June 22nd, 2011 | 477 Entries

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477 Entries for “intense”

  1. difficult

    By joejazz on 06.23.2011

  2. those intense moments, when you never know whats bound to happen. with another person. during a game. when you’re alone. they define character, how you act in those situations.

    By olivia URL on 06.23.2011

  3. Today the heat might get intense because it is summer and it is extreamly hot today.

    By Gorge on 06.23.2011

  4. fight tense tight space crap

    By Camryn Johnson on 06.23.2011

  5. I’ve recently started reading the Bible. It’s intense. In more ways than one. Like a roller coaster in a bad storm. Lightning all around, but comforting too. It’s about time. I’m thirty and only now realize the importance and intensity of everything.

    By Micah Blaine FitzGerald on 06.23.2011

  6. Intense. Emotions, feelings and expressions. Things taken to the extreme and people abusing certain situations. Can frighten people but cause others to stay…

    By Megan on 06.23.2011

  7. wow! the drugs start kicking in. there is a rush, a tingle throughout the back of my spine. this is awesome.

    By Jesse on 06.23.2011

  8. The Almighty God’s love, mercy, power, and strength.

    By Lauren URL on 06.23.2011

  9. The wait, oh god the wait. 5 minutes, 4 minutes, 3 minutes. . . . I quietly counted down along with the countdown clock surrounded by owls. It was starting to get intense. What could it be? What’s going to happen after the countdown hits zero?

    By Elizabeth URL on 06.23.2011

  10. The intense fires burned the placid waters, generating a cloud of steam so high a vacuum couldn’t hold it. No lid in the world could contain the reaction. It sizzled; it hissed; the waters raged against the burning, but no amount of tears could drown the flames.

    By Kendrick Ong URL on 06.23.2011

  11. did you hear about the circus fire?

    By sierra on 06.23.2011

  12. Intense anger is what I was feeling last night. So intense to the point of wanting to break something. I’m so sick of people, who are supposed to be my friends, using me and treating me like shit. Intense anger is definitely something that comes along with their shitty loyalty.

    By Lisa Bossio URL on 06.23.2011

  13. Battling against a final fantasy boss. Man those things are cheap and brutal.

    By Tanner on 06.23.2011

  14. Intense. It’s such an overused word that comes as close as we can often get to extreme feeling. To feel something intensely is to feel truly alive and in our continual need to reaffirm our existence, more and more things are described as intense. Simply to live is the most intense thing we can ever comprehend.

    By Leonie Thomas on 06.23.2011

  15. his eyes. boring into my soul, peering down into the dark depths that were my sanity, or lack thereof. i couldn’t care less now, as i stared back at him, wishing to hold him one last time. the electricity between us was undeniable.

    By lyrical rose URL on 06.23.2011

  16. :P

    By Cherryberrylary URL on 06.23.2011

  17. Intense heat. Debilitating, exhausting. You just sit and sweat. Too hot to think. Not lazy, just exhausted and worn out from the heat. No temptations except perhaps for an ice cold drink.

    By elizabeth b URL on 06.23.2011

  18. Rightfully so, I looked into your eyes when you told me she had died. The level of emotion there overtook my entire existence for a moment there I spun, dizzy, weightless, circling around this moment in time where we stood, lives changed, forever. What will we do without her? You ask me. I reply from within a vacant stare.

    By Leigh on 06.23.2011

  19. Holy shit this is very unintense, yet I am going to try and make it intense for the preceived reader.

    Elephants stampeding towards of village of mice fighting red ants. The mice where leather helmets and carry swords. The reds ants take over the mice by numbers, crawling over them like a plague, and devouring the body withing seconds. The elephant’s feet create a rumble, like an earthquake for the small beings. The ants shake loose from the mice torsos. The ants are scattered and confused. The mice run from their predicted death. And the elephant trips over a log, falling head first to the ground, breaking his neck, creating food for months for the ants.

    The End.

    By ZColston on 06.23.2011

  20. As I began to fall asleep, I thought about your mother and the time we had together. It was… Intense.

    By Sean on 06.23.2011

  21. The most intense experience i ever had was when my little sister thought she could swim. She was six and didn’t think it would be hard. She jumped in and went under. I didn’t think. I didn’t have time to.

