January 31st, 2011 | 520 Entries

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520 Entries for “jelly”

  1. Jelly is great on a sandwich. It was just made for peanut butter and bread! THis sticky snack is a great treat for anytime of the day, not just lunch. You can have it on toast or with some toasted crackers. Jelly is most of everyone’s favorite condiment.

    by Meredith on 02.01.2011
  2. jelly donuts, apple. strawberry. grape. blueberry. black raspberry. mint. pepper. cream cheese. jellyfish. ky jelly.

    by sarah on 02.01.2011
  3. Jelly is a food that you put on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You can also use it for other foods. Jelly comes in many different flavors.

  4. I went to the fridge to make a peanut butter jelly sandwitch, but we ran out. so i went to the store to buy some more, but the store only sold strawberry jelly. i wanted grape. so i finally jsut settled on a jar of peach preserves but realized i didn’t have any bread. So i went back to the store with only enough money for a loaf of bread when i see the store truck unloading a truck load of grape jelly. I quickly rush home, grab money to only find the store closing for the night.

    by Samantha Smith on 02.01.2011
  5. Delicious, made of fruit, mom’s is best, grape, strawberry, + peanut butter = sandwich, yum.

    by Jennifer on 02.01.2011
  6. Jelly is nice, it’s really gooey and delicious. I think jelly is a staple in the cabinet of anyone’s kitchen. It’s in love with peanut butter so they really shouldn’t be separated. If they are separated, it would be a tragic love story.

    by Marielle on 02.01.2011
  7. Jelly is mixture of fruit. It can be put on toast or with peanut butter on a sandwich.

  8. jelly jelly jelly mmm yum. Red jelly is passionate. It’s good on sandwiches. Blue jelly is good, too. And I think it would be cool to use as a means for making art. Orange jelly is like Joe Lieberman. Right in the middle. It’s kind of fussy that way. And it basically has no use.

    by Justin on 02.01.2011
  9. jelly is fun its gooy and funny.And it is kind of stupid if u think about it. And u can see it. And it is wierd.And u can put it on a sand witch with peuntbutter with apple sause and people it is cool.

    by jakob on 02.01.2011
  10. jelly is something that i put on bread to make a peaunt butter and jelly sandwitch its delishiouse

  11. Jelly is a food that you put on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.There a lot of different kinds of jelly. Spongebob makes a sandwich with jelly on it too.

  12. A type of food that you can put on a piece of toast. And you can put it in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

    by on 02.01.2011
  13. Jelly is something I can’t stand to eat. People say jelly and ice-cream is one of the great combinations. Give me a break. It’s about as good a partnership as Israel and Palestine. The ice cream makes the jelly cold and horrible. The jelly gets in the way of the ice cream. Nightmare.

    Now jellyfish and ice cream is something I’ve never tried. And don’t want to either. I suppose it must be a delicacy in some part of the world, but it’s not somewhere I’d want to go if that’s the sort of nonsense they eat.

    by Welsh Major on 02.01.2011
  14. jelly is a fruit jam to spread onto toast. jelly is good and can be either grape or strawberry, also can be used for a peanut butter and jelly. jelly is very good for toast.

  15. You can put jelly on toast or bread. you can also can put it in a sandwich.

  16. jelly is what you put on a sandwich

  17. jelly and peanut butter go together. they make a sandwitch. jelly comes in different fruit flavors. jelly can be used for other foods too.

  18. had jlly stuck all over my hands and the phone rang … the aller d said it was msister! I havent talked to her in ages … well just pick up the dumb phe who cares bout the jelly! She’s pregnant! Oh my gosh, I’m going to be an aunt … oh wow i hav eto call my brother .. we have to have fmaily party !! We tked for an hour and forg all about the JELLY!

    by Malinda Frybarger on 02.01.2011
  19. red squidgy gooey slush messy sticky gets in hair gets in face everywhere stomachs wobbling about human bodies sludging together

    by FCampo on 02.01.2011
  20. Germination. Grapes. Jelly is like jell-o. Soft, squishy, smooth, sweet, the letter S is Jelly. Jelly is jealousy, it’s a funny face. Jelly is belly, is toast is crunchy is munchy is breakfast. Jelly is the distance in my family when we don’t eat pbreakfast together. Jelly is loneliness. Jelly is jelly.

    by Jak on 02.01.2011
  21. Jelly roll morton, jelly doughnuts I used to love from Dunkin donuts but don’t care much for any more, much too sweet. Jelly for diaphragms, haven’t used in awhile, purple jelly (supposedly grape) that someone used on her diaphragm, probably urban legend or medical gallows humor, but honestly, some patients really are trying and concrete. “What brought you to the emergency room this evening?” “The bus.” As if I cared about her transportation at that moment.

    by Emily Siege on 02.01.2011
  22. Jelly is delicious. Especially grape jelly. I’ve never had other jellies besides strawberry and grape, but I hear that savory jelly is just as good. What was it…salsa jelly? Jalapeno jelly! I think? I’m not sure. Still, jelly is amazing.

