July 23rd, 2013 | 91 Entries

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91 Entries for “irreverent”

  1. He would punish her for even the slightest display of disobedience, even of independence; not following orders, failing to call him sir, talking back to him in an irreverent tone.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.23.2013

  2. Irreverent. Honestly have no idea what the word means. It sounds like you are not being respectful of something which demands and deserves your respect. Like God. Using his name in vain possibly could be irreverent. Maybe that’s just because you can kind of see reverend in it. I’m not sure. Interesting comparison there though. I have two weeks lets live them like crazy, lets not sit hid in my apartment waiting for the eventual day. It’s two weeks lets enjoy them. Starting tomorrow. Live my life that’s what I’ll do. Meet new people. Find new places. I got this.

    By Emma on 07.23.2013

  3. reShe throws the crystal cup at his feet. It hits the tile in a wave of glass, silver and sparkle shards falling over his sneakers. She yells again, unaware that anyone is watching. The echo of the shatter was enough to draw eyes, however, and they are not the only ones in the cavernous church any longer.

    By Laurem on 07.23.2013

  4. She throws the crystal cup at his feet. It hits the tile in a wave of glass, silver and sparkle shards falling over his sneakers. She yells again, unaware that anyone is watching. The echo of the shatter was enough to draw eyes, however, and they are not the only ones in the cavernous church any longer.

    By Lauren on 07.23.2013

  5. irreverent
    laughing byt the pool
    in our bikinis
    yours fits you better
    than mine
    fits me
    yours is snug tight
    mine awkward i’m still all arms and legs
    but it hardly matters
    as we laugh at the lifeguard
    calling seriously to all the other kids
    to not jump
    in the pool
    they always
    except today we suppose
    they’ve gone on a bit of a

    By sevenwords on 07.23.2013

  6. I am often irreverent in the most reverent places. For example, I have been known to write my grocery list while the sermon is in full swing. I figure it’s multi tasking, but my children have found it irreverent. Once in a museum of doe eyed figurines, I laughed hysterically. All the faces are the same yet many collectors have cabinets filled with these things. It’s rather irreverent, I think to make Baby Jesus, Joseph, and Mary have the same face. Irreverent. Love the word and love the action of being irreverent.

    By cathy on 07.23.2013

  7. The voice of his generation, some said.
    Ground-breaking and fresh, said others.

    Crass, still others would say.

    Irreverent, they all agreed.

    By Tess11 on 07.23.2013

  8. Adam snorted at her words irreverently. Udeterred, she continued: ‘I have found a purpose in life, and I cannot tell you how much of a difference my belief in the Other has made in my life!’

    By mazikeen on 07.23.2013

  9. I was the devil on your shoulder; I held the wine to your lips
    Fed you bites of poison apple between your shy, cautious sips
    The snake that led you to the garden where you emerged a sinner
    Your heart infected with my venom, blood slowly running thinner.

    By Carly URL on 07.23.2013

  10. Passing by on his bicycle, he cussed loudly, not caring who heard.

    By rachelzana URL on 07.23.2013

  11. “You heathens! How DARE you be so irreverent! This is a house of God.”
    I shoved him away, brandishing my sword with purpose. “Not MY god.” I spat. “So watch yourself, old man.”
    “You tell ‘im, Chandrie.” he said, laughing as he proceeded to shovel gold from the collection box into his pack.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 07.23.2013

  12. There she was. Staring at the huge feet before her. Bend lower and kiss it, like everyone else? Does god really care? Is he standing there watching? So she left.

    By sitara URL on 07.23.2013

  13. Homeboy came up, gassed. Had a 10 spot he copped from his grandma, told her he was hungry…big boys always hungry but dope comes first. Little did he know, i just sold that last 10 to the light skinned boy up the street…he was pissed. Spit at my feet! Rode off like the mac, i could give a fuck less

    By Nasty on 07.23.2013

  14. She doesn’t like the tone of his voice or the flippant, leaning posture. One of his slender blond eyebrows is cocked, and the longer she stares at him, the more his malignancy seems to grow. He draws his mouth up in an irreverent sneer and takes a single step forward in response.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.24.2013

  15. These kids, have they not any sense of respect? Any sense of discipline? I was so angry when I heard “This is boring,” and “We only do boring things in this class”. Then why am I here? Why am I taking the time to teach you something that took me 4 years to get okay at? Why are any teachers here in the first place? To change a life, to give a different perspective, to inspire a new way of thinking. So until these little irreverent punks get it together I will allow my heart to be torn to shreds if not to teach them to appreciate those around them. So that the next teacher they have will not have to deal with these kid’s disrespect

    By Spark URL on 07.24.2013

  16. The young man laughed as the preacher talked to his congregation. What a silly old man he was. He was wearing a bright yellow-and-red costume with a green wig. What on earth was happening? Slowly, he crept toward the man and dropped a water balloon. Bombs away!

    By liyasha85 on 07.24.2013

  17. Don’t know what it means
    but it sure sounds pretty
    i hope i’ll be able to use it
    but as of right now i cant
    oh well

    By aurora on 07.24.2013

  18. the farmer stood above the grave
    the flowers grew and then he shaved
    how does this relate to me
    a servant to a midnight knave
    irreverent and beside i have
    a satchel full of bullets
    irrelevant yet irreverent…

    By meggaedon on 07.24.2013

  19. Sometimes you just don’t care and do things your own way – whatever the cost of these may be.

    By pat on 07.24.2013

  20. she was the rebel
    that had lost everything
    she was
    a rebel
    in a world
    that needed one

    By Lily Crews on 07.24.2013

  21. Nobody cares anymore. We’ve grown irreverent of the big issues that continuously wrap our society. Stop ignorance, and start paying attention.

