September 6th, 2011 | 278 Entries

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278 Entries for “insect”

  1. Insects are generally tiny living beings that have the capability to irritate human beings and other living beings alike, in various ways.

    By Prabhjot on 09.06.2011

  2. insects are attracted to me. seriously. especially mosquitoes. they find me no matter where i am, no matter how many layers i have on, whether i have slathered insect repellent on or not. i have more bites that i do freckles, which says something because i have a lot of freckles. insects bite (pun intended).

    By Alicia URL on 09.06.2011

  3. cut little crawly things… did you saw cute?? I say gross except for maybe the lady bug, oh and the praying mantis. there are insects that help us in our day to day. what about bees? they are insects but they are cute little fly things… I love to watch the bumble bees in my garden… I know what they are doing for us…

    By copgrrl URL on 09.06.2011

  4. bed bugs are insects..some people are very comparable to the traits that insects are known for. insects are looked at in a unnatracive light in the culture that i have mostly been influenced by ..i want to step back from what i have been taught about insects and just look at them..good job working together insects ;D

    By ajloopy URL on 09.06.2011

  5. the thought of an insect conjurs up images of swatting at flies and getting creeped out when you find something with a significant amount of legs crawling, invading, some part of your body.

    By johken URL on 09.06.2011

  6. the real rulers of the world, if you going by the numbers and counting what’ll be here when we humans have finally fatally fucked this thing up.

    By mr584903 on 09.06.2011

  7. it had been months underwater and i couldn’t wait for fresh air. my wings were almost fully grown and i was ready. then i closed my eyes and took a leap and savored the moment when fresh air filled my skinny body and i opened my eyes, i was truly a beautiful dragonfly.

    By Jillian on 09.06.2011

  8. Most people are scared of insects. While I don’t personally enjoy them, I think it’s because we grow up learning that they are “nasty” and “scary” when really they’re just a part of life. I wonder if we had grown up learned that cows are nasty and scary if we would put McDonald’s out of business.

    By Katie Sullivan on 09.06.2011

  9. bug, nasty. ewwww. not cool. gross. big. little. tiny. huge. fly. jump. leap. swim. walk. fast or slow. alot of it. multiplying.

    By desiree on 09.06.2011

  10. I can’t even focus right now on insects, because I just had a rough day of classes,and now I’m going to go coach. It just reminds me of running because I get stressed out and then decide to go for a run in the woods. And every time I run, I end up running through several face-level spider webs, and I end up with spider web all over my face. It freaks me out, because then I imagine spider babies and empty spider web sacs in my mouth. I need sleep.

    By mer URL on 09.06.2011

  11. Dear wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, silverfish, earwigs, all spiders, worms, and any other, specifically rude, Ohio-native, bugs that my New York Yankee ass is just not used to handling, catching, stepping on, or co-gardening with,

    that’s enough. Now, I mean it. I could turn you in for terrorism under the USA Patriot Act, Title I, for acts of violence and/or discrimination against an American.

    By Delaine on 09.06.2011

  12. Insect was the name we picked for our band. Jimmie A. really meant to call in Incest, but everyone knows he can’t spell. So that’s how Insect came to be Insect. Our logo is a big black ant — I kind of shudder to think what it would’ve been had we actually gone with Incest as our name.

    By Marian on 09.06.2011

  13. the insects watch as i intercept you i find you claim you as my own as it should be forever if ever. i can’t remember a time i didn’t see the insects watching and looking on judging grading us on their little scales but as long as you’re here with me i don’t care about any little insects.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 09.06.2011

  14. Insects don’t really bother me as much as they should, being a girl and all. I mean I HATE spiders and like if an insect lands on me, yeah I’m gunna freak. But not because I think insects are gross, I actually find them quite interesting. I freak out because they scare the bejeezus out of me, randomly landing on me and stuff. I also have a new respect for insects after seeing the play “Starship”, put on and uploaded to YouTube by Starkid Productions. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

    By Jordan Nicole URL on 09.06.2011

  15. yuk, creepy crawlies is what comes to mind. The eight legs of a spider scuttling across the floor. My pet hate – moths, those little flapping wings as you lie in the dark hearing it, scared to move, frozen in your bed, fearful.

    By Stella on 09.06.2011

  16. Hiding and crawling.
    Wanted for dying.
    Creepy and gross.
    Grabbing some crumbs from your toast.
    I don’t like them.

    By Jackie :3 URL on 09.06.2011

  17. And as I opened my eyes, there appeared a black segmented creature climbing onto the hairs of my arm. As my blurry haze crystalized, the bug seemed ever larger, and yet I was calm. Lying in the grass, I felt one with my surroundings.

    By Valerahaha URL on 09.06.2011

  18. The fly buzzed around my coffee table. A huge, annoying, black pimple of a fly, disturbing my lunch. I found a fly in my sandwich once.

    By Imperfect.In.deed URL on 09.06.2011

  19. Insect was the name we picked for our band. Jimmie A. really meant to call it Incest, but everyone knows he can’t spell. So that’s how Insect came to be Insect. Our logo is a big black ant — I kind of shudder to think what it would’ve been had we actually gone with Incest as our name.

