November 19th, 2013 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “irreverent”

  1. this is how I feel sometimes at work. or is it unimportant, irresponsible, untidy, adjectives that describe more of an feeling of complete desperation than a description of a whole being.

    By Kyary on 11.19.2013

  2. Samantha is completely irreverent to the concept of grieving. In other words, she thinks crying is a waste of time, refuses to attend memorial services even for her own family members, and even tends to laugh at those who want to confide in her about elements of loss, whether it be due to death, a break-up, or a loss of financial or societal stability.

    Samantha is also an android programmed to rebel against what a scientist has deemed the “weakness” of human physiology and psychological well-being, so…kind of explains it a little bit, don’t you think?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.19.2013

  3. Irreverent
    Disgrace having to sit in place
    constrained, remained unhappy
    sit still, stand up,
    going home, no you’re not,
    why not, because, okay, I guess
    I’ll stay, disdain. Refrain.

    Irrevent disgrace having to sit in space, untamed, unrestrained happy stand still, sit up, going home, yes I am, why, because, okay, I know, I’ll go, retrained. Stop

    By Yours Truly, Bête on 11.19.2013

  4. His irreverent behaviour caught me off guard. How could you? Why did you?
    He shrugged his shoulders and walked out of my life.

    By JoJo on 11.19.2013

  5. they praised him
    glorified him
    revered him
    but she didn’t

    because she could see
    could see past the fine figure
    the friendly facade
    the brilliant smile

    he was no god
    he was a monster

    By Angela on 11.19.2013

  6. Eyes darting everywhere, failing to make contact with the only other person in the room. I scratch my ass a bit, too, while I’m at it. How that butt-scratching, attention-deficit child ever grew up to be me I will never understand.

    By asavas on 11.19.2013

  7. to be insulting. I often think of someone’s religious viewpoint. It is such a taboo subject to comment on someone’s religion. It cuts right to their core. I feel comfortable talking to be people about almost any number of topics with the exception of religion. I’m worried that I’ll say something that

    By Jane on 11.19.2013

  8. “You are going to Hell,” she shrieked, pounding on his head with her hard-backed limited-edition Bible.
    “It was just a question,” he yelped, covering his head with an arm as he ducked away from her heavy-handed blows, “no need to get so worked up over it!”

    By Sylvia Schlunk on 11.19.2013

  9. i dont know what does it mean i would like to know about

    By rea URL on 11.19.2013

  10. Cheeky Carerra makes a good interview…for an Einstein maybe, a boffin, a purple Prince, litigious mofo, an FBI special agent, criminal profiler, Harvard grad, maybe the sharpest of grifters… She’s fair play for an animal handler, a whisperer, or a bullfighter, a cat-and-mouser, a snake charmer… But she’ll do you like Kali if you’re anything less, dripping heads in two of her many hands as warnings: grinning daredevil in one, lovely gum-chewer in the another.

    By Miss Alister URL on 11.19.2013

  11. He was irreverent when he performed “Truckin Off Across the Sky” on his live album. I loved the part about Miss America coming out of a 60 foot cake covered in icing and all the boys were invited to lick it off.

    By just a girl on 11.19.2013

  12. “How DARE you be so irreverent? This is a house of God,”
    I chuckled, teeth flashing in the flickering of the candle’s light. “This is the house of A god,” I corrected as I pushed myself from the alter and approached the captured priest with an exaggerated swagger aiding my steps. I leaned in and, with my lips close to his ear, whispered, “But not MINE,”
    A glance at Keran was all it took for a blade to slide into my hand and, from there, across the priests’ throat, coating the floor in red.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 11.19.2013

  13. You know what? Forget the system. Forget their profits and their base margin whatevers. Forget this business of maximizing profitability and expanding … forget all of it. I’m done with it. Done with all this corporate stuff and the almighty dolla. I get the chance, second I get the chance I’m moving off to a hippie commune. Gotta be one out there somewhere still.

    By terradi on 11.19.2013

  14. was the fact that he was faster and difficult to see. It did not matter to him, all that mattered was that he got out of this alive. He wanted to see his future so very badly. It seemed to be the only thing that mattered now. Maybe that’s how the Captain had felt when he saw Charlotte again in a long time.

    By harlyss URL on 11.19.2013

  15. “Why? Why all these rules? Not to be irreverent, but…”

    “When the mind settles into patterns, you free yourself from the noise of the world. Only then can you reach a higher consciousness.”

    “Why can’t I choose my own patterns?”

    “We lie to ourselves with our patterns,” the head monk said, “We convince ourselves that the noise of the world is order. But there is only one Order.”

    By Holden URL on 11.19.2013

  16. Her irreverence was astounding. I was holy, the pinnacle of physical, mental, and spiritual perfection. She was but a mortal. Why, then, was she staring at me like the proverbial human gum upon the proverbial human shoe?

    By Sammi on 11.19.2013

  17. she was an irreverent sort of girl — dyeing her hair electric blue, telling people the truth, that sort of thing. no one quite knew what to do with her, so she had to take on the task of understanding herself. she was haunted by mirrors and live

    By Rachel on 11.19.2013

  18. It is not like me to be irreverent but sometimes, like today, I am.

    By Martin Bassett on 11.19.2013

  19. Irreverence: easy in church, expected in the lab and student union, offensive in polite circles and at my Mother’s dinner table, breaks the social contract on which we depend. Reverence is for the stifling, straightjacket, stiff-necked, self-righteous, sycophantic, suckers who have traded their own will for dogma and arbitrary convention. Balance is hard.

