October 9th, 2011 | 434 Entries

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434 Entries for “iron”

  1. An iron will, an iron fist…the iron curtain? I’m not sure I really like what I’m associating with iron as it’s mostly rather tyrannical. I think that I’ll wait for the next word to come around for a better response.

    By elise on 10.09.2011

  2. it can be metallic, an element, something born not of man but of this earth, this galaxy. it can be strong and tough and used in making things good and bad and in between. it was here before us, in mines and in the ground, and it will last long after we are gone.

    By bre on 10.09.2011

  3. I slammed the hot iron down on my wrinkled skirt and wept. Another city, another cold hotel room, another disappointment. What was the point in going to the conference tomorrow? Why look nice? Why did I keep trying so hard?

    By Jackie on 10.09.2011

  4. iron metal prongs like cold steel only hot and silver like a disco dress that i saw once in the window of a thrift store. it struck me dead like it was from the closet of some mother turned waitress from the good old days. the days of sunny fields and hidden beer cans and smoking out car windows, your scarf ends trailing in the wind

    By maddie URL on 10.09.2011

  5. iron and wine. Iron and wine. Iron and wine, it tastes like a penny, dropped in the ocean and turns to greenish blue after awhile, picked up by an old man salivating on the becah, iron and wine, iron and wine, and he is dressed in a nice outfit, a formal outfit that is soaked and covered with sand

    By SeanPatrickArmstrong URL on 10.09.2011

  6. dont be iron , iron is a simply a tool to beat some people, when ı have a iron ı will throw it until hear a big sound from it , sometimes ı feel myself like a iron , as if ı am a iron man but dont afraid of me , you can melt me!

    By Efe on 10.10.2011

  7. on a very hot day i was ironing my clothes. Iron here is just a tool for clean clothes. But iron also stands for the metal iron. It is a very strong metal and it is also

    By my_writings URL on 10.10.2011

  8. a type of element found on the scientific table of elements. it is a mineral and is good for developing muscles. it can typically be found in meat such as chicken, turkey etc.

    By Tiana James on 10.10.2011

  9. is hard and stupid. iron is making an iron man. stupid iron man. iron sounds like irony. we have iron in our blood. i have no more ideas.

    By Johnny Reb on 10.10.2011

  10. Metal, an product to be used to press our garments, iron is converted to steel for many use

    By Len Van Hirtum URL on 10.10.2011

  11. I have the iron lung, I have the iron tongue.
    God bless the fire bomb, god bless the crazy ones
    They spit on iron mics, they helped me see the light
    I am the iron lung, I don’t test the iron gun

    By Daniel Wyman URL on 10.10.2011

  12. The lack of iron in her veins rendered her tired and washed out. She looked down past her swelling belly at the toddler playing on the floor. She wondered how she would ever cope with another little being. The mess just seemed to spread from sunup to sundown and her unappreciative husband seemed to care little about the things that occured between these times.

    By neanymac on 10.10.2011

  13. It was a bitter sweet taste. He let the liquid flow into his mouth steadily, savoring every drop. He looked up at the mirror seeing a drop sliding down his lip. Delicious.

    By Brandon Adams URL on 10.10.2011

  14. Everything came to a still. The mark was so cold; so, so cold it burned, and she saw it eat her shirt and then, for a nanosecond, come to a standstill before her flesh, as though hesitant about whether or not it should–could it? would it? It would, and it did; it bit her, sunk her teeth into her, slapped her warmly and silently into an obedient quiet.

    She looked up; he stared; an unreasonable anger made him believe that this was okay.

    She fainted.

    By Parka URL on 10.10.2011

  15. “The iron is certainly in the fire now! Why on earth did you have to tell him what we were working on! You know good and well that he will try and interfere in some manner!”

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 10.10.2011

  16. red, mineral. good for your health, 4 letters
    can be found near water too much iron can be bad
    thats all i got

    By Jyro on 10.10.2011

  17. He thought she might be made of iron, the strength of her. Backbone, heart, soul. All of it, stronger than he could imagine. How she could suit herself to the varied needs of those around her. She was proving herself tougher than he had realized, coming back from the hell she had known. But unlike iron, he knew she was anything but common.
    He was, completely and purely, in awe of everything that she was.

    By Chelseyann URL on 10.10.2011

  18. smoothing out the wrinkles with a heated metal weight. if only you could do that to your life it would be fantastic would it not. to glide over the complicated parts of your existence and fold them neatly into a drawer

    By Aingeala on 10.10.2011

  19. hey iron how are u? ı m a human can we be friend, ah why ı m behaving like a alone man, no no no just ı wonder about you because u can make me iron too , about a toughness, go iron go go go heheheh, come go go come

    By efeserhat URL on 10.10.2011

  20. I iron my clothes and try not to burn holes in them. I had an accident recently. iron stain on my new fancy pants. just bought, never worn, now i look cheap. i gotta learn some iron tips.

