June 29th, 2013 | 138 Entries

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138 Entries for “instant”

  1. And in that instant, I saw her. Her eyes sparkled and she looked at me with such admiration. It was like nothing else mattered, and only we existed. Only us, and the love we had for each other.
    But just like that instant had come, it had gone just as quickly. It vanished, leaving our brains fuzzy and dulled. I want it back so badly

    By E.G on 06.29.2013

  2. Instant. Just like that 60 seconds has come, it is now gone.

    By Emma G. on 06.29.2013

  3. In an instant I had been teleported back to Mars, the same way my grandmother had been years and years ago. I planned on being more famous than she ever was.

    By Brooke URL on 06.29.2013

  4. In the next instant, my eyes were assaulted by the enormous silhouette of an entirely nude man wheeling his bicycle into the fray. True, people watching did allow me to see all kinds of proud citizens of San Francisco – boys in rainbow tutus, girls in three-piece silver suits, others showing off bowties and suspenders and party hats. The thing was, the guy with his exposed genitals seemed to slow down just for me to see, and his smile was far beyond what you’d call “confident.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.29.2013

  5. In an instant, I saw them all before my eyes as my head cleared. It was as though smoke lifted from the confusion built up in my head; it all made sense now. They were all in on it. Against me. Together. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, he said. But then I spoke.

    Keep your friends closest.

    By Marissa URL on 06.29.2013

  6. oatmeal
    this moment
    be fast
    all at once

    By Brin on 06.29.2013

  7. When Alex and I first met it only took a couple hours for us to become incredibly and unstoppable-y close. Now, three years and two graduations later, I could not be happier or more in love. We fell in love in what now seems like an instant, and now it only takes an instant of daydreaming for me to fall in love all over again.

    By Jules on 06.29.2013

  8. you could have it all
    but you choose to give it up
    a decision that ended up a bust
    never knew the other end
    and instant will be missed

    By Steven on 06.29.2013

  9. in an instant you could have it all
    or catch yourself before you fall
    in an instant you

    By Steven on 06.29.2013

  10. the hit was instant
    the truck smashed into me quickly
    i don’t know how i’m still here
    or how my body is below me
    i didn’t think i’d be able to think after this

    which made it pointless

    great. :/

    By Candice URL on 06.29.2013

  11. Sensation

    By Anastasiya on 06.29.2013

  12. a moment in a moment. A millisecond. A micro second. A passing thought. A random idea. Nothing permanent, only transient. The time lapses before you know it.

    By Mayank on 06.29.2013

  13. An instant sensestion conquered my body and my heart froze in the admiration of beauty before me

    By Anastasiya on 06.29.2013

  14. In an instant everything changed. It all went from good to bad, with a little slip of the tongue. Had I gotten home a few minutes later maybe I wouldn’t have discovered him how he was, wouldn’t have lost my temper, wouldn’t unleash a side of myself that I would begin to hate.

    By Brooke Clayton on 06.29.2013

  15. instantly
    something we can cherish and is on the central of the moment. It is within a brief second in time. It is inrelevelant to speed but consistant in accuracy to the very moment time being when taken place.

    By Dominika URL on 06.29.2013

  16. instant pudding patriot act. bubble bobble soda curls. blast from the past, lollygagging turncoats flapping in a row. apple bottom reindeer heads, turnstile by turnstile. sizzle reel cankerous. give up the moldy attic first.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.29.2013

  17. as i think about icecream,my mouth instantly starts watering.i love instant feelings like surprises and instant reactions to those because they are so real

    By nirali on 06.29.2013

  18. the instant i met her i fell in love and it wasn’t even the kind of whoa i wanna hold you down and-but wait let me backtrack it was the summer of my junior year in high school and i met my team in the airport it was for an international trip to the dominican republic you see and so she was there and i was there and i saw her lounging on a cramped airport se

    By Princoxx on 06.29.2013

  19. It had been thirteen years since she had been taken, but she knew the instant she saw her mother again that this was her family, her rightful place.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.29.2013

  20. A flash of light. In the time it takes a photon to travel from one shining celestial sphere to another, you must make the decision. Really, there’s no time to think. It’s all about instinct.

    By Neo on 06.29.2013

  21. In an instant everything can change. Cliched but true. How long is an instant anyway? A couple of seconds? A second? A millisecond? In reality it feels like an eternity. In an instant, life as I knew it was over.

