November 9th, 2017 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “instant”

  1. The door was shut ins instantly like someone had forced it shut. it was crazy how loud it was. can anyone explain what had just happened. NO none could tell. That is what the night everything went wrong. the only thing that went right is that everybody stayed together but one man named jimmy corporate. He of all people was bravest to move through the dense fog. What happened to him no one knows But God. YOUR MIND MAKES THE REST UP

    By Mikkala on 11.09.2017

  2. I saw the flash go by in an instant it was like a blur. So instant means something that happened immediately.

    By Jonah on 11.09.2017

  3. It happened in a moment. In a fraction of a fraction of a second. I saw my world fall apart. The blood on the street amongst the glass and the twisted metal. Every fiber of my being was screaming that it couldn’t be so. Yet there it was. The end of everything I loved. Gone in the blink of an eye and the screech of brakes that weren’t enough.

    By Amanda URL on 11.09.2017

  4. in an instant
    all of those kisses, hugs, hand holds
    All of our smiles and laughs
    Are turned to sour frowns and anger
    Into sadness and hopelessness

    That instant changed everything

    Or so it would seem
    For in that instant, as awful as it was
    all those years were condensed into an instant
    Reminders of how spectacular we can be
    How much love we have

    So despite the pain
    The tears and confusion
    That instant also made my love for you
    And the importance of us
    Much more clear

    By Julie URL on 11.09.2017

  5. What is an instant? Is there even such a thing, because any time you say in this instance, that instant has already passed, and another and another. Isn’t that weird?

    By Kate Brady on 11.09.2017

  6. In an instant, everything hurt. Lights flashed, metal screeched and there was a cry of pain. The car had overturned, careered directly off the road will the family inside. Everything can change in an instant.

    By kate on 11.09.2017

  7. woop woop thats the sound of da police

    By me URL on 11.09.2017

  8. in an instant i lost everything
    without even understanding the consequences or the ways in which all of my actions would correlate and destroy my past and my future. the present seems dead.

    By melanie URL on 11.09.2017

  9. In an instant, the world dropped away. The only thing Rhylean could see was Archie’s face. The planes of it were all smooth skin and sharp angles. His eyes sparkled with laughter. His lips stretched into a wide, bright smile that left the princess gasping for breath. He was beautiful, vivid, alive. Exactly like he had been in life.

    By darseyrsm URL on 11.09.2017

  10. I lost everything that day, and all in an instant. From the moment the glass of the windshield shattered into a thousand crystal pieces, I felt all the people and things I loved slip away from me.

    We had been moving that day – our suitcases had been jammed into the car trunk. Our dogs had been in carriers, and my wife had been laughing and singing to pop music in the car. That was all gone now. All of it. Gone.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.09.2017

  11. In an instant, I was propelled beyond my greatest expectations, into the great unknown. So little was known of it, in fact, scientists only speculated the results of a human excursion into its depths.

    By Stella Winters on 11.09.2017

  12. Sonya’s life was torn to pieces the instant that she saw that fucking pregnancy test. Positive. Positive — she was going to have a baby. She was seventeen, still a baby herself, and she was going to have a child of her own in nine months.

    Who had been the father? Was it Jonathan, her sweet and reliable longtime boyfriend? Was it Daniel, the good-for-nothing scumbag she had slept with at an especially low moment?

    By Annie URL on 11.09.2017

  13. Instant makes me think of our society today. Every one in this world is looking for instant gratification. Very few people in this world know the true meaning of patience.

    By Mandy on 11.09.2017

  14. I just knew as soon as I saw him. Love at first sight was supposed to be a stupid fairytale notion. It wasn’t how he looked though, like everyone said. It was what he was doing, the gentle smile on his face as he reached out to help that old woman with kindness in his eyes. I knew right then that was the kind of guy for me. I wonder if he’ll feel the same in an instant.

    By Elizabeth DuPont on 11.09.2017

  15. I look at the text, and disbelief doesn’t begin to describe how I feel.

    “If our lives were but an instant tear
    in the fabric of time,
    I’d want to spend
    every second with you.

    But life stretches
    across the rack of eternity,
    there must be a way to
    entertain other options.”

    I stare at the phone until the screen goes black.

    That’s what I get for dating a poet.

    By LifesGrey on 11.09.2017

  16. Instantly I was swept away by her beauty. It struck me that night as I parted the lips of her labia that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid. My eyes on. As the night moved zane swiftly forward, I knew she was the one I would make my son marry.

    By Zach URL on 11.09.2017

  17. 1instant= Inclusively Now Serving Timing Accentuating Nuptial Togetherness

    By Garz on 11.09.2017

  18. instant ramen
    crunchy noodles
    thud against the bowl
    smashing them with a palm down
    you go on thinking
    how great it would be to eat spaghetti instead
    sprinkle flavor packet
    and go on living

    By lbrygk on 11.09.2017

  19. In that instant, everything Lena knew had changed. Looking down at the results in her hands she tried to convince herself it was some mistake, some cruel joke one of her lab techs had decided to play as revenge for the long hours she’d required of them recently. After all, there was no possible way this could be accurate – which is why she’d made them run it a second time.

    And then a third.


    After the fifth, Jess had taken her arm, forcing her back to the elevator up to her office, leaving a group of shell-shocked technicians in their wake. Now, Lena was at a loss. She’d done the calculations in her head and it just wasn’t adding up. Jack had been gone for close to six months, far too long to be a possibility. There’d been no one since.

    Except. . . No, that was ridiculous; not worth even thinking about.

    By GrimmSen10 on 11.09.2017

  20. Nothing is instant, atleast I think so. We all have a little bit of doubt in us, whenever we have to do or complete somethings, it’s never just instant. Thta;s what makes us human, that’s what makes us complicated. We have to contantly contradict oursleves as a reminder that we are still alive, a reminder that we still exist. Instant. That’s fear.

    By Zoe on 11.10.2017

  21. I instantly went to the toilet after i did a smelly one. I couldn’t stop, i had dihrea. It kept on coming, i instantly felt it. dirihhea

    By Connor on 11.10.2017

  22. She stirred the water, begging it to boil faster. “Instant potatoes, my ass.” Her stomach grumbled angrily.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 11.10.2017

  23. It’s instant coffee that is the problem. The cultural inability or willingness to wait for the full brew of freshly roasted beans… The grinding, pouring, blooming, brown and rich glory of coffee making isn’t a thing we should have ever let the instant industry get their hands on.

    By Taylor on 11.10.2017

  24. In an instant, everything can change. In a flash, life as you know it can cease to exist. So hold onto these golden mundane moments. Celebrate the quotidian joys. Because we all know that everything can change in an instant when you’re not even looking.

    By Robin on 11.10.2017

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