May 14th, 2012 | 182 Entries

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182 Entries for “insect”

  1. You can always tell when it’s about to rain. Everything goes quiet, even the insect’s wings. They disappear into the hollows of tree bark, beneath the ground, into the sea of leaves. And it pours.

    By barefootink URL on 05.15.2012

  2. Crawling all over me. In my skin, over my skin. Under my nails. Writhing in my hair. A thousand tiny clicks and cracks of miniature boneless plates. A million eyes. I am writhing beneath them. I cannot breathe.

    By Liz URL on 05.15.2012

  3. The insect crawled over the table and onto the candle. It sat on the wick and looked at me as if it were ready tot tell me a story. I was not afraid even though I had never seen it before.

    By Crisnole URL on 05.15.2012

  4. Little buggy sometimes with wings, bit annoying like especially if you accidentally swallow one when it lands in your lemonade. But we need them and some are cute like ladybirds! Yay

    By daena URL on 05.15.2012

  5. Crawling across the screen, little tiny bugs are marching to their doom as I watch them make a line towards the edge of my computer monitor. “I won’t let them live.” I swear to myself. “This time they must die…”

    By Laura Riddle on 05.15.2012

  6. There were just so many of them, crawling through the small holes in the wire mesh. the insects were now hovering around the bedroom light, attracted to the brightness and then falling onto the crisp white bedcovers, forming a polka dot pattern all over the large space.

    By Amimee URL on 05.15.2012

  7. bugs, legs, creepy, as it touched down on my leg my hand instantly swatted down on it squashing it into a dirty mess! ewwww. green, hmm

    By Kieran on 05.15.2012

  8. sometimes we feel like insects
    we scurry around furtively in the cracks
    looking for food –
    part of a bigger picture
    got to get back to the hive
    everything needs to be just right
    so we are meticulous
    when i watch ants move with such frenzy it seems illogical
    i can’t discern their motives or where they’re going
    their direction changes constantly
    sometimes we feel like insects

    By it's not important. on 05.15.2012

  9. insects are bugs. Bugs can come in many shapes and sizes. Bugs can be bad but also very important for our world. Insects are ants, bee, spiders, etc. They are usually outside in the woods or hanging on trees or the ground.

    By Sean on 05.15.2012

  10. Ich hasse Insekten. Ich finde sie total ekelig und es graus mir vor kleinen, krabbelnden oder fliegenden Viechern. Allein die Vorstellung reicht bei mir aus eine Gänsehaut zu bekommen. Oder das surrenden Geräusch, igitt. Nein, da renne ich weg. Das ist so fürchterlich ekelig, ich muss mich sehr zusammen reißen um nicht in hysterische Panik zu verfallen.

    By Callie URL on 05.15.2012

  11. Insects are bugs, i hate bugs.Bugs jump on yo face.I’m not black.

    By AhmadRishad URL on 05.15.2012

  12. an insect is a bug. they jump around and annoy me. I feed insects to more priveleged animals llike gekos and lizards and stuff.

    By Darius URL on 05.15.2012

  13. insects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

    By Daymon URL on 05.15.2012

  14. i will squash u like the insect i squishe yester day infact u will be so insect like i will squah u like one

    By Trystan URL on 05.15.2012

  15. A insect is a type of bug. Some have wings and antennas and others might have small legs and or pinchers.

    By Earthly URL on 05.15.2012

  16. I like to burn insect with magnifying glasses It is fun You can have a full ceremony for them then tie them to a post and slowly burn the rope I like it when they scream too or I cam blow them up with a firecracker.

    By Steven URL on 05.15.2012

  17. An insect has eight legs, i think, and a bug has six legs.

    By aiyana URL on 05.15.2012

  18. An insect is a kind of bug it usually has six legs and lots of eyes. But I don’t like insects, so I wouldn’t know. But o whel…:)

    By Laurie URL on 05.15.2012

  19. insect are little bugs that are…………?

