November 8th, 2017 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “cloudy”

  1. The skies are very cloudy today. It looks dark out there and I am getting scared. When clouds appear that means a storm is coming.

    By Jonah on 11.08.2017

  2. I think of cloudy days as doomsdays. I don’t know why. On sunny days I’m an optimist, but when it’s cloudy or thundery I think the world is ending. I used to think I was a realist, or at least I thought I knew what the world was made of, but isn’t that a tad unrealistic?

    By Ellie on 11.08.2017

  3. 4 season in one day, first it rains then the sun comes out and now its cloudy…damn weather :) try to be consistent please

    By Unique on 11.08.2017

  4. One a cloudy day, I looked outside of my window to hear the rain drops pitter patter against my windowsill. It’s relaxing, calm and makes me feel grounded.

    By Fatimah on 11.08.2017

  5. “It’s so cloudy outside, it looks like it’s going to poor” my mother said sounding delighted. “Mom…” i turned my head away from the window looking at her, “why are you happy that it’s going to rain?” i said sadly. She smiled at me and opened her mouth, “because i’m preparing myself for you to come in the house all muddy from jumping in the puddles.” My eyes flickered with excitement, “really!?! i’m going to get ready!” i hurried to the stairs to get to my room.

    By solara URL on 11.08.2017

  6. The sky was appropriately cloudy the day of the funeral. The smoke from the pyre only added to the effect. Grey on grey on grey, with only black spots of sooty dirt and mourning gowns as the silent crowd watched the fire burn.

    By darseyrsm URL on 11.08.2017

  7. Cloudy, gloomy, dark, and gray. That’s what today was. And yet, I had not an ounce of inspiration’s nectar in my veins. I had no interest in writing, or composing music, or making art. I simply sat at my desk, staring at a white screen. Stark, staring, madness-inducing white. Like the tunnel to a kind of Heaven that I couldn’t access. Overcast and dim days were usually times for me to become creative. Not this time. Not today.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.08.2017

  8. No sun. Again. How many days has it been? Perhaps it was her connection with nature, that like the plants and trees of the forest she wilted in the lack of sunlight. Still, unlike those same plants, she had to continue. She had to survive. Heaving a sigh she pushed on with eyes fixed on the cloudy horizon.

    By Elizabeth DuPont on 11.08.2017

  9. Cloudy weather is comfortable than sunny weather.
    Something is not right; it is like a cloudy weather in my mind.

    By Kei on 11.08.2017

  10. An overcast night, rain spattering on the chewed-up pavement
    Fog drifting off the mountains
    Blue forests that can swallow you whole
    On nights like this, where there are no stars for guidance.
    The kind of night to see the end of a life,
    But I didn’t even get to watch myself die,
    My life served only for everyone else, even in death,
    And even then, no more than a footnote in their stories;
    I’m a side-character, the background noise, the pain you pretend to notice and the death you feign sadness at.
    I don’t have my own book.
    I live in cramped margins
    And when the chapter is over
    I disappear

    Should I disappear?

    I died for you
    And will keep not dying for you, too
    Blood staying inside these fiction-like veins so it doesn’t pour out into your conscience.
    I don’t do it for me.
    It’s never for me.

    By Ai URL on 11.08.2017

  11. His expression was cloudy with anger.

    “How could you say such a thing!” I shouted. Ethan wasn’t who I thought he was. He used me, he said he loved me, and he lied.

    “That’s right Ella, you mean nothing to me, I’m a man and I have my needs, you were just someone to satisfy them for me, get over it.” He rolled his eyes as if he were tired of my presence. I blinked rapidly as my heart shattered to pieces. Is that all I was to him?

    By Sarah Hillman on 11.08.2017

  12. Dark, possibly stormy,thundery sky makes me think that rain is on the way!

    By Penny Beddows on 11.08.2017


    By Robert Kohlhammer on 11.09.2017

  14. Des Nachts war es bewölkt gewesen, als sie über die nun grauen Felder gelaufen war. Sie hatte sich eine Erkältung geholt und nun lag sie da und durfte nichts tun, war krank.
    Wurde mit triefenden Waschlappen begraben und, als wäre sie ein Häufchen Elend, wenn man es nett ausdrückt, Minute um Minute angestarrt oder gefragt, ob sie nicht lieber schlafen wolle.