    By clayton URL on 11.19.2013

  20. some people think they’re right
    others know they’re wrong
    some think they know the words
    but it’s a completely different song

    By Joey A.M. on 11.19.2013

  21. This is the word I don’t know the meaning of. I even haven’t used or heard. Irrelevant, maybe but not this one. Unusual, unique, etc, etc. I looked it up in the dictionary and it means disrespectful.
    What an ugly word to use. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a negative word, but it is still a word.
    I like to think positive, not vise versa. It is hard to turn this word into a positive one, because it’s meaning is negative. It is a challenge. For me it is really challenging.

    By roze_princess on 11.19.2013

  22. the words fell on the ground,
    dirty as the pub floor.
    her eyes flashed at the transgression.
    mine were defiant
    and a little bit scared.

    we went our separate ways,
    one walked with God
    and the other pretended.

    By Kairn on 11.19.2013

  23. I will be irreverent. I will not listen to those who say it won’t work. I will tune out the people that question what I do or why I do it. Long distance is a promise, a pact. It is not simply bad luck. It is hard, challenging, and saddening. But it is always worth it. Because of that, I am irreverent. Those who get in the way don’t understand. Love is worth anything, and always will.

    By Chris on 11.19.2013

  24. Irreverent? I always showed the proper respect to the temple. I don’t understand how they can call me that. Of all the hypocrites, they should look at themselves in the mirror.

    By Chuck K. URL on 11.19.2013

  25. Irreverent thoughts are irrelevant and simply scrutinize the vast expanse of our capacity as human beans and non human beans. boo. but nature has it’s ways to disguise serious inklings with a dissemblance of much appreciated hilarity.

    By Simone on 11.19.2013

  26. How to talk about how to be when the person standing next to me is one more gracious and torrential than any I’ve ever known. How do I keep these words close?

    By Dylan on 11.19.2013

  27. There was an irreverent giggle at the back of the room, but he assumed it was just someone being nervous on their first day at college. He had to admit he felt a little awkward, as it was his first day as a professor. As he turned to face the class, he leaned back against the desk, and clasped his hands in front of him. His hand brushed against the tail of his shirt, which should have been inside his trousers, and he looked down in growing mortification to see that his fly was wide open. As he tried to nonchalantly close it while continuing his introduction, the giggles increased.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.19.2013

  28. Students in the classroom, disrupting every move you make
    Children screaming and crying in church, but no one thinks to quiet them down in order to hear.
    Respect. Honor.
    There are hopefully places that still hold a certain sense of

    By Julie on 11.19.2013

  29. I could tell that everything that I am saying to him was having no effect. He didn’t share my passion for this problem and bluntly rejected to hear what I have to say. Why am I even wasting my time trying to convince him?

    By Aliec on 11.19.2013

  30. the definition of irreverent. I tried to recall exactly what it was, but the meaning escaped me. i knew i had know it at one point just as i once known a great many things. However, similar to those many other things i could not, for the life of me, remember it.

    By kam4397 on 11.19.2013

  31. Irrelevant. Irreplaceable. Irrational. Irate. Errand. Erroneous.

    By KT on 11.19.2013

  32. It was lacking—
    Never present, always absent…
    You didn’t notice though.
    You were too busy—
    Seeing the positive, blocking out the negative
    Unable to look past—
    Struggling to realize…
    …your relationship was irreverent
    It was all based on lies…

    By Theresa on 11.19.2013

  33. She stood. Sticking out like a sore thumb. Laughing. Her face illuminated by the unnatural blue glow of her cell phone. While our faces are darkened by grief

    By Tiffany Nicole on 11.19.2013

  34. This irreverent love,
    your hands where they shouldn’t be
    and your feet towards me
    biting necks like teenagers

    O dark dark dark
    Is my heart once again

    By Amy on 11.19.2013

  35. A toughtless, irreverent teenager who foolishly believed his prank defacing the church was funny.

    By pat on 11.19.2013

  36. I stood broken at the podium.
    A million glass eyes plucking glances at my skin.
    The spelling bee proctor open her mouth for a moment, and
    brought the word to the room,
    I shuddered.

    By Conor on 11.19.2013

  37. The compulsion magnified, the irreverent pull. I cannot escape this. This is my design, my own creation. And I cannot escape what I have made for myself. You take your shoes off and I know what it means. You undress not only your clothes, but yourself and in that, me.

    By e.dawn.k. URL on 11.19.2013

  38. His lack of interest, got him so bizarre glances, especially from the elder. He quite frankly could not give a shit less about, anything.

    By WhoisRGL on 11.19.2013

  39. This is irreverent? What? Wait. Oh Irreverent. Like the priest and the goat that went over the bridge. No no no. That’s irrelevant.

    By cmrose on 11.19.2013

  40. It’s that kind of humor that always shows up in movie reviews. I’m not sure what makes a lack of respect so funny. Imagine a comedy about people who actually respect stuff. It’s so rare, I bet people would laugh just because they don’t recognize the concept.

    By MaybeMe on 11.19.2013