June 11th, 2014 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “instill”

  1. Our entire mission at this institution is to bestow upon you not only the knowledge to pursue your greatest dreams, but the courage to make the correct decisions with proper moral character, and the wherewithal to…

    What a load of bullshit.

    By Claire on 06.11.2014

  2. Always have an escape route.

    It was the mantra my father lived by. Always have an escape route. Always be prepared to lose everything. He instilled the words to me. I remember being maybe 5 years old, playing hopscotch in front of a brick townhouse. I remember the way the chalk clung to my black patent leather shoes with gold buckles. An alarm went off in the house and I looked up to see my father hurry down the stairs. He swept me up in his arms and ran, abruptly turning a corner into a deserted alley. Police cars ran past us and my father plopped me down and shuffled me towards a gate at the end of the alley. It was to a park. I remember peering up at him, eyes full of wonder. The alarm shouldn’t have gone off, but we didn’t run far. He seemed to read my mind. “Always have an escape route, Emily,” he smiled, wisely tapping his temple. I’d heard the words only once but the idea was instilled and reverberated throughout my life. Jobs gone bad but people still safe.

    By Alibay on 06.11.2014

  3. To empower, to enforce, to give.

    To fill, to engorge, to pour.

    To encourage, to support, to believe.

    To create, to build, to make.

    To instill.

    By Michael Katz URL on 06.11.2014

  4. The government has been placing more and more laws on the people, constricting their freedoms. It is the year 2098, and people have no choices and nothing is allowed. Pressing their feet down on the people, the government gives the people no choices. Small people doing small things that they have done for years.

    By Hannah on 06.11.2014

  5. The sound of heavy breathing coming from behind her closet door instilled her with the a stabbing fear. Her heart began racing. She backed slowly away, her hand still outstretched as if she was still clinging to the door knob.

    By Jake on 06.11.2014

  6. When a person speaks, they are trying to instill their thoughts and ideas into another person. There is no such thing as the objective spreading of information. Each retelling is stilted and shaded by the teller’s view of the world.

    By Amanda on 06.11.2014

  7. He needed to instill the idea that she was thoroughly beautiful into her mind so that she wouldn’t keep doubting herself. She seemed to find a flaw with herself no matter what, and it got to a point where she could hardly function throughout the day in fear that she might have something wrong with her. In his eyes, she was absolutely perfect – it was just a matter of making her see that and believe it, too.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 06.11.2014

  8. The thoughts swirled together in one great wave in colors of blue and purple and pink. The point was simple enough. And it soared through the skies. They watched. And waited. It was time to instill wonder. Time to let their imagination breathe.

    By austin on 06.11.2014

  9. A little seed, placed so lightly by the fingertip.
    A tiny dance performed inside your shoe on the journey home.
    A moment in the sun while walking to the train station.

    By Ben on 06.11.2014

  10. They were meant to instill fear. The brass knuckles, shining in the light. They looked tough but only from a shallow glance. They were too…perfect. He had never used them before and she knew it.

    By Ruth on 06.11.2014

  11. How do we instill your mind? I have always wondered this. The way everyone thinks is different in all aspects of fields and whatnot. Not everyone will be having happy thoughts with what they contain.

    By TJ Alvi on 06.11.2014

  12. We are all just collages of the experiences and memories of our childhood. The scraped knees, playground rumors, discreet stares at heavy-set adults, random snippets that have somehow instilled us with some abstraction we call “me”.

    By asavas on 06.11.2014

  13. I believe that we need to instill good vibrations in our lives. Or lives are pretty scary in nowadays, so, we need to spread our best.

    By Cleverson on 06.11.2014

  14. It wasn’t often that she was able to find a moment of peace. Her days were often filled with papers to grade, and tests to write, and disgruntled parents to deal with. So times like these, where she was able to just sit and sip a mug of hot mint tea were her favorite, and never failed to instill a feeling of serenity.

    By Margaret Quindle on 06.11.2014

  15. He wanted to instill life into me. He wanted to make sure I lived my life to the fullest. That I had the fear of God in me to be the best and see the best and live my God damn life. I failed him. and I failed me. I will regret that for the rest of my life and longer

    By whitney on 06.11.2014

  16. I would like to instill good faith in humanity. keep going this is a website that allows you to t

    By matt on 06.11.2014

  17. He told me he was doing it because he wanted to instill courage in me. That he wanted me to become a survivor should total chaos break out in society. And he believed that would happen soon – far sooner than anyone else thought.

    However, I didn’t understand how hitting me would make me tougher, or pressing hot metal to my bare arms and legs. He said I had to get used to the pain, and one day, I responded by breaking his arm with just one hand. He wasn’t willing to let his own mantra apply to his own agony.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.11.2014

  18. “You can’t just do that to people, Kevin. You have to start thinking more about other people. It’s time you start putting other people’s needs before your own. To be honest, I expected more from you by now. What would your father say? I don’t have the patience to listen to your excuses right now- I don’t care how old you are, go upstairs. Now.”

    By thiscrissguy on 06.11.2014

  19. There’s something that is instilled in us from the day we were born
    To obey.
    Are you a boy or a girl?
    No, you are a woman.
    Good girl.
    Now listen to what I tell you. Be good. Follow my instructions. Don’t displease me.
    You feel fuzzyheaded, and want to revolt. The world is easier, clearer when you obey. Maybe you should just obey. You can’t obey. It’s confusing and hard. It hurts but their displeasure hurts more.
    Don’t displease me.

    By Amy on 06.11.2014

  20. it’s the insides of me. my core and my bones and my synapses. it’s my blood and my veins and the things I think when I’m not trying to think of things at all. It’s what I know for sure, for certain, without doubt. It’s me.