    by Erica Coleman on 02.01.2011
  23. I like to spread strawberry jelly on my toast in the morning. The seeds make an amazing galaxy of strawberry stars. The more I spread it out the more patterns I can make. I am in control of the strawberry galaxy. Breakfast is happy.

    by Joey on 02.01.2011
  24. the jelly fish was swimming in the ocean and came incounter with a gianormous shark, the shark said hello there jelly fish, dont be scared, im a friendly shark, and the jelly fish being so brave said, well you should be scared of me, becz im a mean jelly fish and i eat sharks like you! lol the shark being the nice guy he is, says, no jelly fish i use to live that way, and you end up with no friends, let me be your friend and we will own this ocean together and be friends forever.

    by melissa carey on 02.01.2011
  25. I once made Jelly with my girlfriend. Or I didn’t make it myself, my mom helped me. later we enjoyd it at the evening. We had just met… So It was kinda wonderful to sit there and eat jelly… Man I missed her so much after that evening, since she went back to study… I love her! <3

    by walliski on 02.01.2011
  26. peanut butter and jelly i like on mt toast its very apitizing and tastes delicious . si have it in the morning and sometimes at lunch jelly is cool to touch cause its slimy. slimy slippery jelly on my toes would be cool to feel i want to bathe in jelly jelly bath would be intersting i dont know what im even saying weird ahahahha what is there to write jelllly j

    by rachel garvey on 02.01.2011
  27. I love jelly,
    sandwich is my world.
    eat more jelly,
    Jelly is love,
    Jelly is apple,
    Jelly is sex appeal.
    Love Peace Jelly.
    Purple jelly.
    If jelly were a veggie I’d be healthy.

    by Nathan on 02.01.2011
  28. I remember that when i got the lead in the only play that i have ever tried out for, i was eating my first peanut butter and jelly sandwhich that i’d had in years. In Prince Edward island as a child on vacation, we made strawberry jelly with the b and b owners.

    by Char on 02.01.2011
  29. Light and purple, like your eyeshadow last night. Your hips shook to the beat, like a bird being released from the cage. Your voice haunted me until my eyelids grew heavy. I didn’t not know you, but I wanted to meet you.

  30. Jelly was always fascinating for me. It was never really a liquid, but it is certainly not a solid. Now I know better because of the word viscous, but I still like the view of my childhood. It was something that never wanted to be like other liqiuds, and I commended it for that.

  31. I watched a cooking show this weekend where they made grape jelly ice cream to go with their peanut butter crisp. I prefer strawberry jelly. My 4 year old does not like any jelly on her sandwiches. Jelly also makes me think of my belly which sometimes wiggles like a bowl of jelly.

    by Meredith on 02.01.2011
  32. its soft
    its tasty
    its sweet
    it rhymes with smelly
    its made of gelatin
    its blubbery
    small kids like it
    its cheap
    its multicoloured
    its weirdly shaped
    its light weight

    by asdadsd on 02.01.2011
  33. Jellyfish floats in the ocean sea. I think about the time we stood in the water and stared at the stars. You held me close, and swayed me back and forth. I felt that same rush, that energy when we were in the bathroom the other night. I think i miss that feeling and that touch. do you? I really hope you do, young jellyfish.

    by kara on 02.01.2011
  34. jelly fish, water, cold, birthdays, sweet, slick, friends, colours, sugar, vanilla sauce, messy, sugar high, straws, not tasty, funny, boose, great.

    by dajk on 02.01.2011
  35. Peanut Butter goeswith jelly.BUt I actually like eatingpeanut butter better. Though my keyboard makesmethinkof jelly right now…my keysare really sticky. Thespace button isn’tworking.

    by Allison on 02.01.2011
  36. There was jelly on the door knob. She had come in with her kids and was obvously in a hurry to leave. Otherwise she would have been aware of the mess that the kids had made in the break room. Oh well…such was the life of the harried single mom. I got it, but I wish I had seen the grape goo before I opened the door. Now I was all sticky and cursing adorable little kids who probably were getting shuttled from one place to another in an effort for their mom to think herself competent.

  37. To better hide herself, Mary turned off her penlight. The dirt was cold on her knees and hands as she faught her way thru. “So much for this dress”, she thought. Could hear him gaining on her. Hear his shouts of anger. “I know where you are! You little slut! You can’t run from me!” She didn’t let his anger get to her, instead she pushed on. An enternity seemed to pass when she finaily saw a ray of light up just five feet up ahead. “Please, please let that be my freedom” she quitly prayed. Scrambling on her hands slipped into something mushy. Like a bowl of jelly. “Ew, what..what is this? Do I even want to know?” Curiousity overrealmed her, she had to find out. Looking back and listening very closely she could tell he was still a great distance back. Now was her chance, she flicked on her penlight and scanned the area in front of her.

  38. Black and white
    Is quite a fright
    And the birds and bees
    Cause me to freeze
    With Mac and cheese
    I won’t say please.
    Perhaps PB&J should give it a rest
    a new combination would be for the best.

  39. I do not like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Everyone that I know thinks that that is strange. I do not like any kind of sandwich. This made it hard for my mom to pack lunches for me.

  40. jelly is funny and sticky and wierd. its made out of fruit and it almost never spoils (honey never spoils.)