunny month. i want it back. i can never remember the number of it. i ‘d love it as a name. one of my favorite words.

    By Sophie Tapson on 12.07.2012

  38. It was late july when I changed my life. At leats that was when I thought my life woulf change. Sadly it did not. Sadly I realised that planning is futile. That pretendign things will magically get better ONE day is an optimists privelege, one that I no longer possess. I realised all this when my life fell apart for the 3rd time in 3 years. My world crumbled once more and I had to pick up the pieces. But how can you pick up the pieces when there is nothing left to pick up?

    By Aneeza on 12.07.2012

  39. it was a beautiful, summer night. the world seemed alive and electric. something was in the air, everyone around us could feel it. the 4th of july had just passed, and still the land looked amazing.

    By Sophie Tapson on 12.07.2012

  40. hot and sweaty. pools and cold water, lemonade with real slices of lemon in the glass. beautiful summer nights and fireflies in mason jars. watermelon eating on the porch, seed spitting competitions and family and friends. happiness.

    By Ariel on 12.07.2012