January 11th, 2018 | 28 Entries

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28 Entries for “install”

  1. I installed the camera on the computer. As I opened it up to make sure everything worked properly.

    By Rubber Duck on 01.11.2018

  2. The instillation of the air conditioner in the window was quite difficult. It took three people to install that thing.

    By Jordan on 01.11.2018

  3. my dad is planning to install a pink shower in my new bathroom.

    By Javi on 01.11.2018

  4. installing the game is meaning that I can play that pretty close, but the downloading is a long way

    By Jerry on 01.11.2018

  5. She tried to plug it into the port, sighed, rolled her eyes, turned the damn thing upside down, and pushed it in. The little man sparked to life, the blue of his eyes glowing and throwing light off the painted walls of the office.

    By Riannon URL on 01.11.2018

  6. it’s taking so long, I wish it would hurry. I know when I click play then everything will be okay. My life will change forever. God, I’m sick of this world. I want to go into another dimension, made of pixels and wires. Digital angels, a heaven made of glitches and screens.

    By ae on 01.11.2018

  7. I had a problem. A big one. I had been designing a game for six years now. I had coded it. I had illustrated it. I had written the story. Everything was falling into place. And then I told my friend to try downloading it from my computer. She had no luck.

    “It won’t install,” she informed me.

    “What? Why?”

    “It says it’s corrupt?”

    I stared. “How the Hell can the game be corrupt? I’ve been demo-ing it for the past week.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.11.2018

  8. I never quite understood why I understand computers more than people. Even the outcasts, the ones who are socially awkward. It was animals they understood. But I couldn’t even keep a plant alive let alone a relationship. So it was all down to me to come up with the technology that I could understand. And install the humanness back into me.

    By Daisy Leason URL on 01.11.2018

  9. They want me to be someone else. Install a new personality, a new sense of self. They crave a normality I cannot produce. I fall away from their teachings and shrug into my own skin, because they can not dictate my life.

    By Sebastian Harper on 01.11.2018

  10. Install yourself into this life, into his life, into this country. make that space yours, as you gaze out the window into the city and you know that this place is yours too. You loved the city before you loved him.

    By jassy URL on 01.11.2018

  11. software, flooring, help, book installment, hardware,

    By karen URL on 01.11.2018

  12. Feelings do not come with an instruction manual nor are there any tools provided when it comes to knowing how to deal with them. Feelings are most certainly not something you can install and then wipe your hands clean of when the job is finished. Once feelings are in place, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that you do everything in your power to hold together the framework that allowed them to arise so that if everything does come crumbling down, you know it was not due to your lack of attention to the fine print in the multi-language manual you were never provided in the first place…

    By Theresa on 01.11.2018

  13. Here is my laptop. I have to install a new version of windows. But I don’t have the software. So, can anybody help me? Or just to post an ad on my social media page? I can do that. let’s go!

    By My Windows tale on 01.11.2018

  14. Today I uninstalled my feelings from my heart. They got too heavy to hold and my heart couldn’t take it. I reinstalled my feelings to my brain.

    By Era on 01.11.2018

  15. install my bathroom cabinets correctly please because I do not want to have issues when I am looking for something in the dark and I need organization and stuff cause I’m just a girl with a plan stan the man so

    By Carmen URL on 01.11.2018

  16. Before the scientists installed the last first , install the installation carefully.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 01.12.2018

  17. The client required a reinstallation of the software. I sat across from her desk. Trying to install the software without looking over the screen at her bulging cleavage. She made small talk in her sultry voice. Smiling and twirling her hair playfully. And I began to wonder if this was the real reason she had called.

    By Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu on 01.12.2018

  18. The installation took about 30 minutes, in which he didn’t speak to her at all. She tried to look over his shoulder to see what he was doing, but his hands were a blur of activity. She leaned against the wall and stared at the ceiling.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 01.12.2018

  19. “Once I’m installed as king, I’ll be making some changes,” Rob said. “First, I’m going to get rid of that long leech that clings to Hogia’s backside.”

    By mrsmig URL on 01.12.2018

  20. I just installed a new app on my phone. This app is so easy to use and the installation was quick and painless. This is all I can do.

    By rf on 01.12.2018

  21. to install is to place something inside of another thing thus repairing it . that is what installing is

    By bethany URL on 01.12.2018

  22. Install youtube, so you can watch our new video, “Truel on Sofouch” by Andrew Vaughan. it is our second star wars video, and he has a whole lot more content on his channel! please like and subscribe!.

    By Secretcommander URL on 01.12.2018

  23. I sat here watching my husband try to install the app for the hundredth time. How long was he going to keep this up before he realizes it’s broken?

    By Karen B. Jones on 01.12.2018

  24. When we think of install we probably think of something like installing a new object into our house that we can enjoy. Yet, when I thought about this word, I decided that there was something greater about this word. I decided that install could refer to God installing something in our hearts; something new that we had not known before. Something that could help us along our journey of life. Perhaps a fruit of the Spirit such as kindness our patience. A thing that could help us to be a better person and better to those around us whom we constantly are affecting, whether we realize it or not. What we have to do, though, to get that thing that we want installed into our hearts, is simply to ask. All that we have to do is pray that God would give us this thing that we are lacking, help us to use it the way that we should, and help us to be a better person.

    By Kathy Luana Bailey on 01.12.2018

  25. We wanted many ways to modify the software. Installing the latest module from the developer allowed us to make the software “aware.” Unfortunately, we did not check the URL quite closely enough. The software deinstalled us.

    By Chuck URL on 01.12.2018

  26. Another disc inserted.
    another spin up sound.
    Click. Click. Click. Whir.

    The life of an IT professional can be quite monotonous sometimes, especially when a new piece of software comes out that everybody needs.

    By Drew Allen URL on 01.12.2018

  27. Put in place or put something new somewhere. For example, I Installed a new heater in the house or I installed a new cabinet in the house.

    By Bree URL on 01.12.2018

  28. Installing this shelf has been a royal pain in my ass. Not just this afternoon, oh no, it been a few weeks of incorrect measurements back and forth.

    By Sam URL on 01.12.2018