    By wes URL on 05.15.2012

  20. There was an insect in Jeremy’s eye, but he got it out in first hour.

    By umberto URL on 05.15.2012

  21. artrophode, legs, quitine, head, bug, hungry, fl

    By Priscila Camargo on 05.15.2012

  22. bugs bugs bugs buttons butts

    By ograma URL on 05.15.2012

  23. They crawl in my head, sometimes I’m tickled and laugh. Since no one can see them crawling inside, they think I’m mad. When they sink their cruel fangs and bite my brain, groans burst like window panes in a hurricane, they think I’m mad. They cannot feel what I feel. How did they get there?

    By Harvinder URL on 05.15.2012

  24. Six legs, iridescent wings, buzzing by, free, high up, low down the sky is yours in the summer sunshine you flit and flirt with flowers and me. A beautiful nuisance, a necessity, sometimes we love you, sometimes we try to destroy you, our gardens would be a poorer place with out you.

    By Semolina on 05.15.2012

  25. Ladybugs with red bodies and black spots, magnified on the lush, green lawn. I love these bugs. Spiders, however, I could do without. But they’re not insects.

    By April URL on 05.15.2012

  26. My brother likes insects a lot. Especialy when there Star Wars related.

    By Zachary Williams on 05.15.2012

  27. The spindly insect was both fascinating and horrifying. The power to take life in that tiny little fluorescent green shell was so weird. The green insect was a genetically modified insect that had its genes altered when it ate Monsanto corn. The RNA interference that was designed to dangerously kill off insects’ ability to reproduce had caused a stir in the media world but finally had passed by the FDA. The worry was that all the insects would die off, and the animals that ate them would die off, and the animals that eat those animals would die off, causing us to die off from lack of food sources.

    By Nick F. on 05.15.2012

  28. there are many insects on the earth. insects are bugs. not animals. they are beetles,wasps,bees,worms,and many more.

    By las13 URL on 05.15.2012

  29. Apple’s boyfriend acts like an insect.

    By embell URL on 05.15.2012

  30. insects most npeople dont like. You must eat an insect to be a kid is what i think.

    By minecraftplayer101 URL on 05.15.2012

  31. conor has an insect in his buttdekgkdn gdflkjhbfdjkz.m,b nmv,cnb .v,mcvm,c nfvhbnfvc nbfv bnfvn b,mvcbh kf,bnflhjd nkjcxh cgdhg
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    By drl URL on 05.15.2012

  32. an inset is a bug a bug is an insect insects are good for fishing

    By elk slayer URL on 05.15.2012

  33. insects are gross i also saw a beetle outside i ran away from it im scared of bugs and anything hat has to do with an insect

    By Esmy URL on 05.15.2012

  34. apple doeesnt like insects at all. she says they give her diabetes. and whenever she sees an insect she screams IM HAVING DIABETES!

    By ddawg7 URL on 05.15.2012

  35. a bug is an insect haha idk what to say about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sierra said its like a pumba.

    By tperkins URL on 05.15.2012

  36. An insect is a bug that is annoying. Some insects sting like wasps, they hurt really bad and I got one in my shirt.

    By snowboard addict URL on 05.15.2012

  37. Insect are nasty except Lady Bugs!!!! I like Lady Bugs! :3:3 Unlike Jake Lustgraff he is the nastiest bug in Show Low…

    By vb4life URL on 05.15.2012

  38. I am an insect. An insignificant little bug crawling on the face of the earth unnoticed by my peers, walking on blindly to serve their queen. Who is my queen? I do not know. I don’t know what my purpose is. I don’t understand why I’m here, or why I’ve been doomed to be so pathetic and puny. It’s depressing.

    By Sister Ginger URL on 05.15.2012

  39. insects are nasty bugs.

    By Ewa147 URL on 05.15.2012

  40. insects are very anoying.

    By diamondsss URL on 05.15.2012