    By echynoderm on 06.30.2013

  22. Instant. Go. Go. Right away. Instant, it’s a command, it’s a threat. Instant. Like falling in love at first sight. It’s a journey, it’s a risk, it’s a dare. So go, go this instant. Go this instant on a journey.

    By Jordan Alexis on 06.30.2013

  23. It’s a slow, itching feeling. You don’t notice it in an instant—not precisely, anyway. Like phantom insects crawling on your skin, like hungry predator eyes watching you from the depths of the jungle. In that moment you are on edge. Uneasy. Hair prickles to attention on the back of your neck and you turn your head deceptively slowly to regard your surroundings. Left. Right

    And there it is.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.30.2013

  24. That very instant he felt like he found out the true meaning of his words. Last night, the night before and even all the other nights became clear. It was daytime.

    By Stef URL on 06.30.2013

  25. fast, right away, you can’t wait. it happens all at once without a moments notice. in the blink of an eye. straight away, speedy, feelings

    By sam t on 06.30.2013

  26. instant can go so quickly. words can be left unsaid, weigh down the heart. in an instant everything can be left undone.

    By gloria on 06.30.2013

  27. so fast this happened
    in less time it takes to blink
    ftp had us rolling
    our moment fled into an instant

    By Dinah B =] on 06.30.2013

  28. All of a sudden. Fuck you.

    By Tangles on 06.30.2013

  29. The moment she saw the Popsicle, she instantly froze. It had been so long since she had had water, so long since she had tasted anything other than her own sweat dripping into her mouth. The mother pulled her child, Popsicle and all, out of her sight, all the while looking at her as though she were a rabid beast.

    By Amanda G. on 06.30.2013

  30. oh wow, this instant i m gonna write about the word instant ,.i think we all should be more impulsive and live the instant more than thinking what exactly should be done.

    By piyush acharya on 06.30.2013

  31. and in an instant the car hit me. I felt weightlessness. It felt like a memory. I heard voices in my head, the smell of gasoline and the sound of the autumn leaves crunching beneath my feet.

    By Afrina on 06.30.2013

  32. instant makes perfect, sometimes what we think the first thing, sometimes that’s the truth we said about it. No

    By dicky on 06.30.2013

  33. In an instant, you’re gone, and I miss you. I told everyone that summer was over but the winter always faced us with a grin, those snarling, craggy teeth like a cliché, like a sandwich with too much chutney and I loved you, you know, I think I still do but there are too few plants along that section of the freeway? Don’t leave me ever. Do what you want. Leave, please, I’ll push you out of the tree. Do what makes you happy. I still love you

    By frank lee on 06.30.2013

  34. In an instant it was over. The buildup had lasted a lifetime, but it was over and done with in one tiny second. Kind of like the time she had to take her dog to the vet and they put it down. How can something l live 15 good years and it just be over in less than half a second?

    By Whitney on 06.30.2013

  35. instant cocoa. warm. toasty. sitting by the fire on a winter’s day. snow is falling gently settling into it’s spot on the ground. soft. fluffy. cozy in an instant.

    By Quiver on 06.30.2013

  36. i killed god today
    his blood never turned brown

    sometimes i dip
    a finger on the stain on my shirt

    to know the taste
    of ultimate power, reverberating

    mountains shuddered
    the ocean tried to flee in terror

    but it’s temporary
    we’re all on equal ground now

    By h. b. on 06.30.2013

  37. Fast. That’s what it was like.
    Dating Max. Everything happened in an instant.
    I had no time to think, just react. I didn’t want him. I wanted Adam. But at the time… I just wanted to be loved. Oh, god. What a mistake. A mistake made in an instant. That’s all it takes.
    That’s all it took to mess up my life. Now I don’t have Adam. I don’t have Max.

    By Sarah on 06.30.2013

  38. To do something without giving it much thought. To act in a moments notice. To do quickly.

    By Kim on 06.30.2013

  39. in one second the world was here completre then we ruined it just likethat it was gonw a complete mess a horror film in reality which is nothing more than a dream we live a nightmare we believe we are not awaren of the truth

    By Bina on 06.30.2013

  40. In an instant he sped off! Turned and inayantly flew away. Instant ramen is my life. Im an instantaneous mind. Instant instant instant i dont know what to write but instant is on my mind. I instantly fell in love with you. Lalalalalala!!!!!! I insgantly feel very stupid. Love you! :) bye.

    By brittany holton on 06.30.2013