    By Krystal on 06.23.2011

  22. Intense. Such a big word, almost seeming-less boundaries. Many words are liket hat. You cannot describe it it is a feeling. Just let it flow past you, fall through your fingertips.

    By Eleanor on 06.23.2011

  23. she was intense. she felt intense. she looked in the mirror and watched her grey eyes storm. her dark hair swirled chaotically around her head and refused to let the light in. she traced her eyes in a dark pencil, erasing any signs of weakness. yes, intense meant strong, and that was good. to not be strong was to be weak

    By lila URL on 06.23.2011

  24. intense. Bounderys can’t stop this word from developing. So many things in our life and surroundings are intense. The food we eat, the colours of the landscape we see on a beautiful country walk. The [yuk] smell of cow dung!!!!!!!!

    By eleanormorrice URL on 06.23.2011

  25. The feeling I get when something bad is going to happen. The look behind his eyes when I know he’s going to get mad at the next thing in my story. The moment in a movie when the climax is about to happen. Beauty.

    By Anna on 06.23.2011

  26. I try not to be too intense about things that are important to me, but sometimes my intensity chases people away, instead of drawing them near as I would like.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 06.23.2011

  27. The intense moment when you look at yourself and you are proud. For me that is the rarest moment of them all. It is some of the happiest moments you will ever feel and it is worthwhile.

    By Alexandra on 06.23.2011

  28. His smile was wild. He hadn’t felt anything so intense in such a long time. Her mass of blond curls was wrapped tightly around his long, slender fingers as he laughed. It was a low, sultry sound that sent shivers down her spine a she stared into his smoldering eyes.

    By Aurelia Moretti URL on 06.23.2011

  29. I was intent to have you in tent by dawn, for intense purposes known only to myself and the cinders.

    By M. Loftin URL on 06.23.2011

  30. Hey, I had this same word last night! Maybe it was past midnight! I feel the steamroller pushing my heart into a flat little pancake, I feel the heat rising up inside my head like an apartment building on fire, I feel the idea inside my head like a 4th of July fireworks celebration gone wrong.

    By alexfaye on 06.23.2011

  31. The lovemaking between my fiance and myself is intense. This is a good thing, we’ve been together for two years. I wish he was home right now!

    By ART URL on 06.23.2011

  32. Intense is the silence that fills my being after a cup of tea.
    Weave fragrant thoughts with elusive vapour,
    And you will know.

    By Aditi URL on 06.23.2011

  33. When you see someones eyes from across the playing field, and they are down a point. Its the final minute of the game. State championships. When you know you have to give it your all, just for one chance. One shot. You might not make it, but you have to have that fire within.

    By Caroline on 06.23.2011

  34. That one night when you came home drunk you said you were the horniest you’d ever been.
    So we had sex. and it was the best sex we’d ever had.
    The next morning you were laughing, saying you were embarrassed of how you had mauled me, how you had so intensely attacked me. And I laughed with you.
    I told you it was okay. That you were obviously really drunk.
    I even kind of made fun of the fact you were so fucking horny and the funny thing is,
    I was even worse. Even hornier. I was sober.
    I’ll never tell you, probably. Though I’ll never quite know why.

    By madelyn URL on 06.23.2011

  35. My heart starts pounding. Sweat begins to drip. My stomach flips and I can’t seem to swallow. With my head between my legs, I wait. Falling, falling, still waiting. Finally, a flash of light and that was it. The end.

    By Cierra on 06.23.2011

  36. Intense is a word that I use all of the time. Being intense is pretty cool I guess. I’d like to have an intense life. I don’t really know what I’m writing right now. I just think that this is pretty cool. What is intense really? That’s just a word with a simple definition but what does it really mean in our lives? That’s what I need to figure out along with everyone else. To actually know what it means to be intense and to live by it. To live an intense life.

    By Enxhi Myslymi on 06.23.2011

  37. intens is the love that i feel for him… friendship is intense…. intense is the sens of tranquility… preace…intense are the colours of a butterfly… the sky… the s

    By angela on 06.23.2011