    By Nicole on 06.11.2014

  21. he instilled love into me whenever I needed it, and even when I didn’t need it
    it was the best feeling i had ever felt
    whether it was from words
    or a glance
    or a longing gaze; yeah, there’s a difference
    or a simple gesture of his arm on my shoulder
    he gave me love
    when his love and he left; I adapted to it
    I have this favorable mutation
    and it allows me to move on from things that would cause me pain
    The place I had full of love is empty
    absolutely empty, nothing there, and a brick wall forms as a barrier, like a callus on my palm
    or in this case, my heart

    By Delilah on 06.11.2014

  22. Instill beauty in yourself. treat yourself right and don’t let anyone bring you down. instill happiness in yourself, thats what you deserve. instill anything you want and be true to who you are. be you.

    By ester on 06.11.2014

  23. Placed within this vessel
    a captive spirit anew
    with a fervor that lights
    it’s way through passages
    unseen and little known

    By Protean on 06.11.2014

  24. She tried to instill in him a sense of pride, of patriotism, but he would not let go of the principles instilled in him by his father. Attaining a new life was more than a matter of finding a new place to live, it seemed.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.11.2014

  25. I was independent. My own person. The values and boundaries that my parents tried so hard to instill in me were long forgotten. They weren’t living through me anymore; I didn’t need them then and I certainly don’t now. In fact, I don’t need anyone to survive. I can make it by myself.

    By AJ Kenobi on 06.11.2014

  26. “I will instill in her a love of life; a desire to prolong goodness, and the faith to believe that there are those in this world who are pure of heart.”

    Marta’s laughter bounced off the stone walls and tears began to run down her face.

    “What is this, Torma? The Time of the Ancients?” The old woman cackled and rocked back and forth as her mirth ran its course.

    “There are still good people in this Realm, Marta. You know there are.”

    Her laughter stopped as suddenly as it had begun and she leaned forward quickly, her face suddenly inches from Torma’s own. Her breath was fetid with rot and decay and he held is breath.

    “No one remains who will help you, Torma. No one remains who will want to see your daughter live.”

    By Eileen Maki URL on 06.11.2014

  27. i would like to instill fear, but i end up being funny!

    By Shree on 06.11.2014

  28. Du weigerst dich,
    wehrst dich verzweizelt.
    Manchmal muss man –
    dich zum Glück zwingen!
    Es dir einflössen,
    es dir aufdrängen
    Manchmal muss man –
    dich zum Glück zwingen,

    By Anuri URL on 06.11.2014

  29. My mother tried to instill in me the virtues of a proper lady; unfortunately, making idle overly polite conversation and needlepoint were about as interesting as watching a canvass dry. So, instead, it became the responsibility of my sister who, after one error too many, sent me to our eldest brother, Edvard. It was from him I learned how to do important things that were ACTUALLY important. I learned to fight, with sword and bow and fist, even, I learned to ride, I learned to hunt and track and to start a fire.
    In short, I learned all the things a proper lady should never know.
    And I was happier for it.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 06.11.2014

  30. Mother instills love into her child.
    The world instills passion into a person.
    Love and passion are the motivation for our goal.
    So be brave.

    By Summer Chang on 06.12.2014

  31. He hovered outside the entrance. His father had always tried to instill a love of mechanics in his only son. But it never took hold. Now, here he was, outside his sister’s garage. An oil change was all that was needed.

    By Fiona on 06.12.2014

  32. feeling pensive
    voices stirring
    calling out prophecies heard only by
    someone not involved

    ideas spread on misinterpretation

    By Hayley Davidson URL on 06.12.2014

  33. my father instilled in me a love of music and all that awakens the soul of a person. it is still very important to me to have an aspect of music in your life somehow, music can display such a vast range of emotions, from elation to utter dispair, and to me that is amazing.

    By Sophie Green on 06.12.2014

  34. The problem with some drivers is that they haven’t learnt the highway code as well as we use to. The instructors would instil it upon us I spell instil with one l!

    By Alexandra on 06.12.2014

  35. her fragrance adorned her smile like an enchanting flower. her mere presence instilled me with soothing emotions. i was now a cauldron stirring with happiness. inspite of that mask she had, i felt her embracing my new found happiness.

    By Ice on 06.12.2014

  36. They tried so hard, tried and tried, to change who I am, but who are they to do so? , Morality dicipline and all, I want to be immoral, I want to be bad, let me be. It’s my choice, Evil minds and pretenders, instilling their fake thoughts in our hearts, souls of the dead trying to live in us, ideal faith, ideal acts leave us be. Fuck off, and your thoughts with you .

    By Rimaton on 06.12.2014

  37. Instill, what values should i instill in you.
    new to the world, new to this view.
    these things all around you, this crazy world,
    all these sensations, these thoughts must swirl,
    i want you to succeed, i want to give you the tools,
    to be anything you want, to live a life thats full.

    By Kayaus on 06.12.2014

  38. instill..this is the word when i listen to it, fill my mind and soul with all the instilled happenings of my life. instilled still within me. when i say is something i came up with everytime i am fr

    By neha sharma URL on 06.12.2014

  39. let’s get this straight, m-m-kay? you sit there and learn, i stand here and teach. you don’t talk until i ask you to. because i want you to get this and get it tll it hurts.

    By Lee on 06.12.2014

  40. There is only a set amount of time to learn. To live. To impact and be impacted. One must realize this when trying to communicate. Every word instilled should be intended.

    By Melanie on 06.12.2014