    By Klarinea on 07.24.2013

  22. Her smudge of a freckle squished into a nearby wrinkle as she profusely protested. The nonsensical, but sophistically natural, bullets shot out of her freshly-licked lips. But there were others around; their stares bored into every pore of my skin that I instinctively tried to scratch off. But was it instinct or just shame?

    By Mr. Sunflower on 07.24.2013

  23. I took to the sky
    Ran in the reign of fire
    Regarded the dragons
    Entered the caves
    Violated his sanctuary
    Entered under the underwater River
    Rented a ferry
    Entered under the sirens
    Not wanting your attention (but seeing I got it)
    Telling you a story.

    By B.Crazy on 07.24.2013

  24. she was irreverent in regards to all of it. she felt she was left with no choice. maybe she was—choiceless. even with no choices its odd she opted for this one. this way of things. this view. could she have gone about this any other way?

    By Safon on 07.24.2013

  25. A brand I work with here at my agency has a “personality” described as irreverent. It is a carbonated soda full of sugar and caffeine and is marketed to young men who may not take things (like their health, apparently) very seriously. I always thought it was somewhat ridiculous but for the past 20 years, this has been the key brand attribute of this drink.

    By Ara on 07.24.2013

  26. “Have you been out yet today?” she asked as she passed through the room. She was out the other door before I could answer, and responding would have been an irrelevant gesture in any case. Sitting here with a cast from hip to ankle made moving difficult and chasing her impossible.I had gotten used to her rhetorical questions weeks ago. They were were like the intermittent itching under the cast, a symptom of this condition and able to be ignored for short periods.
    “I’ve brought you some soup today. Will you need anything else?” She was syncopating her questions with banging pans and slamming drawers in the kitchen. The frenetic noises a cruel contrast to my enforces inactivity. At leisure I considered a range of responses, editing out those that were predominantly expletives. I considered and rejected the one where I told her that while I was an invalid I still had teeth that needed to be exercised occasionally.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.24.2013

  27. “Pfft. I don’t see what the fuss is about. S’just trees.”
    Andrea stared at Jack, a bit aghast at what he had just said. “Just trees? These trees are centuries old! They’ve been here longer than you have. Longer than your great-grandparents have!”
    “Yeah, and? So’ve rocks, right? I don’t get all gooey-eyed over rocks.”
    “Rocks aren’t alive,” she pointed out crossly. “It’s different when things are alive.”

    By hannah URL on 07.24.2013

  28. it seems wrong to disrespect you, but i can’t help it. i love you, but that’s it. all i want is to kiss you and bury our future deep in the woods so no one can touch it.

    By Jess on 07.24.2013

  29. it seems wrong but all i want to do is kiss you until the sun rises and bury our love deep in the woods so no one can touch it.

    By jess on 07.24.2013

  30. Although the mask slid down off her face, showing the look of disdain she threw my way a smirk that seemed at once irreverent yet loving.

    By Andy on 07.24.2013

  31. Irreverence is envy for the onlookers, who dared the could

    Irreverence is reverent

    By Emily on 07.24.2013

  32. I didn’t like his irreverent tone. Didn’t matter that I used it myself, sometimes, when talking about the book. But it mattered immensely when HE did it.

    By mrsmig on 07.24.2013

  33. “You talk as if you’re supposed to be all high-fallutin. But here you are, drinking a pint, making fun of gods. I don’t understand you.”

    “I suppose I’m a bit holy, but that’s no reason to refrain from being irreverent. Gods need a good razzing when you deal with them. Otherwise the buggers start thinking they run the place.”

    By Anthony StClair on 07.24.2013

  34. Irreverence for Death is what got her here in the first place. Now, across the table from him and with the last sugar cubes in her hand, she had nothing left to say. Except, cheekily, a dare: A date? One last night–for her–on the town. A stay of execution, as it were.

    Death considered. And agreed.

    By RS Bohn URL on 07.24.2013

  35. I had no idea what this word meant before I looked it up today. I’m pathetic. I need to get a better vocabulary. I feel like I fit in with my generation because I don’t know what this word meant.

    By Randall on 07.24.2013

  36. This world is filled with irreverence. Irreverence for people, but more irreverence for mother nature, our bodies and our health. If irreverence is your pet peeve, well you are your own worst enemy.

    By Randall on 07.24.2013

  37. The child looked at her mother irreverently. Her mother glared at her, trying to burn a hole into her daughter’s head. She was in deep trouble and she knew it.

    By ShadowPrayers on 07.24.2013

  38. The child looked at her mother irreverently. Her mother glared at her, trying to burn a hole into her daughter’s head. She was in deep trouble and she knew it.

    By ShadowPrayers on 07.24.2013

  39. was i irreverent to you tonight?
    pretended you were invisible at first sight
    air in the room became uptight
    i was under the stage of stage fright

    you were irreverent to me obviously
    walked talked ignored me carelessly
    acted like i was nothing continuously
    alas i was nothing is true i confess boldly

    By Eligia V. A. on 07.24.2013

  40. Irreverently, he scoffed at my teachings, and claimed he knew better. I laughed and stroked my beard as he fell to the lion. Children need to learn there is no substitute for age in the pursuit of wisdom.

    By darseyrsm URL on 07.24.2013