    By Marian URL on 09.06.2011

  20. When I am tempted to crush a small insect under my feet I suddenly imagine the big foot of fate hanging over my head, like I am but a bug to be crushed at it’s will. Then I take the bug outside.

    By paulie aragon on 09.06.2011

  21. I had just saw an ant. Today was a lonesome day, it was barren outside and in. This insect, minuscule and normally meaningless on my level had transformed into a being that invited me to society.

    By csjesse URL on 09.06.2011

  22. insect reminds me of parasites, of the grotesque feeding animal sucking off the juice from others. sometimes i feel like the people at my school are like insects, constantly probing and reaching for something by looking at others

    By Nina Kamath on 09.06.2011

  23. I’m the size of an insect to the rest of the world. Like the ant drowned in my grandma’s parrot’s water dish. Not for long, though. One day soon I’ll be the size of a goliath beetle to the rest of you.
    But I won’t be happy as one of them either.

    By Stephanie URL on 09.06.2011

  24. After discovering that I was indeed inside a bee hive, my next thought was whether the hive was hundreds of times larger than a traditional hive, or if I had become hundreds of times smaller than my traditional height.

    By Kyle URL on 09.06.2011

  25. I grew up with an entomologist as a back door neighbor, he had a mustache and a bug on his arm wherever he went. In the summertime his wife would boil grasshoppers and bake crushed beetles into brownies. I tried the brownies, but couldn’t bring myself to eat a grasshopper whole. His daughter would pop one in her mouth and lick her fingers, I just liked holding them in my hand and talking to them.

    By Julia URL on 09.06.2011

  26. The insect crawled across the dead body. I was angry, it wasn’t my fault. I didnt mean to hit him so hard.

    By neil on 09.06.2011

  27. YOU are an insect. Lower. You crawl through the dirt like an ant, mud on your belly. Like a snake. A worm. You are nothing. I wish I could crush you like the insect that you are. Just like you crushed me. You are nothing…. just like I was nothing.

    By Glory URL on 09.06.2011

  28. creepy little nasty little buggers that i suppose serve some great purpose in the balance and cycle of the universe, but always seem to have a personal vendetta against me and seek to cause me fear and pain. dislike them.

    By Caroline on 09.06.2011

  29. I hate bugs. they seriously creep me out. I just got back from a camping trip, and bugs were everywhere. There were these particularly large ones that flew around. They looked like giant beetles with wings. Ugh. Not to mention the bees! The bees would crowd the brown table that we sat at. I don’t know why, but they did. It’s not like we had any regular soda out or anything. In fact, most of the soda was diet.

    By Caitlyn URL on 09.06.2011

  30. Yuk! It’s on me, get it off! Don’t get blood on me….is it poisonous? I don’t want to get bit! Hurry, help me, help me! Won’t anyone come to my aid? What do I do? Don’t panic…calm now, calm…think…you can help yourself! I know I can!

    By spartica URL on 09.06.2011

  31. Yesterday was ant and now today is insect? Strange. I was a big insect person when I was younger. I loved catching butterflies and used to make traps to try and catch spiders. Every summer I went to my grandparents house and my grandpa and I spent hours trying to catch new things. One time we caught 6 frogs in two weeks and I kept all of them in this huge jar. I miss those carefree days—late nights spent in summer trying to capture as many lightning bugs as humanly possible with my little sister. Wish I could go back.

    By Teeps on 09.06.2011

  32. The bug crawled on my skin. I could feel its six legs working up and down my arm, I could hear its joints creaking. Damn those ridaline pills.

    By Brandon URL on 09.06.2011

  33. They crawl on the ground and up walls. They are little and annoying. You can’t help but step on them, sometimes by accident, sometimes not.

    By Miley on 09.06.2011

  34. insect. my pillow case has butterflies all over it. my great aunt made it for me when i was little. she made another one for my sister that had all types of insects on it. my sister gave it to a friend of mine as a random hi-its-nice-to-meet-you gift.

    By Grace Dvornik on 09.06.2011

  35. insects crawled all over as if i tasted like sweet hummus. strangely, it felt too good to be disgusted. if i closed my eyes and forget what they were it seemed to help me forget about all the worries in my life.

    By Julia on 09.06.2011

  36. a fly on the wall sees things no insect could understand. A spider web on a ceiling fan won’t be very effective. Ants in the home are never wanted guests. Roaches in the drainpipes scare away clean water.

    By dan URL on 09.06.2011

  37. …like a fly on the wall. A little insect no one notices. That’s how I feel right now. A nuisance, watching the party and listening to their talk without ever being big enough to be important.

    By Julia on 09.06.2011

  38. things with more than four legs… yuch!

    By jennifer on 09.06.2011

  39. mind races faster than my feet. But I don’t even know where my feet are going.

    By neala on 09.06.2011

  40. somehow similar to robotic

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 09.06.2011