    Noch wusste SIE es nicht, noch kamen noch keine Fragen, noch durfte sie sich ausruhen. Und wenn sie Glück hatte, ja dann käme ihr vielleicht eine gute Ausrede, um das, was sie getan hatte, zu vertuschen. Vielleicht.

    By The german girl on 11.09.2017

  15. Like in a home where the film builds on the insides of pint glasses, stained with the cloudy milk drapes that will adjust it’s contents and the perception of such for its duration. Its stay is not welcomed. Quit hiding everything good in plain sight. Just stop.

    By leaves URL on 11.09.2017

  16. The sky was overcast, but she still felt like skipping. She rushed down the street in a daze, trying to contain her excitement. Her mood didn’t match the weather. And as much as mood dictates content, sometimes they just aren’t the same.

    By Bridget Grace on 11.09.2017

  17. I was the first cool, cloudy day of the fall. There had been a few partly cloudy days and a spatter of rain, but this was the first day she could properly pull out her favorite sweater and really, deeply, enjoy that cup of hot chai. She waited all summer for this day.

    By Taylor on 11.09.2017

  18. The weather is cloudy today, people should bring umbrella with them when theyre going out.

    By I on 11.09.2017

  19. cold, windy, rainy cloudy weather. this is what i’m use to. this is what i love. the cold wind throwing raindrops at my face like a pitcher throwing a fastball. the icy rain exploding on impact against my skin, the wind blowing through my hair letting the rain penetrate the millions of strands. the cold atmosphere surrounding my epidermis, makes me cold to the touch but still a little warm. on days like this, i cant help but think,” man, a hot cup of broccoli cheddar soup would be tha bomb right now.”

    By AshleighSiegel on 11.09.2017

  20. Today I couldn’t go outside because of the weather, i don’t like when the weather is like that, i prefer the sunshine. it make me feel happier and powerful.

    By Isabella on 11.09.2017

  21. The world is bleak. Can you even see in front of you. Do you see me or do you see what you want to see? I’m human. Are you? Think for once. Think for yourself.

    By Jeremy on 11.09.2017

  22. It is cloudy today but refreshingly cooler. Sometimes we have to have cloudy to remember how beautiful the sun is.
    The different shades of gray are beautiful in their own way.

    By anniegirl6 on 11.09.2017

  23. It was a dark and cloudy rainy day. Jessie ran outside and came to Jacob Cloud’s house. She put something at the door, rang the door bell and ran behind his house. She peeked and saw Jacob step out and pick up the box. The note Jessie gave Jacob said,
    Dear Jacob.
    You are like the sun, shining onto me with love. Jacob Cloud, will you be mine.
    Your secret admirer
    Jacob ran inside and came out with a rain jacket and looked for me. I tried to run but he spotted me and said, “Come here!” I came over to him and smiled and said, “Happy Valentines day Bro” Jacob smiled and said, “I love you, even if you are annoying.” Jessie smiled and said, “That’s what little sisters are for.” Jessie and Jacob Cloud went inside and watched the storm together as siblings.

    By TexasGirl0 on 11.09.2017

  24. I love cloudy days they’re so relaxing and I always tend to get more work done during them, because I just feel like I should be inside so that’s what I do, say inside and work instead of going outside, it’s also a day were I order food such as Pizza, Chineese food etc. and then do work and eat pizza! They’re also my favourite kinds of days I’d rather it be cloudy than sunny because of those reasons, more productive and I get pizza!

    By Dylan Clelland on 11.09.2017

  25. its a cloudy day out today. I hope it turns out to be a non cloudy day today.

    By Justin on 11.09.2017

  26. i hate cloudy days.

    By TEXAS!! on 11.09.2017

  27. I will never forget that day….. the day I lost my mortality. The day my life was taken, a new one given without a choice. It was an odd day for sunny California, cool and cloudy, calming yet the air was filled with sadness. I can remember the soft gurgles escaping my lips as I lay in a pool of blood dying. The peace that was slowly coming over my body, only to be replaced with an intense fire within my chest, every limb ached as though they were being ripped from my body

    By Cat URL on 11.09.2017