    By heyo123 URL on 10.10.2011

  21. mu mom says i lack iron in my bloddstream. for that reason she thinks i’m so exhausted alllll the time! no matter how much sleep i get, i always want MORE!

    By Jennifer Meyer on 10.10.2011

  22. All i can think of when i see the word ‘iron’ is ironing! I really hate ironing clothing, does this make me a bad person?! I really hope i don’t marry someone who expects a 1950s housewife, because i can’t cook either…

    By Kirsty URL on 10.10.2011

  23. The pile of washing was there on the floor, I could feel it looking at me. Demanding that I pick up the iron and get on with removing the wrinkles. But I could not consider that at such a time. Surely I had to sort out the wrinkles in my life first.

    By The Wint URL on 10.10.2011

  24. will in soft earth water fire still….enjoy the rust:

    By eichardt URL on 10.10.2011

  25. Her heart, steeled and protected. No one could hurt her. She was invincible, unbeatable, invulnerable.
    But she was also alone.

    By Hana URL on 10.10.2011

  26. She picked up the iron, shoved it in his face and screamed, “I don’t need you! You’re the WORST thing that happened to me!” He cried, walking away with his half burnt face.

    By summerrr URL on 10.10.2011

  27. iron is a source of mineral for the body. iron is usually percieved as a metal in the form of a bar. iron is expressed as fe in the periodic table. iron has been used in various situations such as ironman (movie), iron bar (energybar and circular bar) and ironman (marathon)

    By Chucklenuts on 10.10.2011

  28. Ironing room. Where Mama spent her evenings–after supper was served and the kitchen was cleaned. A self-imposed exile of crisp shirt collars and a haze of spray starch.

    By Essays35 on 10.10.2011

  29. it’s ironic how ironic the word ironic is. not really. we’re supposed to be talking about iron. i burnt a shirt using an iron once. wait… iron is that metal. why do we call iron irons? iron man? he’s made of iron. but i like ironic.. how do you get from iron to ironic. WHAT siren sounds like iron

    By Ezekiel URL on 10.10.2011

  30. You are as heavy in my hand
    As the heart in my chest
    As cold to touch
    As the gaze of love lost
    The scent of alloyed blood
    Marks you as here
    Always with me
    Iron through my palm

    By Geejay URL on 10.10.2011

  31. Sunday evening, my Mum with the iron in hand, miserable face, her busy frame deliberately obstructing the doorway. I’d need the toilet but I knew better than to mention it. I’d cross my legs rather than face the barks and inevitable clip round the ear.

    By Laura URL on 10.10.2011

  32. He struck the hot iron with the hammer watching the sparks fly around the room.

    By Enigma URL on 10.10.2011

  33. what my wife uses to get my clothes ready and wrinkle free. A Vitiman needed in the body. A type of metal. A mineral.

    By guy on 10.10.2011

  34. Iron has the chemical formula Fe and a molar mass of 55.85 grams per mole. Its common oxides are FeO, Fe2O3 and Fe3O4. Usually it carries an oxidation number of +2. Iron oxide can be used in conjunction with aluminum to produce thermite, a reaction which would give off large sparks and burn a hole in a ground if you’re not careful and don’t put a cup on the ground to catch the sparks. Iron is also found in many of the things we use everyday.

    By Kristofer Siy on 10.10.2011

  35. hard. strong. prison. protection. strength. power.
    Being captive, not having freedom. Rulling with an Iron fist. The Iron Curtain. Iron prison bars.

    By Lexi on 10.10.2011

  36. Since you left. Since you left my heart alone. I’ve never been like this. As cold as ice. As hard as stone. But as I grew older. I realized I was evolving. Gliding through the shadows of my past. Now, I have heart as cold and hard as an iron.

    By bry URL on 10.10.2011

  37. I didn’t really pay attention during today’s Chemistry lesson on metals. I remember we reviewed how iron reacts with water though, I was too sick to absorb anything. I looked over to your table to see the 6 straight cuts in your arm. You said you got them from a block of wood that you scraped against.

    Blood and Iron are related aren’t they?

    By Jules Looke URL on 10.10.2011

  38. iron irony detroit iron iron mountain iron and rust just dust

    By Paul URL on 10.10.2011

  39. Iron was mined by the dwarves for its amazing ability to produce quality armor and tools. At first, they only used it for their own purposes, but they quickly discovered that they could turn a major profit by selling iron-forged weaponry to the other races.

    By Beautyfor_ashes on 10.10.2011

  40. The iron was hot and we did not know after it was placed on the ground. I tripped over it and got burn on my leg. It was very painful and I had to receive attention at the near by clinic.

    By victor walkes URL on 10.10.2011